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Dressing is mainly to look at the overall collocation, such as suits, if you only value suits, and ignore shirts, then your outfit must lack a sense of premium.

As a basic item for entering society, shirts are very practical. Wear it alone or underneath can be a good foil. Even if it is customized, the threshold for shirts is not high. Next, let’s take a look at how to choose the right shirt for yourself.

NO.1 Slim version

Self-cultivation, many people’s understanding of self-cultivation is actually different. There is a misunderstanding that self-cultivation is relatively tight. In fact, no, slimming is a balance between comfort and fit, which can play a role in modifying the body. Such a shirt will make you look capable and energetic, and in the workplace, a slim shirt is essential.

NO.2 Fitted version

Classic fit, fitted fit for almost all men. This fit has the following characteristics: unobtrusive, versatile and stylish. Fit and slimming are different, not too much pursuit of grooming the figure, there is no feeling of restraint. Generally, this kind of shirt is a good choice to wear alone with trousers or with a suit. Overall, you can’t go wrong with this fit.

NO.3 Loose version

The loose version is only worn at leisure. This fit is generally on the large side and is not suitable as an underwear. More suitable for single wear. Business men’s suits are not recommended with this fit.


A person’s success often lies in the infinite pursuit of perfection in details. The clothes are lining, and can also give the wearer different temperaments and create a more decent image through small and exquisite designs.

However, all-encompassing shirts are really difficult to find, and if you want to fit everywhere, you can usually only do it by customizing.

Bespoke shirts, selected fabrics, tailor-made garments. This ensures a comfortable fit for every shirt. Better show the wearer’s mental outlook.

Customized for the clothing shop, everything is customer-centric. As long as the customer needs, we will definitely meet it.

Help the clothing shop customize, abandon the embarrassment of buying clothes that do not fit, one version per person, tailor-made, to ensure the comfortable fit of each set of clothes. What are you waiting for that? Come and help the clothing shop customize your own fit!

Help the clothes shop, one stitch and one thread, fine and fine

Focus on quality, control details

We’ve been on the road…

Changing clothes has long been more than a simple repair and modification,

It is the continuation of feelings and the sublimation of creativity!

It is the embodiment of ingenuity,

It is the pursuit of quality of life,

It is a design experience where clothes come to life,

It is to help clothes realize the most perfect dream!