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Age reduction and thinness are the eternal focus of girls’ outfits, and designers also firmly grasp the psychology of girls, and endless styles and careful machine designs are produced to achieve the effect of reducing age and showing thinness. The style of the college style not only has a very good age-reducing effect, but also is very sweet and atmospheric, making people feel like they are returning to campus to relive the illusion of student days, visually young also drives the psychological state, a playful female student image seems to live in the heart. The sunny and fashionable Yang Chao has not disappointed in the dressing style, wearing a high-grade gray college style dress playful and cute, and with a British style aristocratic atmosphere, it is really girly.

Modeling analysis

Yang Chao has frequently appeared in the public eye since 2018, and her youthful and beautiful image and down-to-earth conversation made the audience quickly accept and like this girl. Yang Chao did not disappoint us, striving to become excellent, and the dressing style is also fashionable and interesting. The British college style is full of vitality, the high-grade gray short coat is warm and thin, the shape is neat and wide is the taste of youth, and the blue vertical pattern highlights some retro style. The matching pleated skirt and red shiny leather shoes are full of vitality, and a pair of white tall socks connects the colors for a fresh and neat look.

Preppy outfit

There are many preppy items, who doesn’t like well-behaved and romantic outfits, especially in the dull winter, just need such a vitality to bring the warmth of the winter sun. When choosing preppy pieces, pay attention to the proper matching, especially the layered shape, color and style need to be harmonious. Yang Chao chose to splicing the inner layer, white and black and brown stripes are more versatile colors, white brightens the vision while the stripes are also perfectly coordinated with the color of the coat, exquisite and atmospheric.

Pleated skirt

How can the girl’s dress series be rare in pleated skirts, layers of skirts fold out a sense of fashion, fluffy wearing effect modifies the leg shape and waist, and if the color is well chosen, it will have a white effect. Pleated skirts are also relatively simple and versatile, basically only the length and color changes in the shape, with a shirt is a light and elegant lady, with short sleeves is a youthful and energetic fashion girl, with a preppy blazer to easily reduce age. Wearing such a piece with a noble taste, not only boys, but also as a girl, I can’t refuse.

Jump color matching

For sisters who have a lot of experience in dressing, the color matching of clothing has a basic template, black and white gray will not go wrong with random matching, cold and warm colors complement each other, although visually impactful, but also different visual effects, so if you insert a jump color in the basic color system, how to match. Yang Chao’s shoes are red that echoes the clothing, which will feel a little abrupt when you look at it alone, but under the transition of white stockings, it breaks the dullness of the color of the clothing and adds vitality.

Preppy accessories

Preppy style is a very age-reducing outfit, in order to avoid being too childish, you can add some accessories to highlight the temperament. The most commonly used accessories such as berets and backpacks are good choices. Yang Chao’s hat of the same color as the suit is a good match, gentle and elegant, wearing a pair of delicate earrings, fresh and lively.

Having a young heart is to show it, don’t feel that the preppy style outfit is niche and childish, and the right match can completely wear the aura. The British college style with a retro taste is a good choice, sweet atmosphere mixed with retro nobility, fashion to reduce age.

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