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Every time I sleep on the table, I will especially miss the doll pillow at home, and because of the long distance and inconvenient to take it to work, I can only say goodbye in pain. Therefore, Xiaobian is ready to start another pillow, pillow and quilt dual-purpose this multi-function.

Now it is also close to late autumn, and winter is not far away, so a multifunctional small throw pillow is still very suitable for student parties and office workers. Take a break from time to time, there is a small pillow, there is a small quilt, and you can put your hand inside the doll when it is cold, it is really a lot of functions~

1 Nordic pillow quilt dual-use

The flamingo motif has been seen a lot recently, and it is now also used on throw pillows. The design of the pillow quilt is simpler than the doll, and girls who tend to be simple can consider this, fold the quilt, zip up is a pillow, and open a quilt, which is very convenient.

2 single dog head pillows

When I saw Erha, the stupid cute big dog’s head, the editor knelt Orz in his heart, there is really no impossible, only you can’t think of it. Single dogs’ standard special pillows, unruly eyes, as if to highlight the high-end taste and style of single dogs, the inner tank is removable, easy to clean yo~

3 corgi ass throw pillow blanket

Corgi butt This pillow editor really has a feeling of hitting the hit when he sees it, warm and clean tones, stupid cute and soft big ass, really in line with the girl’s girlish heart, and a little funny fun tone.

4. Throw pillow, quilt dual-purpose office nap pillow

The two sides of the pillow are linen, the air conditioning quilt inside is very fluffy and comfortable, there are more pattern styles to choose from, and the patterns are more interesting; It is also a throw pillow that can be used in all seasons and suitable for various occasions.

5Hello Kitty • Multifunctional nap pillow pillow

Multifunctional throw pillow + blanket, high-quality flannel blanket, smooth feeling, soft and skin-friendly. The cute Kitty satisfies the girl’s heart during the nap, and the blanket and throw pillow are separated, and the pillow can be used alone when using the blanket.

6 cotton throw pillow quilt

I feel that this pillow is more suitable for children, how to look at the childlike pattern is a little childish, pure cute pattern style, looks very comfortable, or cute girls are more suitable, Xiaobian can’t imagine what it looks like to use it.

7. Cotton pillow quilt dual use

The stylish small fresh striped LOVE pillow, the thickened version is more suitable for taking a break in the office in winter, and can be used as an air conditioner in summer, which is also very good and can be prepared all year round.

8 blankets cute throw pillows quilt for dual use

For a little narcissistic girl, this cute emoji pillow is the perfect fit, “Wow, she’s so beautiful!” This compliment, satisfying your narcissistic thoughts, fresh styles and tones are also very suitable for a large number of little girls.

9 cute creative hamster throw pillow quilt

Seeing this little hamster’s pillow, the girl’s heart was hit again, pink little ears, innocent eyes, such a cute hamster cushion, just want to put it in my arms to caress well, how can I be willing to lean on it! The soft and cute look feels very good to hold~

10 flying Nordic cotton fabrics

Simple and generous check gray tone pillows, on the sofa at home, on their own cars, to work as pillows, school bed on the small quilt, can be placed, this is suitable for all occasions; The main thing is that it is simple and good-looking, so the applicability is relatively high, and it is convenient to disassemble a quilt.

11 Throw pillows and quilts for dual use

When watching “Chinese Restaurant” filmed by Zhao Wei and Zhou Dongyu, every time I see the comic image that looks like Zhou Dongyu appear, I feel particularly right. I didn’t expect to see this pillow appear, and when I saw it, I felt that it was going to be turned over, coral fleece is very warm and soft, and it is an excellent product for self-use and gifting.