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Good evening, sisters~

I saw a message that shocked me these days:

Virgil Abloh, founder of the Off-White brand and creative director of LV menswear, passed away today at the age of 41.

This fashion superstar who has created countless explosive styles, because its talent is known to people

“Black and white slash” and iconic “logo belt”

Later, after becoming the creative director of LV menswear in 18 years, he also integrated the concept of trend into LV.

Let the always “old-fashioned” LV become the object of everyone’s popularity

But in the end, he and his fashion style and influence on the fashion industry fell like a shooting star.

Speaking of the LV Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show that ended not long ago,

Dress designed by Gorgeous Heavy Industries

It was overwhelmed to reflect in my mind, and I felt that the upcoming 2022 is the world of all kinds of dresses~

LV 2022 SS

But although summer is the home of all kinds of small skirts, in my opinion

Autumn and winter can bring the charm of the skirt more

Play it well

cr. Miki Miki

If you think about it, you wear pants in winter, but this time you wear one

Gentle and lovely little dress

, Doesn’t it look a lot more exquisite?!

cr. Paint you what to do

So in order for you to have a beautiful and free feeling in your outfit this winter, today I have compiled some casual wear

A brilliant dress

Share with you!

Knitted long


I have to boast

Long knitted skirt


Soft and skin-friendly knitted fabric

It also retains the elegance and decency of the dress

, This beautiful and warm protective shell is not a piece of hand?!

With the long knitted dress as the lining look, I directly locked it at a glance, and the combination it has adjusted always gives people a feeling

Soft and sticky affinity

Sisters with good figures, please be bold to pick

Slim knitted maxi dress

Knitted fabrics do not have a sense of restraint that strangles the body

Whether it’s going to work or traveling, let you be feminine and casual.

Loose H-fit or large skirt knitted skirts are the “home” of the average body

, even if there is meat on the small belly and legs, it can be well covered.

Especially this one

One-piece long dress

, from the neckline to the ankles form a smooth straight line, it is difficult not to look tall and thin!

It’s too late in the morning on your commute day to choose it, so you don’t have to think about it

Lazy outfit

, simply it is brilliant~

Good things recommended:

Copy the Taobao password, and then open Taobao

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Pleated long skirt

Whether you have it in your closet or not, you have to admit it

Pleated skirt

It is a lifesaver for difficult choices!

The long pleated skirt that reaches below the calf belly is enough to accommodate all body types

, whether fat or thin, thick thighs or leg shape is not straight enough~

Use it

Wear it with a soft sweater

It couldn’t be more appropriate, after taking off the thick coat, use this set of CP to contract your winter gentle atmosphere~

Unlike the conventional pleated model, this year is good

Popular irregular stitching


In the past retro literary style, there is a touch of playful girlishness, and

The undulating, irregular skirt design also has a certain effect on the calf belly and ankles

On the material I

Silky pleated dresses are not recommended

The soft fabric really can’t hide the flesh between our waist and abdomen.

(It is also easy to attract static electricity on the legs)

cr. Gold High Silver

Fabric pleated long skirts are more suitable for pear-shaped figures

The fabric is relatively hard and has a certain thin function, and the flesh on the thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen is “sealed” to death!


Don’t choose a style with too dense folds, if the crotch is wide, it will easily explode and appear wider crotch…

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Straight skirt

The shape of the shape is very good to outline the beauty of the female figure,

Switch back and forth between formal and casual

, the whole thing is pinched~

The first choice in winter must be

Tweed material

, comes with a certain thickness, the ability to modify the body shape is also a must, and you can’t see a few pairs of autumn pants inside.

Check elements

Classic enough, with a woolen skirt casually wearing a pair of small leather shoes is super retro British atmosphere, and it is a perfect match with winter~

It is highly recommended that you start first

Check tweed skirt

, This timeless piece is the least dusty, and you can wear it for as long as you want~

Knitted straight-leg skirt

The utilization rate is also extremely high,

Choose a loose top that covers half of your hips

, avoid tucking the top in it will look bloated.

Don’t choose light-colored denim, it will make the figure have a clear sense of division, appear short and rustic!

Left πŸ”—: Taobao, learn well and come from there,

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Floral dress

The degree of skin exposure is 0

Winter floral dress

Really can be a woman, can be intellectual, walk fresh Korean style is not a problem!


Wear a turtleneck underneath a floral dress

Warm and layered, the wind in all directions has nowhere to drill, beautiful and not freezing people~

Coat + floral dress

The collocation is considered a basic operation.

If you feel that the broken flower area is too large, you can

The proportion of crushed flowers pressed with a solid color knitted vest

, thin without being too eye-catching~

Gentle floral skirt with sweater,

A little more languid casualness

, This way of wearing is still very comfortable in Guangdong areas.

Shawl skirt with a coat and short boots, the Korean lady has a sense of sight immediately!

Before Amway’s long-haired coat met the floral skirt inexplicably

Weakens its ladylike feeling

, the big skirt covers the flesh.

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Right πŸ”—: Faith is a year for him! enjoy

Source: Fairy KaKa


All right


Autumn and winter underwear

The recommendation is here!

Love to wear pieces must be

Comfort > beauty

If you choose one of the above underwear skirts

You can have both

Why not!

What other winter dresses do you recommend?

Remember to tell me in the comment area~

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What to wear under the coat? Wear it in a set = good looking + premium!

Why do I advise you not to leave “black long straight”!

Become rich, beautiful and beautiful together

cr. Paint you what to do

Good things recommended:

Good things recommended:

Good things recommended:

Copy the Taobao password, and then open Taobao

Copy the Taobao password, and then open Taobao

Copy the Taobao password, and then open Taobao


Straight skirt

Left πŸ”—: Taobao, learn well and come from there,

Left πŸ”—: Taobao, learn well and come from there,

Right πŸ”—: Hey, hey, hey, he said that he was right when he was small!

Right πŸ”—: Hey, hey, hey, he said that he was right when he was small!