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Continue the summer file, good movies continue, break …

This week’s theatrical films, in fact, there are quite a lot of highlights, although there is no heavyweight film like “Transformers 5”, but there are many other styles, various themes, and various types of new Chinese films.

Among them, there must be what you want to see, something you want to see, something you super want to see, hehe.

Despicable Me 3

July 7

Director: Kyle Barda / Pierre Coffin

Screenwriter: Ken Dorio

Starring: Steve Carell / Kristen Wiig / Choi Parker / Miranda Casgraf

Genre: Comedy / Action / Animation / Adventure

Country/region of production: United States

In this episode, Gru, voiced by Steve Carell, has completely changed from a bad guy to a good guy, because we have a new villain, that is, this big brother who plays a lot when he looks dressed up.

The Chinese voice of this big brother is Da Zhang Wei, and he also said a very philosophical sentence at the press conference, that is, bad people are relative, and if there are worse people, he may become a good person. Well.

The new villain used to be a Hollywood child star, because he grew up full of pimples and was completely abandoned by the audience. He was indignant about this and said that he would shoot at Hollywood (real cannon). This anti-Hollywood setting can’t help but be reminiscent of “Sunset Boulevard”.

And because the villain is a past actor, the soundtrack of the film seems to be very powerful, and all kinds of eighties electronic dance music should feel very good.

In fact, showing off your musical taste seems to have become the new fashion in Hollywood blockbusters in recent years.

From “Guardians of the Galaxy” a few years ago to the second part this year, “La La Land”, which originally belonged to song and dance films, as well as “Suicide Squad” that hit the street, and even various American dramas such as “Big Little Lies” that we pushed before, the playlist has become a big selling point.

The last time I said that the Rotten Tomatoes evaluation of this movie was not good, a few days passed, and it actually dropped to 62%,

Including the IMDB score is also out, 6.6 points, to be honest not too good.

Go for it.

However, this kind of cute and funny cartoon is always paid attention to.

A peerless master

Director: Lu Zhengyu

Screenwriter: Lu Zhengyu / Zhao Yingjun / Leng Xuyang / Guo Xiaodan

Starring: Lu Zhengyu / Guo Caijie / Fan Wei / Cai Guoqing / Chen Chong / Kurata Baozhao / Kong Lianshun / Huang Ling / Allen / Zhao Yingjun

Genre: Comedy / Action

Country/region of production: Chinese mainland

This movie is Lu Zhengyu’s debut feature film, and the previous materials are actually quite like it, playing more fancy things. And Lu Zhengyu himself is actually a very inspirational person, originally just an ordinary Stephen Chow fan, but through hard work all the way, making short films, gaining appreciation, entering Stephen Chow’s team, and playing roles in “Mermaid”, it is estimated that many people are also impressed.

This time, I finally have my own feature film, and according to friends who have seen it, the whole film is still very strongly influenced by Stephen Chow, and it can be regarded as paying attention to the fan brother.

In addition, the choice of cast in this film is also very special, Fan Wei, who loves knitting sweaters,

King Kong Barbie Guo Caijie, quite King Kong,

There is also the idol teacher Cai Guoqing, who we are all looking forward to, this time he plays a villain. He must be the biggest highlight of this film.

First of all, of course, he still spoofed his image as a singer of the party, and starred in Ah Cai’s teacher,

And then all sorts of very subversive rants,

Finally, there are golden quotes.

“I live soon, you will die soon” folk singing 🙂

Like this movie, probably with two expectations, good is a hilarious comedy, not good is a copycat comedy, how specifically, we can watch it and talk again.

Fell in love with Jun 100 times


July 6

Director: Sho Tsukikawa

Screenwriter: Satomi Oshima

Starring: Miwa / Kentaro Sakaguchi / Ryo Ryuxing / Eri Mano

Genre: Romance

Country/region of production: Japan

The expectation for this movie mainly comes from the love of Japanese film, under the advance preview, I consider watching this film, the theme is still being planned, probably this Friday in Beijing, the specific will be determined.

As a fan of Japanese films, the release of this movie in the mainland is very symbolic, because this is a non-IP, non-popular, and everyone has not known so much about it before.

The Japanese movies released before are basically IP movies or cartoons. I also hope that more live-action Japanese films will be released in China this year, including Gintama, so hurry up and finalize!

Like most Japanese love movies, this movie is also typical of Japanese pure love, a simple love story, a fantasy romantic setting, as well as sunshine, scenery and good music.

In addition, Kentaro Sakaguchi is too handsome!!!!

Handsome when crying,

Handsome when laughing,

It’s hard to describe that kind of look, seeing his silly face wrinkled with a smile, it’s really like the first bloom of spring flowers, and the whole person is super happy in an instant. Think about whether being able to stare at him for two hours in the cinema is so happy that it will explode.

Because it is a Japanese-style pure love film, the girlish heart interaction of the male and female protagonists is essential, and you can eat a bunch of dog food just from the trailer.

A cute teenager like Kentaro Sakaguchi, touching his head to kill is a small meaning,

And to look at you affectionately while playing the guitar,

There are also all kinds of men hugging,

Also look into your eyes to confess!!!!

And play kiss!!!!

Jingcheng 81 II

Director: Qian Renhao

Screenwriter: Tan Guangyuan / Cai Jun / Huang Huihui

Starring: Zhang Zhilin / Mei Ting / Zhong Xintong / Geng Le / Wu Junmei / Chen Chong / Gao Jie / Lin Xue / Lian Kai

Genre: Drama / Suspense / Thriller

Regarding the big IP of “Beijing 81”, in fact, we have already complained a lot. The previous No. 81 in the middle of the morning has also won the love of fat friends.

But! As we all know, the positive energy of real big IPs is inexhaustible, so I watched the trailer today, and I had new inspiration and new expectations and prospects for this movie.

First of all, the behind-the-scenes footage of the film says this,

In order to restore the most real case scene and reproduce a more realistic century-old mansion, the production team lasted three years, not only went deep into the site of No. 81 Ancient Mansion in Chaonei, but also visited many places across the country to investigate, and finally gathered anger, anger, and yin, just to make “Beijing No. 81” a terrifying spectacle that had never been seen before.

So let’s take a look at the classic thriller scenes in the trailer,

The eye makeup was so beautiful that Wu Junmei gasped

I assure everyone that this special effect of condensing anger, anger, and yin qi is definitely not only five cents, but at least five cents

And then I think the most awesome thing is this slogan,

400 million ghost kings!!!

Don’t you kneel yet!!!!!

I think this 400 million ghost king may be an old tree spirit

Let me tell you the good news, this movie is 3D

But the most awesome thing about this movie may be offline marketing, that is, they have engaged in a group of beautiful young ladies who are so agglomerated, angry, and yin,

And, the one on the right is obviously a boy!

They also go out on the streets to interact with everyone!!!!!!

See the eyes of the lady on the left?


break off


Secret fruit

Director: Lian Yiqi

Screenwriter: Rao Xueman

Starring: Chen Feiyu / Ouyang Nana

I think that this movie should not exceed our expectations too much, because I found out that the director made an online drama of the same name in April this year, which is also adapted from this book.

Let’s look at the rating.

Look at the evaluation again,

It’s all in the middle of nowhere.

Let’s take a look at the handsome son of the old Chen family.

After all, the current director is really frustrated, and even the 00s have to shoot nude scenes,

The impact is very bad

Then the handsome son of the old Chen family frowned again,

Sell cute,

Reach out to you,

No, it was to reach out to Ouyang Nana

Also roll your eyes 🙂

Youth and campus, youth and love, it’s so good!

Love at 30 degrees north

Director: Hua Yuan

Screenwriter: Yang Mi

Starring: Chen Sina / Xiao Hong / Mao Bolong / Lankachu / Chen Siyan

Genre: Drama / Romance / Suspense

Last time I said that the heroine was so beautiful,

This time, let’s talk about how close the hero is to nature.

And then there’s this ultra-romantic horse ride.

The Queen of England is not as handsome as you two on horseback, really

Youth teasing

Director: Zheng Shiming

Screenwriter: Li Hongbin / Zheng Nana

Starring: Jiang Chao / Zhang Jiani / Jin Ensheng / Yu Wenwen / Ma Chunrui / Yan An / Li Degongchang / Luo Haiqiong / Li Bin / Wang Jingchun

Genre: Drama / Comedy

This movie appeared in our June preview before, why did it move to July.

Think we’ll introduce it again? Hehe, think too much.

Ili River

Director: Jiang Ping / Jin Tao

Screenwriter: Liu Fan

Starring: Wang Lan

Genre: Drama / Romance

This movie was made in 2013 and is finally going to be on, happy.

Let me share a plot with you,

Take a look at the short comments of netizens

Well, knowing you all want to see it. I also want to see.

The above are the good films to be released this week.

July 7

July 7

July 7

July 7

July 7

Country/region of production: Chinese mainland

Country/region of production: Chinese mainland

Country/region of production: Chinese mainland

Country/region of production: Chinese mainland

Country/region of production: Chinese mainland

July 6

Genre: Romance