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The small partners who pay attention to the national tide should be familiar with it, in recent years, domestic brands have spent a lot of effort in transformation, strengthen the sense of product design, and compete head-on with international veterans. Including products like today’s review, photo-change sunscreen skin clothing from Pathfinder. At the same time, Pathfinder also made a lot of innovations and improvements in 2019. For example, the WeChat mini program “Pathfinder Hard Goods” was set up, and Jiang Yiyan co-branded series, Himalayan secret joint series, CHINA print series, (founding) 70th anniversary T-shirts, etc. were launched. These products have added popular trend elements, changing everyone’s impression of traditional outdoor clothing in the past, and their appearance has been greatly improved.

However, what impressed me the most was this very interesting dress – Pathfinder photo-changing sunscreen skin suit, in addition to the regular skills of sun protection, it also comes with an intelligent color-changing buff, which can change the color depth according to the intensity of ultraviolet rays, and has achieved a very cool combination of design sense and functional level.

So, what kind of black technology is this smart color-changing buff? In fact, the mystery is hidden in the fabric. This sunscreen suit is newly developed by Pathfinder

TiEF CHAMELEON intelligent photochange sunscreen fabric

, its principle is to use bionic chameleon color change system, according to ultraviolet intensity intelligent color change, the higher the ultraviolet intensity, the darker the photonic crystal color. With the blessing of this black technology, this sunscreen garment transforms into a UV detector, prompting you to do proper sun protection through color changes, while at the same time presenting delicate patterns on the skin clothing.

At this year’s OutDoor by ISPO in Munich, Germany, this fabric was selected as the best product of this year’s ISPO Functional Textile Trend Award, which is a veritable black technology. You know, the ISPO Functional Textile Trend Award (ISPOTextrends) is a new functional textile display platform set up by ISPO in 2013, which is composed of experts from all over the world (industry media, designers, independent experts) to form a jury, and select the best products, top ten products, and selected products in the entries based on specific criteria. In the face of fierce competition from many outdoor brands around the world, it is not easy to win the title of “best product”.

In the final analysis, the function of sunscreen clothing is still sun protection. In order to ensure product performance, many of Pathfinder’s products will be blessed with self-developed bionic technology, and this sunscreen clothing is exclusive to Pathfinder’s sunscreen clothing

Bionic sunscreen technology TiEF SKIN.

It imitates the sunset butterfly scale structure and butterfly powder sun protection principle: sunset butterfly scale wings are light, gorgeous and inlaid with a dense layer of butterfly powder, whenever the temperature rises and the sun shines directly, the waxy wing structure will automatically open, reflect and scatter the sunlight, and reduce the radiation angle of the sun. Therefore, by adding super sunscreen factors to raw materials and spinning processes, skin clothing has the ability to block ultraviolet rays and prevent tanning burns.

Thanks to the help of these black technologies, this sunscreen clothing won the hearts of global professional judges with its excellent performance and appearance in this year’s competition at the OutDoor by ISPO in Germany, and won the 2019 Global Outstanding Outdoor Products Gold Award.

How does this sunscreen actually perform? Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the author wore it on a “sunshine trip” in Beijing.

The overall design of Pathfinder photochange sunscreen skin clothing is pure white, except for the TOREAD brand logo behind it, there are no more fancy elements, in line with the current minimalist design style. Indoors or without UV exposure, it is a simple and pure white coat.




Outdoors, once it meets the sun, its color-changing system immediately opens, and according to the intensity of ultraviolet rays, they show light pink, orange pink, orange-red, the darker the color means the stronger the ultraviolet rays, so that the “invisible killer” ultraviolet rays reveal the original shape.

When the sun is hot at noon, the Pathfinder, which is dyed with brilliant colors, transforms into a sunscreen skin suit and a fashion coat, attracting the eye. Wear it on your body when traveling, as if you wear sunlight on your body, and shine wherever you go.

At three or four o’clock in the afternoon, the light gradually weakened, and the color of the clothes slowly faded.

By around 6 p.m., the sun was almost setting and the color of the clothes had almost faded.

As night falls, it fades its daylight and returns to its original appearance.

Many people think that sun protection is only a summer thing, but they don’t know that sun protection is a year-round work, especially in autumn, due to the climate, the air begins to become clearer, ultraviolet radiation is greatly enhanced, the importance of sun protection is self-evident. The sun protection level of this sunscreen clothing is TiEF SKIN X1, don’t look at it is just a thin layer, the sun protection capacity can reach UPF>40, and UVA <5%, with basic sun protection ability, daily, leisure travel, outdoor activities are applicable.

The hat of this sunscreen suit adopts a curved extension and widening design, which can increase the shade area of the face and better avoid blackface. At the same time, a shrink rope is set up, and in the windy state, the hat can be adjusted and fixed according to the head shape.

In a sweltering environment, the sunscreen suit’s light-like cicada wings and the folded air holes on the sleeves provide good breathability, allowing your body to breathe freely. Coupled with the soft touch, it is like the second skin of the body, which exactly explains its name – “sunscreen skin clothing”.

In terms of appearance, Pathfinder’s photo-changing sunscreen skin clothing is no less. It’s not so much an outdoor garment as it’s a fashion item. It adopts many fashionable expressions, such as a special Korean bat sleeve design, the shape is more atmospheric, loose and flexible, and more dynamic.

The asymmetrical design of the short front and back length of the body breaks the usual template of traditional sunscreen clothing, and women want to have long legs. A shorter front length can improve the visual effect and appear longer legs.

The back hem adopts a swallowtail design, and when worn open, the hem flutters in the wind, flowing and agile, and also adds a bit of aura.

Unlike most sunscreen clothing, the pocket of the Pathfinder photo-change sunscreen skin suit is set above the waist, and many trench coats will adopt this design, mainly to enhance visual focus and be more fashionable.

At the same time, there is a drawstring design at the waist, which can reshape the waist curve with the body shape, and comes with the special effect of tightening the waist and slimming. No matter what kind of body shape, it can concave a slender small man’s waist.

In terms of dressing, Pathfinder photochange sunscreen skin clothing is very versatile and changeable. Depending on the weather, you can match various styles of suspenders, vests, short-sleeved T-shirts, and long-sleeved T-shirts. The bottoms are paired with black leggings, and the contrast between black and white is a classic fashion sense.

If you wear it with torn copper jeans and hiking shoes, you can create a casual outdoor style. It can be handsome and beautiful, and the style can be switched at will.

This season’s imperial capital has a large temperature difference between day and night, and it can also be used as a windproof suit at night, giving you just the right warmth and accompanying you to continue to have fun until you have fun.

Overall, Pathfinder photochange sunscreen skin clothing is a single product with both strength and beauty. TiEF CHAMELEON intelligent photo-changing sunscreen fabric and TiEF SKIN bionic sunscreen technology two black technology blessing, with UPF40 sun protection function, but also according to the ultraviolet intensity to change the color of the shade, like an ultraviolet detector, full of technology, the honor of “2019 Global Outstanding Outdoor Products Gold Award” is well deserved. At the same time, it is lightweight, breathable, and has a comfortable wearing experience. More importantly, the use of fashionable design style, simple but not simple, good looks, flexible dressing, breaking the curse of outdoor clothing “practical but not good-looking”. Whether it is sun protection or concave shape, it can be held, I believe many friends will be impressed by it!