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At this moment, I want to say: Finally waiting for the spring of our hearts and minds and full of expectations, in this beautiful season of blooming flowers and the recovery of all things, after the baptism of harsh winter and snow, let us have a fresh feeling of clearing the clouds and mist to see the blue sky, at this time, it is natural to refresh from the appearance to our hearts, so as not to live up to this great spring. Especially those office women who are in a hurry, go out every day with a warm spring breeze, so that even a strong and capable working life will unconsciously become gentle, making people want to be beautiful to a new height in this magnificent and lively atmosphere. So the question is, what should office women wear in spring?

Our advice is to naturally choose simple and gentle commuting style outfits that make you look beautiful, sassy and high-class. Let the ordinary and ordinary professional clothes be replaced by the style of elegant literature and art, such a temperament and charm are invincible! Here are some dressing demonstrations, hoping to help everyone, so that you don’t have to worry about dressing after work.

The first type: shirt + knitted vest

In the cool spring day, the temperature in some areas may not be suitable for wearing a shirt alone, so we don’t have to worry too much, after all, the shirt really has a variety of expressions, such as the picture above and the soft and delicate knitted vest layered, interpreting a different beauty! The black and white checked knitted vest with fashionable highlights, layered with a pure white shirt has an age-reducing effect, reducing the sense of seriousness, and is so high-end and stylish.

The second: shirt + slacks

And the temperature in most areas, this time is relatively warm, we can choose to wear a shirt alone, simple and generous solid color, can definitely be said to be an enduring veteran practical piece, suitable for those temperamental women, wear your charm will definitely not be too bad! The lower body is paired with neat pants, and the combination of intellectual handsome makes you look exceptionally natural and clean, pleasing to the eye.

The third: shirt + skirt

Different from the sense of sophistication with pants, when the shirt and skirt are combined, the painting style suddenly becomes gentle and atmospheric, which can help women in the workplace to show their elegant femininity. The haze blue shirt with a bow tie and a gentle and elegant skirt show the romantic charm, and the color scheme is fresh and high-class. It makes you look beautiful and natural, but at the same time layered and fashionable.

The fourth type: suit + shirt

For busy working women, there may not be much time to pay attention to their clothes on weekdays, so we may wish to try the same color suit suit, not black, white and gray three basic colors, but light and soft Morandi color, the effect of lining the skin tone is excellent, with a pure white shirt, can be described as intellectually elegant and generous, invisibly giving people an indifferent and elegant goddess atmosphere.

The fifth type: suit + dress

Small suit is a fashion item that is indispensable for women in the workplace all year round, the key is that the current suit has gradually got rid of the stereotypical and monotonous old-fashioned image, and suddenly transformed into a salty, sweet and handsome attractive female appearance, with a dress full of gentle nature, more literary and clean charm.

There is no natural beauty capital, but we have the ability to rewrite destiny, every beautiful and excellent woman can create her own charm by working hard to find a suitable outfit.

Thank you for being so good, you can also read Xiao Tailor’s article, I hope that some of Xiao Tailor’s insights can add bricks to your outfit and bring you closer and closer to beauty.

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