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Mackenzie Lueck, a 23-year-old female college student at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, was tragically killed after disappearing on the 17th.

After days of evidence collection, police arrested Ayoola Ajayi, a 31-year-old suspect involved in the case.

Horrifyingly, the suspect tried to build one at home

“Secret Murder House”

During the investigation, local engineering contractors

Brian Wolf

Brian Wolf revealed that Ajay had requested a secret soundproof room in his basement in April.

But his demands later grew, and very eccentric,

First of all, the entrance should be hidden, and a fingerprint scanner should be installed to ensure that only he can enter, and a large hook should be installed on the wall

Wolff said, “People come to me all the time to design and build all kinds of things, but there has never been such a renovation plan, it is so strange, I just thought it was not what I wanted to do.”

Ajay explained though that he wanted

Listen to music loudly in the room

, but Wolff still found the renovation incredible. Wolf eventually turned down the deal because he was worried about his usefulness.

Police have been in contact with Wolff and continue to pursue hundreds of other leads.

In fact, Ajay’s residence is only 5 kilometers away from the park where Luyik disappeared, and the Aja’is were in the park when Luyik’s phone lost its location.

Although Ajay initially denied knowledge, police found several photos of Rouik on his phone.

Police also searched his home for charred human tissue that matched Rouic’s DNA.

On June 28, police arrested Ajay, who was arrested

Charged with homicide and corpse rape.

Salt Lake City Police Department Sheriff Brown said he had called Louise’s parents who lived in Southern California and told them of his daughter’s death.

“It was the hardest call I’ve ever made in my life, and we’re all heartbroken by the news,” Brown said.

Luyik disappeared hours after landing at Salt Lake City International Airport on the 17th, after going to the park near Ajay’s home, and the mobile phone signal stopped at 3 a.m., when Ajay was also in the park, and it is currently inferred that the two left the park together.

Born in a coastal city in Los Angeles County, Luyck is currently attending the University of Utah, majoring in ergonomics and nursing.

Like all girls her age, she loves to smile and wear makeup, has a lively and cheerful personality, and is sincere and warm to her friends. She has excellent grades and is never absent and late, which is the pride of her parents.

On the evening of the 16th, she boarded a plane to Salt Lake City, Utah, and arrived safely at the airport in the early morning of the 17th.

At 1 a.m., she sent a text message to a friend saying the plane had landed and that she would call Lyft (Uber-like) home.

Luyck did call a Lyft, but instead of returning home, she went to Hatch Park in North Salt Lake City.

Since then, there has been no more news.

Luyk’s cousin said, “We are desperate, we really need to find her whereabouts right away!” At 1 a.m., she texted that the plane had landed. That’s the last word we received.”

On June 18 and 19, friends saw that Louise had missed her midterm exam and became worried. Because the classmates know that Luyik has always been a very responsible person, judging by her personality, she will not miss the high school entrance examination at all.

On June 20, friends contacted her family and formally reported the incident to the police. They posted search notices with Rouic’s photographs all over the streets.

“It’s so unlike her, four days without answering calls and texts, and four days without turning on her phone is enough to raise your nerves,” said Luyc’s friend.

Although the police are also worried about Luyik’s safety, after all, Luyike is an adult woman, and they have no evidence to prove that Luyik is injured or is currently in danger.

At the same time, Lyft and the driver also issued a statement, saying that they would actively cooperate with the police.

As the case dragged on, the police began to suspect that the incident might be a case

Vicious cases

Police began knocking door-to-door to ask if they had seen Mr. Roywick, checking social media and issuing multiple search warrants.

The police released the surveillance video of the airport on the 25th, and the girl was last photographed wearing a loose hooded sweatshirt, black pants, a black backpack, a handbag in her hand, and a brown suitcase.

At the same time, the police released another shocking news that the camera in Hatch Park, where Luyck last went to, was not working on the day she disappeared.

Salt Lake Mayor Len Arave said, “We have some surveillance cameras on, but some are just

Dummy Camers”.

Police revealed that they suspected that Luyik’s disappearance was related to the address 547 N. 1000 W, and confiscated a large amount of evidence from Ajay, the owner of the house who lived at the address.

On June 26, the suspect Ajay came into police sight.

The man Luyik saw when he got out of the car was Ajay, and Luyik got into Ajay’s car and left the park.

Police searched Ajay’s home.

Ajay has posted about rentals on Airbnb, a short-term rental website, and claims to have two cozy basement rooms available for rent.

Recent reviews of Ajay’s house date back to September 2018, with some commentators describing him as such

“The kindest hosts

Ajay’s neighbors told police they saw Ajay burning things in his backyard with gasoline on June 17 and 18.

Police then found a ” in Ajay’s backyard “

New excavation area

Moore, a friend of Ajay’s who lived with him in the house for several months in 2018, was shocked by the charges Ajay faced.

Ajay’s eloquence and demeanor, education, and image as a professional made Moore believe that he could do “

Killing and cremation

“This kind of terrible thing.

Moore said Ajay is a very smart person and computer savvy. He has worked in information technology at Dell, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and other technology companies.

In addition to this, Ajay spent 6 months in the U.S. Army Corps.

However, Moore also said that Ajay is more prone to emotional and tantrums, and it is because of this that he moved out of Ajay’s home. However, he had not seen Ajay use violence against anyone.

Ajay had been married in 2011, but he divorced him in January.

In 2018, Ajay also wrote a crime novel called “Forged Identity”, in which the protagonist became a criminal because he witnessed two murders at the age of 15.

But at the same time, with the deepening of the investigation of the case, the personal behavior and proclivities of Louis were also “doxed” by relevant people on social media.

She claimed to be

SB(Sugar baby)

, has posted a lot of rather revealing photos.

Her friend also revealed to the police that she does not have a regular boyfriend, but has several people who are dating at the same time and is interested in older men, usually with a very high success rate for 35+ men.

She also showed off her experience of successfully dating older men on her personal account, “if you need help, you can send her a private message.”

This is the end of the story. (End)