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The Winged Tiger adopts Ford’s family-style front in appearance, and the large hexagonal grille is supplemented by two chrome horizontal strips, which is not only full of aura, but also more avant-garde. Two towering ribs on the hood retain classic muscular elements. LED daytime running lights are quite bright, and the brightness will be reduced after turning on the wide lights, and the shape is a bit personal, inverted L-shaped, which brings a strong degree of recognition.

Changan Ford-Wing Tiger

In terms of lighting, the two low-end models use halogen light sources in lighting, while the other models use xenon light sources, and it is indeed a pity that they are not equipped with LED headlights. The intelligent lighting system provided on high-end models automatically adjusts the brightness and angle of illumination according to vehicle speed and steering angle.

The rear end of the roof has a somewhat downward shape, which makes the body more sporty and muscular. The design of the rear of the car is relatively simple, and there are not too many lines to outline, making the rear of the car look generous and decent. The body dimensions are 4524/1838/1701mm in length, 1838mm and 1701mm in height (minimum height is 1685mm) and the wheelbase is 2690mm.

The interior is more in pursuit of design, the use of lines everywhere is very exquisite, the center console panel is decorated with piano paint black glossy decorative strips, paying more attention to the overall design and youthfulness. The sense of technology in the car has been improved, and the button layout is reasonable. The center console is mainly made of soft materials, which has a good touch and a certain sense of quality overall. The lowest equipped model is not equipped with an LCD screen; The second lowest equipped is equipped with an 8-inch touch LCD screen, which supports CarPlay mobile phone interconnection; Other models are equipped with a 10-inch touch LCD screen, built-in online music, network FM, and smart travel life services.

The steering wheel is designed in a three-spoke style, and the leather fabric and internal padding wrapped on the outside of the mid-to-high-end model are relatively soft, and the two ends have a clearly concave shape, which is quite comfortable to hold. Low-end models also have multi-function buttons. The “double barrel” instrument panel composed of two irregular shapes has a strong sense of visual impact, and the glacial blue hands on the speed, vehicle speed, water temperature and fuel gauge are particularly clear, and the horizontal driving computer display is very convenient to view the values while driving.

The interior padding of the seat is soft and fits very well, and the sides of the cushion have good support. The lowest equipped model is equipped with fabric seats with height adjustment, the second lowest model is covered with imitation leather material, and the other models are covered with imitation leather + genuine leather material, and also has the main / passenger seat electric adjustment and seat heating function. The rear seats are equally good, with soft padding still very soft. And the rear seats are positioned high for a comfortable riding position.

In terms of power, Yihu provides two turbocharged engines, 1.5T and 2.0T, both of which have met China VI emission standards. Its 1.5T engine has a maximum power of 182 horsepower and a maximum torque of 243Nm; The 2.0T engine has a maximum power of 237 horsepower and a maximum torque of 354Nm, which is matched by a 6-speed automatic manual transmission.

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As a classic SUV from Ford, the Winged Tiger can be said to be a battlefield veteran. It boasts a luxurious and stylish exterior, a modern interior and many class-leading high-tech features. Inheriting the profound accumulation of more than half a century of R&D, design, manufacturing and tuning of the Ford SUV family, it has created class-leading dynamic performance with powerful powertrain, high-quality chassis design and excellent vehicle tuning.

The four-wheel drive Hao wing is more recommended in the car series, which is equipped with a 2.0T engine, stronger power and four-wheel drive make the winged tiger more hard-core characteristics, driving it to some mountain places on weekends will be more flexible. Generally, four-wheel drive models consume more tires, and the 18-inch wheels of the Haoyi type have a lower cost of use than the sports 19-inch wheels, and the accessories on the market are more common. For most buyers, the configuration of the Haoyang is also enough, and the excellent performance and cost performance should make this car a 2019 Wing Tiger mass model. According to the real owner price of Autohome, the current terminal has a discount of nearly 30,000 yuan, which is worth recommending.