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As the weather gets hotter and hotter, trousers are no longer the first choice for women.

More and more women will use shorts to match themselves,

On the one hand, it is to make the shape cooler, and on the other hand, it is also to show off your superior legs.

Many people think that shorts are only suitable for women with outstanding leg shape,

In fact, even if your leg shape is not very good-looking, as long as you choose the right shorts, you can still modify your leg shape through shorts.

Especially for women with thicker thighs,

I can even use shorts to retouch

, while women with thicker calves can attract the attention of others through matching shapes.

Borrow from the shorts of female celebrities

Li Qin’s shorts shape

So shorts are not only suitable for women with outstanding leg shapes,

For women whose leg shape is not very good-looking

, shorts can also be chosen, but be sure to pay attention to the technique. So how exactly should you choose shorts?

When you don’t know how to choose the shorts that suit you,

You can properly refer to the shorts styling of female celebrities, and understand the matching of shorts and the relevant knowledge of shorts according to the styling of female celebrities.

In fact, there are still many female stars in the entertainment industry who like to wear shorts,

Because most of the female celebrities are in very good shape,

Their shorts are also able to show their temperament perfectly.

For example, female star Li Qin likes to wear shorts very much,

And many of Li Qin’s shorts are very worthy of reference. Then you can make your shorts image better according to the shape of these Li Qin’s shorts sorted out by the editor.

Li Qin’s beautiful legs are difficult to attract people, wearing denim shorts is cool, but with a jacket is very handsome, so small girls learn Li Qin’s matching, short jacket with shorts, it seems that the legs are straight and slender.

Choice: Black denim shorts

When female friends choose shorts, they can use denim shorts to match themselves,

Denim shorts generally choose blue denim shorts,

Because blue denim shorts are more casual.

But in fact, in order to make your own style more fashionable,

Wear yours with black denim shorts,

Black denim shorts are difficult to say that they will have a stronger sense of fashion than black denim shorts, and will make women look more handsome.

Black denim shorts can be selected with frayed design,

The leg part of the trouser leg uses a frayed design, which also has a certain effect on the leg shape, and will also make the overall shape look more personal.

Pairing: Short black jacket

Black shorts are recommended to choose a high-waisted design,

Such shorts can immediately lengthen the proportion of women’s legs,

Make the figure appear taller, so the clothing matching the upper body also needs to pay attention to.

It is recommended to use a black short jacket to match your own black short jacket to make your temperament more handsome,

At the same time, it does not lose its stylish atmosphere

, and the short jacket also has the effect of lifting the waistline.

The cropped black jacket can be layered over a pink crop top vest,

It also looks sweeter, and with a black baseball cap, the overall shape is full of the vitality of young girls, and the sense of delicate makes the image of women younger.

Other shorts styling options

Black ripped shorts

In order to make your shorts look more fashionable,

You can use black ripped shorts to match yourself,

Black ripped shorts make the overall look look very personal, and this deliberately worn design will make the image more attractive.

The length of black ripped shorts must be selected to the base of the thigh,

Such shorts will look more personal

, for the display of the legs is very prominent, can create a relatively cool and sexy feeling.

Black ripped shorts can be paired with a white shirt,

This look is unremarkable, so you might as well add a black tie, which can also be placed at will, and it will look more casual.

Black wide-leg midpants + white shirt

Black shorts can be selected in the style of wide-leg mid-pants,

Black wide-leg mid-pants are different from regular shorts

, such shorts are very obvious for the leg-shaped rest effect, and the wide-leg mid-pants will also create a more casual feeling.

Black wide-leg mid pants suggest a belt tied around the waist

, this will highlight your waist line, which can make the overall look more high-end.

Black wide-leg mid-pants can also be paired with a white shirt,

Especially for women around 30 years old

, If they want to show the temperament of light mature style, they can try this matching style.

White cycling shorts + white t-shirt

In order to make your image more minimalist,

You can use a white outfit to enhance your temperament,

Then use white shorts with a white T-shirt, the overall look is very casual.

White shorts can choose white cycling shorts,

These shorts are friendly to women with superior leg shapes, and create a very dynamic feeling, and when paired with a white T-shirt, they are casual without losing their refreshing taste.

Li Qin’s shorts shape hopes that everyone will choose carefully, learn Li Qin’s shorts shape, you can make your temperament more prominent, then you may wish to hurry up to learn.

Li Qin’s shorts shape