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The four things of whiteness, beauty, long legs and temperament, a girl should snicker if she occupies two things casually, but she actually occupies all four! Yes, she is Sara Legge, a Thai mixed-race “Internet celebrity” who is popular in INS.

Sara Legge is an Anglo-Thai hybrid with her signature long legs and angelic beauty. With short haircuts, she looks playful and casual, and she has a bright smile almost at any time. It can be seen that she is really a beautiful girl, and as a model with multi-line development, her personal photos in private are also fashionable and eye-catching, and most of them are very down-to-earth small fresh style, it can be said that she is a very “commoner” goddess~

Today, the editor has sorted out some of her personal private photos and learned her dressing skills!

LOOK1 T-shirt + skirt

This is one of Sara’s most common outfits in daily life, and it is indeed a very down-to-earth goddess, right? But this kind of matching that everyone wears, she wears her own sense of fashion.

Of course, the secret is to be sure to choose a model! For example-


OpenLady Odell cotton flame letter print short sleeve T-shirt loose T-shirt women’s summer personality trend

¥78.00 Taobao See details

Letter T-shirts are all over the street, but this unique flame font design is very unique and trendy, right?

The light blue and purple color scheme is harmonious and cool


Korean version denim short skirt, summer skirt, slim fit hip skirt, high-waisted skirt, A-line skirt, plus-size single-breasted denim skirt

¥169.00 Taobao See details

The washed denim fabric is very vintage, and the A-line skirt decorated with buttons is very preppy atmosphere, and the whole has the classic charm of oldschool. Paired with a flame subtitle T-shirt, a classic retro-style trendy girl is refined into ~


European and American age reduction summer new Hong Kong style nostalgic retro character letter print loose large size cotton short sleeve T-shirt women

¥128.00 Taobao View details

American nostalgic photo print T-shirt, with old-fashioned letters, the classic American fashion is very casual and charming~

Wear a T-shirt that makes it easy to get a return on the street


Women’s skirt, spring mid-length denim skirt, high-waisted A-line long skirt, summer Korean version single-breasted half-skirt, slim fit midi skirt

¥219.00 Taobao See details

Pick a charming upper body to wear, the lower body can not be inferior!

The American retro style of washed denim matches the body, and the skirt of the midi skirt also has a unique literary temperament, which looks more bright and taste~


Dales 2016 new European and American fashion Oxford cloth women’s bag shoulder bag casual nylon bag trend diagonal small bag

¥294.00 Taobao See details

A good bag can also add a lot of points to the look, the cat print bag on a black background, the color is delicate and exquisite, there is a retro fun and playful sense, very chic


In Thailand’s year-round hot weather, dresses are of course a daily look. The models Sara picked are more inclined to small and fresh style, and her beauty with mixed blood and big eyes is really girly and very charming.

Summer has arrived, and it is only right to pick a beautiful little dress like Sara to be a beautiful girl~


[Elina Sea] sharing style Korean sweet and versatile small V-neck single-breasted cinched waist slip denim dress

¥79.00 Taobao See details

To say that age reduction, denim skirts are called second, and no skirt dares to call first

The design of the suspender A-line skirt is more small and delicate, and the button decoration of the front placket is very college-style, which is age-reducing and sweet, which is really a must-have for girls to go out on the street in summer!


South Korea’s Dongdaemun shopping for small fresh slim slim floral slip dress cotton summer sleeveless vest short skirt

¥200.00 Taobao See details

The age-reducing skirt denim skirt was the first, and the little floral skirt was firmly in second place

The broken flowers are not as bright and bright as the print, more idyllic small fresh feeling, the waist pleated skirt outlines a good curve, beautiful ~


Fierce Panda 2016 Summer New Korean V-Neck Suspender Short Sleeves Show Slim Belt Solid Color Shirt Dress D11

¥111.25 Taobao See details

This year’s popular off-the-shoulder dress, don’t hesitate to wear it! The somewhat sexy collarbone line is very charming, coupled with the chic belt to cinch the waist, the whole person has the delicate feeling of a retro beauty

And the most important thing is that such sexiness is not offensive, and the fresh light blue in the slight sexiness makes your gentle temperament show off ~


Dales 2016 new preppy style female Korean version nylon backpack casual school bag oxford cloth travel backpack bag

¥298.00 Taobao See details

Boys often ask: Why do girls go out with old backpacks? Nonsense, how to put things in the summer when I go out in a skirt without a bag~

To have an age-reducing effect, a delicate small backpack makes your temperament burst ~ the texture of the delicate fabric and the buckle inlay, these details reflect the sense of quality. Who says backpacks are only casual? It can also reduce age and delicate~

LOOK3 shirt + jeans

The style of wearing the left and right two with similar items is completely different, right? That’s the magic of the pairing, or the magic of shirts and jeans.

Mature and sexy can also be refreshing and age-reducing.


Sun House AB5-4 spring new 2016 Korean version women’s sweet lace-up bow flocked chiffon shirt women

¥139.80 Taobao See details


2016 Korean version knee ripped jeans show thin pants legs frayed high waist cropped small leg pants tight pencil pants women

¥198.00 Taobao See details

Like Sara’s LOOK on the left, the ruffles on the collar and cuffs of the shirt and the puff sleeve design have a feeling of exquisite elegance in the court, and with ripped skinny jeans and heels, it looks less princessy, looks atmospheric, elegant and charming


Han Fan summer blue vertical stripe loose V-neck shirt women’s short sleeve Korean version of the college style casual shirt is versatile and thin

¥38.00 Taobao See details


Korean version of spring/summer student high-waisted cropped jeans, women’s small legs, pencil pants, tight and thin long pants, plus-size

¥299.00 Taobao See details

Dressed like the LOOK on Sara’s right, she was like a student girl! Minimalist small shirt + high-waisted jeans, fresh literary sense bursting, clean temperament type girls are very attractive~


When it comes to dresses, everyone will definitely think of the goddess style with a fluttering skirt. But looking at Sara’s daily dress LOOK, I will feel that she does not deliberately take the goddess route, and her skills are more profound.

Wearing a midi dress is not cumbersome at all, but very light and fresh, and it has a cool yuppie smell with round sunglasses, which is really rare.

Thai chic lace paneled dress midi skirt puffy evening dress

Everyone knows that denim fabrics are more silhouette, but they are indeed more cumbersome

And this skirt cleverly stitches denim and lace, instantly appearing much lighter, but also more gentle and delicate. The whole skirt is also a fashionable design, full of styling~


2016 new trendy skirt summer Korean version women’s mid-length striped short skirt ruffles short sleeve shirt dress summer

¥138.00 Taobao See details

The same design of the shirt patchwork, the light blue vertical fabric and black fabric splicing is very special and not contradictory, it looks chic

The age-reducing effect of the shirt collar adds a playful and fresh feeling, and such a chic skirt is also very attractive compared to wearing it out on the street

Luo Yishe jackfruit vacation spring/summer 2016 resort print chiffon crewneck sleeveless midi dress 041

The chiffon skirt is probably the lightest fabric, and the hem can be gently fluttered by the breeze, beautiful and flexible

The fresh light blue and pineapple print give the skirt a more lively and beautiful feeling. If you want to dress up in summer, you rely on such a skirt!


¥298.00 Taobao See details


¥198.00 Taobao See details