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After the first autumn rain, the sudden cold wave made many friends feel the breath of winter. In this dry and cold autumn and winter, holding a warm drink, you can say that you will suddenly have a sense of rebirth in one sip, warming your stomach to your heart. When a cold wave hits, drink less cold water to focus on protection, which can reduce diseases and ensure health. In the office in autumn and winter, the brewed coffee will become cold after a short time, it is a pity to pour it out, and adding more hot water will make the taste of the coffee worse, in order to get a better life experience, I chose this one

Daewoo brand constant temperature coaster, let’s take a look together.

The packaging of the product uses a bright blue-violet box with a beautiful brand dark pattern.

Unpack and see the accessories inside. A paper instruction manual, a rubber pad for a convenient cup, and

Thermostatic coaster body. The design has three colors to choose from: Daiwu purple, pod green and chick yellow, and here I chose the vibrant and enthusiastic Daiwu purple color scheme. The classic three-phase plug design, the length of the line is about one meter, enough to extend from the table to the socket under the table, very convenient to use.

Daewoo constant temperature coaster size is 151x127x22mm and a sheet of A4 size paper folded in half and then folded in half to the same size, super large heating panel design, can easily place kettles or large plates. The entire front panel has the brand logo, and the delicate and delicate gold-rimmed decorative lines appear to be quite atmospheric and fashionable, and it can be said that it is a classic decoration when placed on the table.

Bottom detail with four raised rubber non-slip spacers for easy placement on the tabletop. The bottom also has the main parameter description, using 220V voltage, rated frequency 50HZ, rated power 25W, one degree of electricity can be used for 40 hours. Compared with various small-size round insulation pads with USB socket power of 10 watts on the market, it is more efficient and more practical.

The side thickness is 22 mm, the overall slim shape, elegant shape. The overall weight is 300 grams, which is slightly heavier than a mobile phone, and it is very convenient to move and carry.

There is a touch design power button on the side, and next to it are three gears in gear, one gear, two gears, and three gears with LED display lights. The overall matte texture is very convenient to start with light touch.

Press the button repeatedly to switch between the three gears. At a room temperature of 19.3 degrees Celsius, let’s simply test the performance of each gear.

The corresponding temperature is set to about 40 °C in one gear, and in fact, the temperature of the heating plate can reach 60 °C, after all, the temperature needs to be transmitted inward through the cup wall. It can control the water body in the cup at a little more than 40 degrees, which is very suitable for insulating milk, and can also be simply warmed for milk, so that you can also get a good taste in winter, care for the stomach and refuse flatulence.

Set the corresponding temperature of the second gear about 55 °C, in fact, the temperature of the heating plate can reach 69 °C, the temperature transmission will have attenuation, we can be used for fruit tea, honey water, silver fungus soup insulation, it can make the cup of water body control at 55 degrees slightly more, suitable temperature to obtain excellent taste.

Set the corresponding temperature to about 70°C in the third step. In fact, the temperature of the heating plate can reach about 73.5 °C, the temperature transmission will have attenuation, this temperature is very suitable for brewing milk tea, coffee, and porridge water, a slightly higher temperature can make the tea aroma coffee more intense, gently taste, so that the whole person becomes warm.

Whether placed cold or hot, an optimal temperature range is obtained as it is continuously heated and kept warm. In winter, the milk or drink that has become cold is placed in the Daewoo constant temperature coaster, and it only takes 30 minutes to be heated to about 50 degrees, and the suitable temperature will make the stomach feel more pampered and ensure the health of the winter body. In autumn and winter, after opening and placing it on the table or bedside, a glass of drink will not be cold for several hours, and the suitable entrance temperature is more intimate, far better than a thermos cup.

The large-size flat floor heating plate design can easily place all kinds of cups, plates, teapots, lunch boxes, and small pots, which can be easily adapted, and everything can be placed. Whether glass, metal, ceramic, enamel, paper cups, enamel or heat-resistant plastic cups can be easily heated. We can use it for insulating drinks, warming milk, and keeping dishes warm. If we have time, we can also thaw the cans in the refrigerator on it to help us cook. In addition, it also has a 10-hour automatic shutdown function, and when not in use, it is not afraid to forget to shut down, and it is full of security.

In general, there is this one in autumn and winter

Daewoo thermostatic coasters allow you to get warm drinks at any time. Placed at the head of the bed, you can ensure that you can have hot drinks without leaving the bed; Put it on the desk, you can get hot coffee at any time after work; Place it at the table for a cup of hot milk every morning and evening; It is placed in the dormitory so that you can drink warm water directly from the mouth every day.

I believe that such an intimate high-value product, whether it is for self-use or gifts, is full of sincerity, and your favorite friends may wish to try it.