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Xiong Dailin is a model, very temperamental, and her appearance is also good-looking. She was in love with Kwok Fucheng for seven years, and although she never got married, now Xiong Dailin is also very happy.

Xiong Dailin and Guo Kesong married and gave birth to twin daughters. But although they are twins, the two of them do not look very similar, they are fraternal twins. Among them, the younger sister looks more like Guo Kesong, inheriting Guo Kesong’s collapsed nose bridge and wide forehead. But in fact, it is also very cute, and my sister’s appearance is more delicate.

Xiong Dailin also often posts photos of her children, and her children’s appearance has also been hotly discussed by netizens, who always feel that her sister is not as good-looking as her sister. In fact, when the child was just born, the medical staff held the child to Xiong Dailin and Guo Kesong, and they did not dare to recognize it, thinking it was too ugly. But children are generally ugly when they are born.

Appearance is a person’s innate, but temperament can be nurtured. Xiong Dailin is very willing to spend money for her two children, and buying a children’s clothing for her children is thousands of Hong Kong dollars, but this is also normal among stars.

Now the two twins have grown up a little, it can be seen that the two children are very cute, after all, the female university 18 changes, the more beautiful they are, I believe they will be very beautiful when they grow up.

Xiong Dailin laughed that one of her daughters was “too ugly” and bought 1,000 yuan of luxury children’s clothing to pull back the score for the child