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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

MAMAMOO’s YouTube channel “Solarsido”, which was launched on his birthday in February this year, exceeded 1 million subscribers in just 8 months and also won the “Gold Play Button” presented by YouTube! Even though she is very busy, Songle uploads at least one film a week, and several films have exceeded one million hits, just like the name of the channel, she has the courage to try and challenge all aspects of things, so that the audience is very happy! (51 Korean Group original article)

In order to thank the number of subscribers who exceeded 1 million, Songle prepared a surprise! In the “Golden Button” unboxing video released on the 7th, she mentioned that the gray sweatshirt she was wearing was a gift for subscribers~ This sweatshirt is not something that can be bought on the market, but a sweatshirt designed and made by Songle and his sister Kim Yonghee!

Fans know that Songle’s sister is a costume designer and is currently engaged in design-related work, and Songle’s 1 million subscribers were prepared a month ago, when discussing with her sister, the sister designed it, and the two sisters chose a light gray loose version of the sweatshirt design and made 100 pieces to give to the subscribers! Fans can fill out the form through the link provided in the video, and the selected people can have this super precious “Rong Sister” sweatshirt~

HOWEVER, BECAUSE THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS ALMOST MANAGED BY SONGLE ALONE, ONLY THE VIDEO CLIPS ARE HANDLED BY THE EMPLOYEES, AND THE RETURN DATE OF MAMAMOO IS GETTING CLOSER AND CLOSER, SO IT MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE TO HANDLE THE LOTTERY AND SENDING PACKAGES! Unexpectedly, Songle posted photos through the YouTube channel, saying that it was not easy to select 100 out of 15,000 applicants, but all the packages had been sent one after another, and certified photos were taken!

It was obviously a photo uploaded on the 11th, and fans have already received gifts the next day!

After opening the package, fans saw the legendary “Rong Sisters” sweatshirt, and a small card written by Songle: “Break through 1 million and wear it beautifully Rong Dunni (Songle nickname)” ~ Fans said that how to wear such a precious sweatshirt ~

For those who can’t get a limited edition sweatshirt, Song Le said there will be surprises! Let’s wait and see~