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Mother and baby industry observation internal sources learned

Cotton era launches a new upgrade of “cotton diapers”

The price is not cheap, it is said to be priced at 3.5 yuan per piece

Will be vigorously exposed on Double 11 this year, and five folds will be opened and grabbed

It is reported

“Cotton diapers” launched this time

There are two main selling points, one is raw materials,

100% full surface with selected quality cotton

The second is the production line, which completely adopts the medical workshop to improve safety standards

It is understood that the vast majority of diapers on the market are chemical fiber surfaces

The raw material is usually made of polypropylene (PP material).

Baby’s skin is exposed to moist and stuffy for a long time, which is easy to produce problems such as red buttocks and eczema

The cotton surface gives play to the comfortable, breathable qualities of cotton itself

At the same time, professional medical production lines are blessed

Security is further improved

as everyone knows

Among the many selling points of diapers

Safety, health and dryness are the most important points for consumers

Cotton Era’s new upgrade “cotton diapers”

Can it trigger a rush of buying on Double 11

And further expand the popularity of the cotton surface

We’ll see