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Single shoes are shoes that girls love to wear in the summer, which is not only comfortable, but also does not need to tie laces and buttons, which is very convenient. However, due to different materials and designs, the price of single shoes varies greatly. In fact, in addition to the big brand single shoes with brand premiums, many single shoes can be done within 100 yuan, and the appearance and comfort are very good.

If you like shoes with super breathability, this pair of openwork single shoes is definitely the first choice for good quality and low price. Not only is the shape cute, it is perfect for wearing a skirt in summer, but it is also very soft and cool to wear.

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Super high appearance

The biggest highlight of the design of this single shoe is the hollow pattern on the upper and the large bow in the middle. The cutout enhances the summer feel of the shoes, and it will be really more breathable after wearing them, and the soles of the feet will not sweat at all. The bow adds sweetness, and the round toe cap can make the girl wearing these shoes look very cute and playful.

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The material is super soft

The sole of the single shoe uses a rubber soft sole, which can be bent arbitrarily, not easy to break or crack, step on it soft, and bring a little heel and elasticity, so walking is not tired. The upper and inner fabric are high-quality linen, so it is particularly skin-friendly and sweat-absorbing, and it will not slip or scratch the foot after wearing, and this fabric is not easy to wear, so it will not be worn or scratched after wearing it a few times.

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Super versatile

Sweet single shoes are suitable for all kinds of summer clothes, even if the pregnant mother wears these shoes when wearing a maternity dress, it will look particularly girly. The shoe comes in three colors, linen, apricot and black. Apricot and linen can be worn with jeans and plaid skirts, while black can be worn with suit skirts or hip skirts. A pair of shoes costs no more than a dinner, and you can buy several colors with different colors of clothing.

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