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Zhong Jiaxin is a Hong Kong star that everyone is very familiar with, not only beautiful and moving, but her outfits often become a “specimen” for girls to imitate. Now at the age of 35, she still dresses well and often makes people shine. No, she recently attended the event dressed in red and seemed to be about to set off another fashion boom.

Big red is a color that can perfectly reflect various styles, Zhong Jiaxin’s red long trench coat with white T-shirt, the color is simple and clear, with this parted wavy curls, it is really charming. And the bottom is paired with skinny denim wide-leg pants,

Add a pair of red sock boots like red peppers, and this big spoon complements it, it is really charming and moving, and the fashion is simply bursting.

Although the long trench coat is a solid color combination, it has been fully layered in the details. The loose cuffs are designed with laces, discreet and stylish, and a row of buttons of the same color not only plays a decorative role, reducing the void of a single color, but also does not bring too much contrast, and the match is very harmonious.

Jeans are also a very popular item for young people, and with the flared pants design that is very decorative, the figure is slim and slender. Tuck the white underwear into the pants, which not only plays a role in cinching the waist, showing a slimmer waist, but also dividing the proportion of the body, making it appear taller.

If you want to talk about a unique combination, it is this pair of red sock boots. The pointed toe provides visual extension and easily lengthens the leg proportions. The loose cropped pants length and the design of shoes that fit the ankles make the overall temperament much more capable. It seems that Zhong Jiaxin is really a fashionista, and even the details have a role that cannot be underestimated.

Zhong Jiaxin’s style is also very changeable, wearing a white gauze dress, which is really fairy. The silver-white metallic short top jacket easily raises the waistline, the loose hem is paired with a long skirt with a full sense of line to accentuate the curve of the waist, and the layered white gauze skirt makes it look tall and slim.

The accessories are also ingenious, the shape of the earrings is very unique, and with this design coat, it is really personal! The long chain ring on the index finger and the diamond ring ring on the ring finger are also extraordinary, and it seems to be a ladylike outfit, but it reflects an alternative personality in the collection!

A dark brown velvet jacket with a white shirt is layered. The waist seal design not only reduces the heaviness of the velor, but also concaves the waist curve, which is very subtle. The lace-trimmed design and the lightweight gauze shorts also greatly reduce the overall heaviness. The combination of polka-dot heeled boots is even more superior.

Warm gradients are also trendy! The long trench coat is paired with a white shirt, and the bright orange gradually darkens, and it is layered from the outside to the inside, from top to bottom. The upper and lower materials of the trench coat are also different, the upper part is made of wool material, the thick feeling and the cuffs and hem are changed to leather, which not only adds brightness, but also greatly reduces the sense of heaviness, and with the sparkling diamond accessories, this wearing effect is really gentle and special!

Zhong Jiaxin walked cool, youthful and Fan was also unambiguous. The short black leather jacket and brown leather belt bag are very handsome. The back and sleeves of the leather jacket are designed with black tassels, which reduces the heaviness of the leather jacket and gives it a full sense of flow. The gold heart-shaped design on the back matches with black, high-end atmosphere. The blue strap design at the hem also has a waist effect, which is fashionable and does not forget to show off the figure.

Mature feminine style is even more important for Zhong Jiaxin. The black turtleneck top with a purple long skirt has another stable taste just by the color scheme. The slim design of the top and the pleated skirt with a large swing further highlight the good figure. A pair of diamond-encrusted black heels accentuates the overall hue while balancing the deep purple age. With long hair with medium micro-curls, gentle and intellectual! Zhong Jiaxin not only has a good figure, high clothes, but also has a very strong fashion control ability, it seems that it is not for nothing that she has become a dressing template!