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Yesterday, a bad news came!

Yu Yuexian, the actor of “Xie Big Foot” in “Country Love”, died in a car accident.

Since then, “Bigfoot Supermarket” has never thanked Bigfoot again….

The TV series “Country Love” has accompanied us for 15 years, I like her simplicity, like her sincerity, and like every character she creates in the play.

For young people working hard in big cities, this mode of living in a miscellaneous courtyard has long been gone.

In this era, we will not cook so that there is no green onion, we will borrow half a stick from the door, and we will not send a red envelope when the child is admitted to college.

It’s more likely: living in a building for ten years and not knowing what the door is called.

So we yearn for a natural, fresh and beautiful rural pastoral style home environment. Many netizens have begun to plan to decorate their homes in a warm rural pastoral style, feel the comfort and tranquility, and experience a simple and beautiful life.

The reason why the pastoral style is called pastoral style is because the theme expressed by the pastoral style is close to nature and shows the atmosphere of simple life. The biggest feature of the pastoral style is: simple, cordial and real.

However, there are many kinds of pastoral styles, including English pastoral, French pastoral, American pastoral, Chinese pastoral, Korean pastoral, each with its own characteristics. Today, the editor will introduce you to the characteristics of different field style styles.

English pastoral style

The British pastoral style is mainly ivory white or cream white, elegant shapes, and detailed lines. It’s like a realistic fairy tale house, and the pink door is too cute! The ups and downs of the mood were instantly healed, and there was more yearning for life.

The British pastoral style is characterized by gorgeous fabrics and pure handmade production, and the cloth is beautifully colored, mainly based on various floral patterns. The English pastoral wallcovering also has patterns such as broken flowers, stripes, and Scottish grids, each of which is full of local flavor.

French pastoral style

The most obvious feature of the French pastoral style is the whitewashing treatment on the furniture and the bold and bright color scheme. The combination of yellow, blue and purple reflects the rich and rich land scene.

Rattan furniture, solid wood, shells, immortal flowers, flower decoration, the natural romance of the French countryside is like a flower grocery store.

American pastoral style

The American rustic style is based on comfort as the criterion, adding the original feeling of the material. The brown hardwood floor, the walls are made of wood, stone and latex paint, and the curtains with a lattice pattern are fresh and elegant, and the appearance of the years is quiet.

The American pastoral belongs to the classic and attractive type, and when the decoration layout is carried out, it is mainly warm. Simple and natural, full of retro fan!

The home has simple lines, with nostalgic carpets, rattan weaves and other furniture decorations. Green plants and potted plants are placed throughout the room, making the house quiet and comfortable.

Chinese pastoral style

The Chinese pastoral style will use some wood, stone, rattan, bamboo, plants and other natural materials to decorate. The wallpaper wallcovering mostly uses elements such as landscapes, flowers and birds full of classical Chinese pastoral flavor, which is not only full of classical meaning, but also has a leisurely and comfortable atmosphere.

Korean pastoral style

Korean pastoral style combines European and American pastoral lifestyle, the theme color is mainly pink, romantic lace, green plants, with a bit of classic European and American primary color white mixed water furniture, so that the house exudes a natural and relaxing atmosphere.

The comfort and beauty of idyllic life is what we yearn for. We never know which tomorrow or the unexpected will come first, life is too short, the rest of life is not long, don’t let regrets fill the bottom of your heart, go to meet the people you want to see, do what you want to do, and live the life you want!

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