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Bright color Rose coix kernel water

The main ingredient of this bright rose barley water is organic rose extract, which can help our skin adjust from alkaline skin to weakly acidic skin. It can help our oily girls solve the problem of excessive oil, the oil control effect is very good, and it can also prevent our skin from drying and makeup removal, so that our skin becomes more shiny, and coix kernel can be whitened, and there is also a significant improvement in acne scars. It is an affordable lotion, don’t miss it for the student party with oil and acne skin!

Fresh Rose moisturizing floral water

Freisse’s only floral water is designed to soothe and moisturize, and it’s alcohol-free.

The design of the matching nozzle is very user-friendly, and the water mist sprayed out is fine, and it can be prepared in air-conditioned rooms or tours.

The texture is refreshing, light rose smell, good smell, very comfortable to use, fast to absorb.

However, the ingredients contain a small amount of citric acid, which is a little irritating and not suitable for sensitive skin.

Decorté Botanical Rhythm Lotion

Decorticular’s several very popular water milk sets are a preliminary anti-aging entry-level set, this water is mainly basic moisturizing, skin stability and water and oil regulation effect is very good. The texture is non-greasy, and the skin feels moisturized after absorbing. Its water milk needs to be used with a set, and they are all milk before water, and the skin can gradually become tender after a period of use.

Huayu set toner

This Hua Yu set toner is enriched with natural rice fermented ingredients

As well as sodium hyaluronate and other hydrating and brightening small molecules, it can help the skin improve the imbalance of water and oil, make the skin delicate and smooth, improve the balance of skin water and oil, hydrate and moisturize while firmly locking the skin moisture, preventing loss, and keeping the skin hydrated and smooth. With consistent use, it can gradually improve dull and rough skin, allowing you to easily have supple milk skin.

It does not have a very heavy fragrance, has a faint rice smell, no flavors and fragrances added is very healthy,

And this toner also has a very good ability to control oil, after insistence on use can gradually adjust the problem of skin water and oil imbalance, when using will not feel greasy and dry, after application by the skin absorption is also very fast, will feel very refreshing and comfortable, I insist on using it, rough and dull skin gradually improved a lot, small imperfections on the face have gradually improved, so that the skin becomes more and more tender and white and shiny.

Recommended toner with good oil control effect! Non-sticky, soothing and moisturizing, effectively regulating the balance of water and oil