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As they get older, women have more limited choices about their style and fashion items. Especially for middle-aged women who run three and four, the jeans that were popular when they were young are outdated, and this year’s popular “bud pants” are more suitable for middle-aged women, not only the effect of reducing age is first-class, but also can easily create a sense of temperament and elegance.

The so-called flower bud pants, I believe that many fairies do not know much, in fact, it is also a kind of wide-leg pants, and on the basis of wide-leg pants added a pleated design at the waist, and generally with a wide belt, it looks like a “bud” that has not yet bloomed, and it is a special modern flavor.

In addition, because the bud pants have a good tall and thin effect, they look eye-catching, so they are also loved and sought after by various stars and fashionistas, and concave a variety of different styles of shapes. Yang Zi used a black T-shirt with an apricot bud pants, and a pair of high-top sneakers, which made her look very youthful and energetic.

The rules for choosing bud pants

After watching the wonderful matching of flower bud pants by fashionable elves, I believe that many fairies are very moved. In fact, bud pants are lower for body requirements than other pants, as long as you find the style that suits you according to the following selection rules, you will definitely be able to wear your own unique beauty!

Rule one: choose the right length

For fairies of different heights, be sure to choose the right length when choosing bud pants. For example, for small fairies, cropped high-waisted bud pants are easier to handle, and this length is just enough to expose the ankle, showing the high effect first-class. And for tall fairies, you can boldly try long and mopp-length bud pants, which look more awe-inspiring and domineering.

Rule 2: Choose a more airy material

The material of the bud pants will also affect the visual effect and grade of the overall shape, so the editor suggests that it is best for fairies to choose a more airy material. On the one hand, it can avoid being too close and expose leg defects, and on the other hand, it can modify the leg shape to create a slender and straight visual effect of the legs, which looks more textured and high-class.

Rule three: Add some fashion elements

If you want to stand out more, you can also add more fashion elements to the design of bud pants. For fairies with a fat lower body, you can choose bud pants with vertical stripe design, which can not only appear more balanced and slender legs, but also look more intellectually dignified and elegant than the solid color model, which is very different.

A guide to matching bud pants

According to the several selection rules recommended by the above editor, I believe that all fairies can find a suitable bud pants version. Then the next Xiaobian will introduce and analyze the wearing method of flower bud pants, and put forward corresponding matching suggestions for fairies with different body characteristics. If you’re interested in today’s content, keep reading together!

Match 1: T-shirt + bud pants

The basic T-shirt is perfect for pairing with the highly designed bud pants, which not only looks eye-catching, but also has a simple and elegant charm, which is very suitable for fairies who are running around. Yuan Shanshan chose a simple printed T-shirt to match a pair of army-green bud pants, while the pants also added chain and metal zipper decoration, which looked more handsome and cool.

For tall fairies, you can also choose a solid white T to match with ultra-loose fit bud pants like supermodel He Sui. This is not only very friendly to fairies with fat lower bodies or ugly legs, but also creates a lazy and casual charm without losing their delicate charm.

Match 2: suspenders + bud pants

The feminine suspenders paired with neutral and neat bud pants are even more modern. Not only does it look very fresh and clean, but it also creates a sexy and offensive feeling. Especially for fairies with slender upper bodies, this matching method is a sharp weapon for showing off your figure and eye-catching, easily making you the most beautiful cub in the entire street.

For fairies with slender waists and abdomen, you can also choose a wrapped suspender belt with floral pants, which can show off the delicate vest line and hot and charming small man’s waist, while also creating a sense of tightening and loose layers. Paired with a pair of pointed heels, it is even more sultry, giving people a sense of maturity and femininity.

Match three: shirt + bud pants

For the fairies who run three and four, compared to the picky and slightly revealing suspenders, you may wish to choose a generous shirt to match the bud pants, which looks very capable and neat. Wang Luodan chose a white shirt to match a pair of denim bud pants, which immediately created an age-reducing and casual feeling.

For fairies with pear-shaped figures, you can also do some articles in color matching to better modify body defects and achieve the purpose of promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses. You can choose a bright shirt to match dark bud pants like Yao Chen, so as to better shift your attention to the upper body, highlighting the slimness of the upper body, thus giving people a tall and slender feeling.

Well, today’s fashion outfit about bud pants is introduced here, I hope that all fairies can gain a lot of fashionable and practical dressing skills and matching ideas. In fact, no matter what kind of fashionable item, we should carefully understand it before we can choose the style that suits us, so as to better show the unique charm!