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Author: Kurosaki Kusaki Rinko

When I saw the push of this bag a few years ago, I immediately placed an order, thinking about carrying a new bag for the New Year. However, during the Spring Festival, the transshipment stopped early, so I spent the Spring Festival separated from my bag. I can’t accept it in a different place, and I start to like colorful bags, so I plan to give up Ta, return blood, and change to a new one.

Kate Spade New York Matthews Drive nvshi women’s cross-body bag

After more than a year of confusion in Aunt Zhang, she insisted on signing in every day, abiding by the law, and participating in the invitation public test as soon as the leisure duty opened. At that time, two pairs of shoes were issued, and they were all sold in less than a week. The duty friend is also cheerful, directly photographed and paid, or I chased after it, asked is it really okay, the size can not be changed and other bulabula…

Back to the bag, I placed an order early on January 16 and arrived at the end of February. Without saying a word, unpack, take pictures, and be on idle value

kate spade NEW YORK Matthews Drive nvshi Women’s shoulder crossbody bag_second-hand_idle…


▼ There is actually no box, it is a bag. But still charged a good high transfer fee: Slow and expensive

▼ Next, peel off Ta layer by layer, but there is a pleasure of tearing, and the music is to completely turn Ta

Show your true identity

▼The skin is soft, but the shape is quite straight. The small ear can be withdrawn or released, the ear part is a small magnetic button, the suction is not very strong, but just right. The front zipper opens with a flat compartment.

▼ The delicate small button in front, the thumb and forefinger are gently pinched, and it is opened

▼ The appearance of opening it is stained with my fingerprints

▼ Inside is a large bag, no large compartment, and then there is a strap, but it has not been disassembled~

▼There is a small compartment on the back

▼The front two small compartments can hold mobile phones

▼ A close-up of the suction buckle, the leather is also quite thick

▼Dust bag

Real beasts

▼ Forgot to open my little ears~ But it seems to be quite good-looking

▼ For the reference of the value friends, the notebook can not be placed, want to put A4 files, open the ear may be able to fit



At present, only new products can be sent out, I don’t know if it will be possible to transfer second-hand in the future.


The release consumes 3 gold coins, and the transaction completion rewards 3 gold coins, which should also be for a good trading environment, but for newcomers, it may be a little difficult, and they want to be idle at level 10, and newcomers are insulated early in the morning.


Some people say, why bother with such great efforts to send idle value, isn’t it good to hang idle fish directly?

First, idle fish have to hang for a long time before they are sold: Judging from the two pairs of shoes I transferred out, the transaction was really fast, and the blood recovery efficiency was high.

Second, all kinds of faceless idle fish, originally turned the original price into a new product, came up to cut the half, and also harassed three times and twice, resulting in one time could not bear to scold back directly, was replied that there was no quality! No, just black.

Third, more valuable friends, the price is still relatively understood, and it is not ruled out that there are annoying people (I haven’t met yet), after all, everyone is in Aunt Zhang, there are still some common interests and hobbies, it is a good opportunity to make friends and blind dates.


It has been rejected before, Xiaobian is still relatively strict on the price review, must attach the price of the single product & the final paid price, value friends generally buy at a preferential price, if they are transferred at the original price, one is not sold, the other is deceptive, not a good value friend.


I found that I can’t receive the comments below in my idle friends on the mobile phone, and now the idle value is really simple on the mobile phone: If you don’t know the value friends, you can go to the observation below: In the Discovery Channel, the third little circle icon is it.


After the release, you have to come to the personal center to top the sticker, so that once a day, you can sell it quickly.

Moreover, the general domestic revelation, in two days someone came to the idle value transfer, for example, last month, bought Logitech’s mouse, and then saw that several value friends were purchased in the same batch as me, to transfer.

Finally, thank you Aunt Zhang for opening the Friends Trading Area so that my messy nest can also clear the venue. Students who want bags want to come here to shoot Oh, buy it now, it’s 800+ yuan more expensive, not to mention, only big red is left, super ugly! So come to me, there is a free fish link:

▼ The leg-drying maniac did not forget to re-sunburn the shoes that were transferred to his friend before the sunbathing, and the real beast that was stored at that time is now in the new owner’s place

That’s all, thank you officials, and I wish Aunt Zhang better and better

Editor’s note: The article is from #Idle Story#Call for Papers. The transfer of idle value that has been called for thousands of times is a magical place: some people look for it in thousands of degrees, and finally find good things in idle value; Some people have scattered thousands of dollars and are difficult to buy again, but fortunately they are idle to help them resurrect with full blood. There are bitter and sweet on the sea amoy road, let’s talk about your idle stories of buying and selling! Participate in the call for more coins, come and submit!

Original topic call: #idle value story# — You buy you sell idle value players to post good things…

kate spade NEW YORK Matthews Drive nvshi Women’s shoulder crossbody bag_second-hand_idle…