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It’s spring again, the season that makes a girl’s heart burst,

All want to go out to buy, buy, buy, chop and chop,

Let yourself continue to be beautiful from this spring.

While we desperately dig out our wallets to buy clothes and cosmetics,

Isn’t it time to change wallets too?

It is said that long wallets are more mature and elegant,

And short wallets are less female and more energetic,

Next, I will recommend a few short wallets full of girly hearts!

Samantha Thavasa

Don’t look at Samantha Thavasa, the name is full of American flavor, but it is actually a Japanese brand, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Miranda Big names like Miranda Kerr have endorsed it.

Reference price: ¥ 1030

In order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of “Sakura MAGIC Card”, Samantha Thavasa’s Samantha Vega launched a special logo – Sakura’s wings plus magic six-pointed stars, and the hanging of the Sealing Staff attached to the corners, with a strong sense of theme. The interior is made of cherry blossoms and the sealed beast’s Korubellos (Xiaoke) as the original texture, very innovative, light pink, coral pink, white three main colors for you to choose ~ We all chased Sakura in childhood are old, this is full of memories~

Charles & Keith

Reference price: ¥ 250

Compared with Samantha Thavasa’s sweet girlish heart, little CK is like a dignified girl without sex, but this year’s pineapple series is really cute to burst, and there is a feeling of summer coming ~ canvas surface, leather inside, and a coin bag. The point is, it’s cheap!!! There is always the illusion that the boss is playing a zero less.

Ted Baker

Reference price: ¥ 500

Ted Baker is the UK’s best value for money high street brand, and its hallmark is the bow and jelly texture. This short wallet has a lot of colors, completely hitting the girl’s heart, and there are gemstones, square, and spherical three-dimensional clasps, which instantly cause difficulty in choosing ah… The built-in divider is also practical, with two round diamonds opening to form a coin purse, and a patterned fabric inside the compartment. The upper can pretend to force the man, the lower can buy vegetables and bungee, that’s it~

LANVIN en Bleu

Reference price: ¥ 1100

LANVIN en Bleu is a side line of LANVIN, whose wallet is characterized by “pearls”. However, this tsundere sub-brand is only sold in Japan, and you can’t even buy it in France, probably because Hokkaido, Japan is rich in pearls! Inside this wallet, a separate shell-shaped coin pocket is cute and practical. In addition to mint green, there are pinkish purple, gray blue, black and nude pink for you to choose from, yes, they are all super soft girl colors~

Kate Spade

Reference price: ¥ 510

Kate Spade is a regular visitor to New York Fashion Week, with its simple and flexible shapes, bright and bold colors and lively and interesting attitude to life. It is less short wallet, this fuchsia exterior with off-white interior, bow gentle and slightly capable, inheriting its fresh girly style, but also adding a mature atmosphere, very suitable for girls who are just starting out in the workplace~


TsumoriChisato is a personal brand founded by Chisato Azumori, the famous Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, who loves chiffon, pleats, layers, and floral fabrics in his clothing, which is full of oriental colors. The cat head nameplate is the iconic decoration of the Tsumori Senri women’s bag “Cats”. This half-faced cat wallet has a soft sheepskin skin, a three-fold design, a coin pocket on the back, and a kitten hanging on the side. It is said that cats can attract wealth Oh~ I don’t want to collect it soon!


Reference price: ¥ 545

Radley is the fastest growing fashion luggage brand in the UK in recent years, and its distinctive logo is a cute Scottish puppy. The Radley wallet is made of smooth soft leather, which gives it a luxurious and youthful feel. It looks small, but large banknotes, cards, photos, can be put in. Although the sparrow is small, it has all the organs.

Love Moschino

Reference price: ¥ 539

As a side line of Moschino, since Moschino jeans officially changed its name to Love Moschino, it no longer sells its signature bow pattern and takes the Love and Girl route. And also designed “love” into a love heart shape, and then with a romantic light pink as the color, take it out to hit the peach blossom this spring, it is estimated that it will increase a bit of luck!


Reference price: ¥ 729

Coccinelle is a high-end leather goods brand from Italy, and its products are all handmade. This is this year’s Valentine’s Day limited edition, well, once women hear the word “limited”, they will not be able to resist. Simple wavy side design, pink and big red, and light pink and pure white, strong soft sister style. If you combine it with that small square bag with wavy edges and half a love heart, the return rate is really explosive! At the same time, the 2016 Valentine’s Day Limited Edition is also full of creativity, the metal buckle and half of the peach heart on the lid are cleverly combined into a complete love buckle, with this heart that loves you, what could be more important?


Reference price: ¥ 390

Salad bags from Hong Kong have always been full of youthful atmosphere and self-style, but are also known for their soft leather and rich colors. This wallet is made of cowhide leather with a sheeny feel. There’s also hardware on the front, with a detachable metal chain clasp and a new mirror accessory, and if you look closely, do you see the “Je t’aime” on the strap on the front panel? Keep it in your bag at any time, while guarding your silver, you can also help you keep your sincerity~

Tory Burch

Reference price: ¥ 420

For some reason, what attracted me was Tory Burch’s Double T logo, which is said to be inspired by Moroccan architecture and interior designer David Hicks, but looks like a brilliant blooming flower from a distance. This wallet is part of its Peace and Love collection, which transforms sincere wishes into delicate collages and is embellished with contrasting three-dimensional appliques for unrestrained vitality! The key rings of the same series are also exquisite – the blessing of the dove of peace, the classic double T logo and the flower pattern are strung together in a bouquet, although it is a key ring, but where you want to hang it, it is your freedom~


Reference price: ¥ 650

Still thinking the coach was a big aunt bag? Keep your eyes open, today’s coach has also gone girly, and this year it invited Selena Gomez as a global brand ambassador. Since Stuart Vevers became creative director of coach, what a surprise! Are you excited about coach’s floral print wallet, or the iconic Daisy Field print, or the fresh daisy flower fields, or the enthusiastic red print with Western-inspired stud embellishments, and even the coin purse has become heart-shaped?

Reference price: ¥ 1100