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Summer is coming, and if women want to show off their bodies and highlight their sexy charm to the extreme, choose a bandeau top that not only shows off the perfect silhouette, but also highlights the beauty of seduction. A bandeau top with slim trousers is a great choice for domineering women. Cheng Xiaoyue wears such a set of clothes to show his personal charm to the extreme, and it is really versatile to use black as the main tone, and it can easily hold various occasions. And the top combines a lace design and yellow lace-ups, which is bursting with trends, and the embellishments of the careful machine add a full sense of fashion. Cheng Xiaoyue is worthy of being Zheng Kai’s ex-girlfriend, wearing a bandeau top and trousers to appear, and her temperament is not inferior to Miao Miao!

Bandeau design with tips:

In fact, it is not only dresses that can incorporate bandeau cuts, and some tops will also be matched with bandeau designs, which is very suitable for choosing in the hot summer. If we want to dress fashionably and coolly, then with a bandeau top is no problem at all, very cooling, and also shows the perfect neck and right shoulders, full of sexy femininity.

The bandeau top selected by Cheng Xiaoyue is very distinctive, and the hem is integrated with a design similar to the skirt, which is very suitable for women with wide hips, which can visually modify the body shape, making the whole dark color look more flexible and beautiful. If it is just a tight bandeau top, there may be something too ordinary, and a skirt cut like this can perfectly define the abdomen and crotch problems.

The lace-up design is very French, and this bandeau top combines straps with yellow to brighten up the whole outfit. The straps have a flowing aesthetic and can swing to follow the movements of women. In fact, when choosing dark clothing, you only need to fuse one or two other colors in it, you can have a very good effect, you don’t need too much, otherwise it will make people feel bells and whistles.

Tips for matching trousers:

Because not every woman has straight and slender long legs, we should still choose the shape of the pants according to the individual’s figure, so as to appear more perfect to the greatest extent. If women’s legs are thin and straight, they can choose slim suit trousers like Cheng Xiaoyue, but some women are very unconfident in their legs, then the fit with wide legs may be more suitable, not only to beautify the leg shape, but also to appear more graceful.

The collarbone hair is so sassy:

If the cut of the upper body of the clothing we choose for ourselves is sexy, matching the collarbone hair can highlight the design of the clothes well and enhance the collarbone line. Some women are worried that their hair is too long, and they will cover up such a bandeau cut and not reflect its beauty, but in fact, as long as the hair is trimmed to the length of Cheng Xiaoyue, there is no problem at all. The hairstyle is very smooth, and combed into three or seven points, which can have the aura of a strong woman and add a lot of points to the whole look.

The black and white check blends into the suit suit, which can definitely earn a good return rate. The bottom of the suit is usually accompanied by trousers, and the lower body of this suit is a skirt that cinches the waist and covers the hips, which can outline the waist line well. The check design may be a little eye-catching, and choosing a pure white T-shirt as an underwear at this time can play a balancing role.

Suspenders are definitely the first choice for girls to cool off the heat, it can not only perfectly show the line of the upper body, but also wear a cute and playful beauty on the body. Pure white like this has a sporty aesthetic, and although the design is particularly simple, it can easily interpret the sultry style. The lower body only needs to be paired with black cargo style trousers. You can easily get a complete set of fashionable street looks.

Now jumpsuits are the favorite of many women, because their tailoring design can very well improve the proportion of the whole person’s body. Khaki like this can set off female friends with confidence and atmosphere, and a cool beauty. Usually, jumpsuits are combined with a lace-up design at the waist, which can raise the waistline, which is really a super weapon for creating long legs.

T-shirts are definitely a very cool and comfortable piece of clothing for summer, and their choice of colors and patterns is particularly diverse, so we can try more new styles. The embellishment of a black fusion print like this is more atmospheric and less error-prone. Choosing a pair of jeans for the lower body can appear longer legs, and even if you don’t wear a belt, you can highlight your small waist.

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