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After entering the spring, everyone should have changed into a variety of spring clothes, but in this season, it is recommended that you can try more gentle wind items, such as Japanese sisters their matching are very worthy of reference, simple and low-key and enduring, for our ordinary girls, there are also a lot of reference significance. The most elegant thing in early spring is still “Japanese dressing”, intellectual and temperamental, suitable for women aged 30-40!

After the beginning of spring, everyone must try more basic items, just like our common shirts can also create a sense of fashion, look foreign and fashionable. For example, the white shirt below with a blue skirt can effortlessly create a gentle charm without feeling boring at all.

And you can also try to use a dress concave shape, this is also an extremely gentle and feminine clothing, the matching of the dress is feminine, as long as you combine different coats, you can reflect different styles, such as bloggers use this simple tweed jacket to match the dress, it also looks very gentle and fashionable.

Or you can try the following gray outfit, gray is a more neutral color, for young women and middle-aged women are used, and the dress matching is simple and low-key, and the jacket can also effectively echo the color, looking particularly fashionable.

There are also many ways to match dresses, and there are many young ladies who also like to use layering to interpret the sense of premium, you can also wear it this way, just like the dress below is longer, with boots can well define the legs.

Fashionable elves can also use different pants to concave shapes, such as the current fashion circle is very popular below this kind of checked pants, the elements of the check look fashionable and high-class, but also reflect a full of personality charm, and the black and white check is relatively low-key and simple, daily wear is no problem.

Of course, the wearing of brown coats is also very mature and stable, this brown gives people a very atmospheric feeling, and brown coats can also enhance your aura when worn on the body. Echoing the khaki cropped pants on the lower body, it can highlight the long legs in minutes, and it looks like the body is well proportioned.

You can also use the following beige long coat to concave the shape, off-white looks gentle and elegant, and sweaters and off-white pants can echo well, look particularly foreign, in addition, you can also modify the proportions of the body through this matching rule of the same color.

Printed dresses are one of the most common items this season, and if you don’t know how to match them, you can learn from bloggers to use printed dresses to match knitted cardigans, which will create a sense of layering. The yellow cardigan below is particularly foreign on the body, full of vitality, full of temperament, and the matching with the dress is also very attractive.

There are also some hipsters who like to use sweatshirts to layer skirts, such as the printed skirt below with a purple sweatshirt, the style is mixed and matched, it looks very temperamental, and it can also break the convention.

Pink sweaters are very versatile and attractive, such as the pink sweater below combined with a dress, this pink piece looks very calm, and the light pink is also more white and temperamental, which can make you more attractive.

Some bloggers will use sweaters to match checked skirts, which is a mix and match, easily creating a sense of layering. The burgundy sweater below is very attractive and feminine to wear, and it is also layered with a high-waisted checked skirt.

If you are not good at color matching, you can use black and white with this classic shape, white sweater with black wide-leg pants, simple and low-key and fashionable. The whole look does not use too many colors, looks very simple, and enhances the aura in minutes.

The checked sweater below is also extremely vintage, with green, black and brown checks blending together, which looks very attractive, and the wide-leg pants and small white shoes are also particularly simple, which is conducive to reducing age. And small white shoes are also a very casual item, which is the most common in spring, and you can’t go wrong.

Young ladies can try more of these fashionable and high-end items in the new year, and the Japanese ladies’ dressing style is low-key and simple, and we have a lot to learn from. Disclaimer: The text is original, and the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you. Text/9