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Recently, the weather is really cold, every day when I go out, I wear thick clothes, but I always feel that my “feet” are still very cold, obviously wearing a pair of thick socks, but I feel that my feet are still very cold.

I think it may be that the “shoes” chosen are not warm enough and are not suitable for wearing in such a cold winter. Thinking of this, I suddenly remembered my 50-year-old mother at home. It seems that he bought her clothes, but forgot to prepare a pair of “warm” shoes for her.

Reflecting now, I really didn’t care enough. Now that the weather is so cold, she is usually so frugal, she will definitely not think of protecting her “feet” well!

Therefore, today’s theme is to share 4 pairs of “leather and fleece cotton boots” for 50-year-old mothers, hoping that mothers can warm their feet in winter and not let the cold hurt their mother’s feet.

If your mother is also a person who is not attentive to herself, but very attentive to her children. Then it means that she loves you miserably, so we, as children, should also be more careful with our mothers, give our mothers some greetings when it is cold, and prepare a pair of very “warm” shoes for her mother, and she will feel very happy.

Today, the witch gave 50-year-old mother Amway 4 leather and fleece cotton boots, warm and easy to wear! In any case, in winter, we must pay attention to keeping our “feet” warm, so that we can live better!

(1) Warm brown rhinestone circle side zipper leather cotton boots

50-year-old ladies, in addition to looking warm when dressing in winter, don’t forget to keep your “feet” warm. Because “foot warmth” is really very important in winter, so you should choose the right shoes to wear, don’t because of trouble, or wear summer shoes, and then wear a pair of winter socks to finish, so that “feet” are still not warm enough!

For example, this “warm brown suede cotton boots”, the color seems low-key, but it is very high-class to wear. The fabric is made of “breathing first cowhide”, which feels soft and wear-resistant! There’s a plush-up fabric inside, so it’s warm to wear! The appearance design of the boots is simple and generous! 50-year-old mom looks really good in it!

These rhinestone hoop side zippered leather cotton boots are available in black and brown colors, and are embellished with a very eye-catching “rhinestone circle buckle”. Very user-friendly side zipper design, let mom wear trouble! These boots are simple and stylish, so you can wear them with your mother!

It also looks good on the pairing! Mom can choose a dark yellow tweed coat, a white casual intellectual shirt, a black tweed skirt on the lower body, and a pair of black warm brown rhinestone circle side zipper leather cotton boots, the shape is elegant and generous, and the feet can also keep warm, it is really worth considering!

(2) Black bow and suede leather cotton boots

Genuine leather cotton boots are really an artifact of winter protection against cold, shoes do not choose the right one, which has a great impact on our daily life. Mom is 50 years old and not as physically strong as before. At this time, we have to buy a pair of very warm cotton boots for our mother, so that her mother can wear beautiful clothes without being hurt by the cold in winter!

Black cotton boots are a great choice for 50-year-olds because their colors are understated and easy to match. So it looks good and keeps warm to wear. For the choice of genuine leather cotton boots, you can choose the exterior designed with a bow and the inside with a pile design, so that the whole shoe looks less monotonous and unsightly.

When my mother has a pair of leather and suede soft-soled cotton boots in winter, it is safe to walk and comfortable, and we as children can rest assured! These pair of bow and suede leather cotton boots have two colors to choose from, black temperament, brown elegant and generous! I don’t have to worry about how I want to wear it.

In terms of wearing, mom can choose brown bow and suede leather cotton boots, with a red turtleneck sweater + a beige pleated skirt, the shape is very elegant and generous! When you go out, you can wear a khaki plaid tweed coat, and then put on a black berets, such a temperament shape, go out with your daughter in your free time, and others still think you are a sister?

(3) Black bow-tied leather cotton boots

We all know that there are many styles and designs of cotton boots, but to win the love of old mothers, we need to find a pair of cotton boots with a great design. When the witch looks at these black bow-tied leather cotton boots, she is attracted by its shape.

Very soft black leather design, looks very textured. The “scratches” on the upper of the boots are finely worked, and the “bow tie” embellishment on the back is very eye-catching! The zipper design on the side can be easily put on and taken off, and the whole cotton boot looks very good!

The inside is also fleeced, which is very warm and not bloated! Such beautiful and warm cotton boots, prepare a pair for your mother in winter, in order to reflect that you are a “little cotton jacket”!

In terms of matching, casually match to get “high-value dressing”, mother can choose a black elegant “expensive” thick knitted dress, and then match a very thick and warm blue fringed shawl, the whole look makes the 50-year-old mother, look elegant and temperamental, really charming!

(4) Brown lace velcro leather cotton boots

Or opt for these brown lace velcro leather cotton boots, the color is gentle and versatile brown, choose a very soft leather fabric, comfortable and breathable and warm. The “lace” design on the upper of the boot is eye-catching and eye-catching! Regardless of age, they all think that such a fancy is very fine and good-looking!

I made a “Velcro” design on the wear, which can be easily worn and taken off by my mother. The interior design is really intimate, there is a fleece fabric, it is very warm to wear and does not feel bloated, such shoes are really worth choosing for a 50-year-old mother.

These brown lace velcro leather cotton boots are available in brown and black! When going out in winter, my mother wears a pair of black cotton boots, and can be layered with a white lapel shirt + gray knitted sweater, which is very intellectual and elegant!

Choose a pair of black trousers for the lower body, and wear a gray tweed coat when you go out, which is fashionable and age-reducing. Going out with their daughter is a pair of beautiful sisters!

So 50-year-old ladies, pay attention to warm feet in winter, these 4 pairs of leather and fleece cotton boots, you can think about them, they are very warm and easy to wear!

Okay, that’s it for outfit sharing. The above text is the original of the fashion consulting little witch, please indicate the source of reprinting, once found, the corresponding responsibility will be investigated! The picture comes from the Internet, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.

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