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In daily life, baseball uniforms are generally paired with some pants such as jeans as a jacket to highlight youthful vitality, but occasionally a little mixing and matching can also collide with different sparks. For example, Guo Jingjing used a baseball uniform with a lace skirt, not only not ugly, but also unexpectedly had a sense of seniority, which is really surprising. Let’s take a look together!

In the process of choosing skirts, women should pay special attention to the cutting of the lower skirt, and the cut that caters to the curves of the body can highlight the curves to the greatest extent and show the feminine charm. The skirt on Guo Jingjing’s body, with a three-dimensional cut on the upper body, is structured and shapely, revealing a slender arm line. The cinched waist is designed to fit snugly and show off the slim waist. Use the black and white contrast to mark the waistline, lengthen the leg line and show better body proportions. Layered with black tulle, the slightly wide fit is suitable for women with wide hips and fleshy legs.

Whether it’s attending an event or commuting to a daily life, there’s nothing more suitable than a dress, a variety of temperaments that are easy to handle, slim dresses that are full of femininity, elegant and generous in a mop long skirt, and a stylish personality in a contrast dress. The mopping long skirt chosen by Guo Jingjing is gentle and dignified, and a little sexy. The flesh pink is close to the skin tone, and the skin tone is fairer, giving people a soft beauty. The openwork panels around the skirt add a sense of design and bring a stylish atmosphere. However, this kind of older women generally use more, and younger sisters can use the small area rule to appropriately add a sense of trend.

If life has always been the style of skirts, it is inevitable that people will feel monotonous and boring, and properly changing the style can bring others a bright feeling. Guo Jingjing also knew this well, and the wide-leg pants were immediately arranged. The loose fit of wide-leg pants can effectively cover the flesh and show thinness, especially suitable for women with “flesh on the lower body”. However, it should be noted that try to choose a good draped fit, cool and comfortable and not close, and it looks very stylish.

In daily life, many women are afraid of making mistakes in dressing, so they follow the rules and do not change at all, although they can’t find mistakes, but they also lose their highlights. So try mixing and matching styles to create your own style. Guo Jingjing is also one of the leaders. Using a baseball uniform with a lace skirt is not only not ugly, but also unexpectedly high-class. On the one hand, baseball uniforms are fashionable and versatile, regardless of age, on the other hand, through the soft beauty brought by the skirt and the neutrality of the upper body, reflecting the elegant temperament, it is really good at playing!

When attending some major events, the fabric of clothing is extremely important, especially for people with status or elderly women, wearing not very good fabrics can easily give people a sense of cheapness, you may wish to choose some chiffon or silk fabrics, without too much decoration, will highlight the gorgeous, noble temperament. Guo Jingjing also wore a baseball uniform with silk elements, which was naturally soft under the light, and at the same time the silk surface had a natural luxurious texture, and the overall matching instantly raised a grade in visually! The small area adopts silk elements, and the outfit can also be noble for no reason.

Skirts are indispensable in women’s lives, which can not only show women’s femininity but also effectively cover up some shortcomings, which is very practical. Like the black lace skirt on Guo Jingjing’s lower body, the loose fit is very thin, which can easily cover the fat on the legs, especially suitable for women with a bloated lower body, showing elegance while showing thinness. Small women are also recommended to choose a long skirt, the high-waist design eye-catching logo waistline, perfect modification of the disadvantages of incongruous proportions, with a pair of high heels, long legs are both visual, more tall, full of aura.

Sometimes the more simple the outfit, the more temperamental, compared to those exaggerated, shiny, colorful clothing is more eye-catching and more impressive. Guo Jingjing’s outfit is very simple, but not low-key at all! There are no more than three colors in the whole body, and the look and feel is excellent. But to stand out, highlights are essential. The embroidery of bamboo on the clothes brings the classical beauty of Chinese style, which is very charming. The elements of Chinese style are actually more suitable for Chinese women, with a sense of premium, which can highlight the elegant and atmospheric temperament of women. In the same frame as all the actresses, the aura cannot be ignored, this is the beauty of suitable dressing~

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