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I don’t know if girls who pay attention to European and American fashion have paid attention to the brand PAPERSELF, it doesn’t matter if they haven’t heard of it, the name may sound a little strange at first, but when it comes to its star product “paper eyelashes”, I believe you definitely have an impression, such as many styles in “The Hunger Games”, Rihanna, Ann Hathaway, London V&A Art Museum, Shu uenura Uemura Show and other star brands have cooperated with it.

Founded in London, England, in 2014, the brand developed a new product line “Tattoo me jewelry stickers”, which uses gold and silver splashes or trim to enhance the texture of the totem. The watercolor flowers of the nature series, with its sexy geometric design, are definitely the best props for many people who want to get tattoos but dare not try them.

The graphics of “Tattoo me Jewelry Stickers” can be described as wide and wide, whether it is a small fresh style or a cool street trend, as long as you want to get, you can find it in the world of “Tattoo me”.

Paper eyelashes can be said to be the hottest product for sale, not to mention the exquisite packaging, it is said that one can be repeated 5-6 times, cut a short piece at the end of the eyes, not too high-profile, but also can have a different sense of styling than usual.

【V&A Series】

In 2015, in cooperation with the V&A Museum in London, England, he launched an exclusive tattoo sticker “Skull” for Alexander McQueen, which is unique and unassuming?

【Black & White Series】

These necklaces, rings, and bracelets are classical and elegant, like incarnating classical beauties walking in English castles, showing their grace and luxury. Its design is inspired by 18th-century jewelry, and The Jewelled fox (below) is featured on the cover of FHM magazine.

【Metal Series】

Colorful petals, birds, animals, splashed ink in gold and silver or trimmed to enhance the texture, exquisite and elegant, simply beautiful! There is also a geometric totem in the style of watercolor painting, continuing the line design of the black and white series, sexy and feminine, swaying and vibrant, and the beautiful eyebrows love it.

Not only that, only you can’t think of it, nothing it can’t do. Tattoo stickers can be applied to any part of the body, it is simply beautiful!

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