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Despite the success of the previous generation of Lenovo Rescuer e-sports mobile phones, this generation of Rescuer gaming mobile phones has also become more mature, in addition to the usual model of the “Rescuer” family, what remains unchanged is the dedication to e-sports.

On February 28, Lenovo Rescuer Ecological Spring New Product Conference was held, in addition to PC, ecology and other products, Lenovo Rescuer Y90 e-sports mobile phone also arrived as scheduled.

It has to be said that with the experience of making esports notebooks, Lenovo Savior knows the needs of players very well. Of course, these experiences also make it easy to do e-sports mobile phones. Let’s see how the Savior Y90 performs?

The central porthole retains a more refined look

From the outside, the Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming phone tells us that this is not a common smartphone, and this impression is mainly due to the design of its back.

Customizable lighting effects

The design of the center-mounted architecture that has continued for three generations has been retained, and the design of the rear center porthole is more beautiful, with the “Y” shaped rescuer logo breathing light in the middle, and the lens module and cooling fan are also distributed on the porthole.

The power button on the right side of the fuselage is placed in the middle position, and the heat vents are distributed on the left and right, and multiple heat vents on the side and back can be seen, and the air cooling effect of the Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming mobile phone is expected.

From the overall design, hardware configuration and functions, it can be seen that compared with ordinary gaming mobile phones, Lenovo Savior Y90 provides users with excellent experience from the aspects of vision, hearing, touch, humanization and feel for the purpose of e-sports, and it can be said that Lenovo Savior Y90 e-sports mobile phone is a more extreme gaming device.

144Hz refresh rate supports HDR10+

Looking at the screen, the screen quality of the Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming mobile phone can resist and fight, AMOLED Samsung customized gaming non-hole screen, with symmetrical design up and down, E4 light-emitting material, support HDR10+ display, game display enhancement, 111.1% P3 wide color gamut coverage, 1300nit peak brightness, and Delta < 0.6, in addition to supporting global DC dimming and TUV Rheinland anti-blue light eye protection certification.

It can reach a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz and a sampling rate of 720Hz, backward compatibility with 120Hz, 90Hz, and 60Hz, in addition, it also adds a high refresh rate of game intelligence to bring a smooth and smooth operation experience of fingers.

Shoulder button upgrade: 2×2 and eight projection schemes each

Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming mobile phone uses ultrasonic shoulder button design, for the metal frame body, ultrasonic shoulder button is more space-saving than physical shoulder button, but the vibration optimization is excellent, still comparable to the physical button feel.

It is worth mentioning that the Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming mobile phone distributes two large-size X-axis linear motors, with a minimum of 5ms instantaneous start and stop, and the game feel is quite excellent.

In addition, after the phone is set up, the left and right shoulder buttons can be clicked, swiped, pressed and held to slide, and more operation mapping can be carried out through the pressure bar of the screen.

PC Grade Frost Edge M Cooling System Fully exerts the performance of Snapdragon 8

Earlier, we said that Lenovo Rescuer mobile phone will learn from the idea of rescuer computer when developing it, this time, Lenovo Rescuer Y90 gaming mobile phone brings a PC-grade frost blade M heat dissipation system, inheriting the savior family heat dissipation technology. This set of heat dissipation system is divided into active + passive, including passive heat dissipation such as graphene, liquid-cooled VC vapor chamber and third-generation ATA heat source mid-mounted architecture, and also has the active heat dissipation function represented by PC-grade double fin dual fans.

In terms of passive heat dissipation, the liquid-cooled VC vapor chamber area reaches 3520mm², and the passive total equivalent heat dissipation area is as high as 66849mm².

The previous generation of highly acclaimed cooling fans has also been enhanced this time with a dual-fin dual-fan design with a total of 32 PC-grade cooling fins. After the full fire power of the frost blade M heat dissipation system, it can bring 180.65 cubic centimeters of air intake per second, which is 300% higher than the previous generation, and the heat inside the fuselage can be quickly brought out, which has a significant cooling effect.

The two fans can be turned on intelligently according to the usage scenario, and will automatically turn on when the temperature of the phone is detected to be too high, of course, you can also turn it on manually in the game assistant.

In addition, the Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming mobile phone is also equipped with the industry’s largest number of 14 NTC intelligent temperature sensors, which are evenly distributed globally to achieve multi-zone precise control and multi-scene.

For more information about the heat dissipation part, we will show it in detail through the high-load game test later.

Extreme Performance Unleashing The new ROM+RAM architecture has strong performance

With excellent heat dissipation configuration, the performance is more expected, Lenovo Rescuer Y90 gaming mobile phone uses a new generation of Snapdragon 8 processor, from the end of last year to now there are many flagship phones and game mobile phones used, the specific parameters will not be repeated, memory, Lenovo Rescuer Y90 gaming mobile phone also adopts a similar approach to the rescuer PC idea – new ROM + RAM new architecture.

The RAM architecture of Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming mobile phone is LPDDR5+ virtual memory, virtual memory is a part of ROM conversion, the maximum support 4GB fusion, ROM architecture is UFS3.1 + SSD RAID 0 disk array, the maximum capacity is 640GB, which we verify through AndroBench.

Random read and write can reach a terrifying 2646MB/s and 1671MB/s, which shows that the new ROM+RAM architecture improvement is quite obvious.

AnTuTu’s comprehensive evaluation easily ran to 105W, and when running scores, the cooling fan can work directly, and there is no need to worry about the problem of overheating of the hand.

GeekBench 5 running score up to 1233 single-core, multi-core up to 3723, 3DMark-Wild Life test total score of more than 10,000 points, the average frame rate is as stable as an old dog – 60.5FPS, with these running scores, we still need to use the game for actual measurement.

First of all, “Honor of Kings”, after most mid-to-high-end machines can have a good smooth experience, this national-level mobile game has previously opened a higher load 120 frame mode, this time we choose “extremely high frame rate (120 frames) + ultra-high-definition resolution + HD total picture quality + anti-aliasing/water reflection” setting to experience the best picture quality of the current “Honor of Kings”.

The frame rate of the whole game is unsurprisingly stable at 120FPS, the frame rate curve is straightened, and the average frame rate is 119.9FPS, the whole picture is smooth and the control response is sensitive.

Then there is the “Chicken Eating” mobile game “Peace Elite”, FPS games give priority to the frame rate, and choose the “smooth picture quality + 90 frames + anti-aliasing” setting.

From entering the lobby, record the single-game island single-row frame rate as above, except for the small fluctuations of the loading part of the plane, the frame rate curve almost pulls out a pure straight line, the frame rate is stable at 90FPS, and the global average frame rate reaches 90.3FPS. Whether it is a fast running poison or an extreme gun, high fluency can bring a better gaming experience, with 2×2 shoulder button + dual control pressure control, Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming mobile phone is your “chicken eating” artifact.

Genshin also chose the highest extremely high preset +60 frame mode, which brought a high load to a large number of modeling and lighting changes in the moon port, but the frame rate of the Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming mobile still maintained a stable basic disk with an average frame rate of 58FPS.

Gaming experience: Gameplay optimization armed to the teeth

This time, the game assistant is richer than the previous generation, and the overall design is also better-looking, using the left and right side distribution display, a bit like the dashboard of today’s sports sports cars.

Through the rescuer assistant pulled down at the top, you can grasp the device information in real time, quickly open various convenient functions, further customize the settings for the super god shoulder button and screen pressure, and adjust the device performance preset mode and GPU settings in real time for the use scenario, etc., through the rescuer field + rescuer assistant set of combination punches to achieve the goal of “have fun and play well”. At the bottom, we can see the brightness adjustment button, the performance mode switch button, the volume adjustment button.

Once we enter the realm of the rescuer, we can see a horizontal interface that is completely different from the regular desktop and is completely built for gaming. The home page is the exclusive game entrance, and the games you play will be displayed in the form of shortcut cards, providing us with a convenient entrance.

If you want to customize your own domain or game experience, you can click the settings button below to personalize the Rescuer field.

At the top of the rescuer assistant, we can see real-time game frame rate information, temperature information, device battery information, and time.

At the bottom of the rescuer assistant, we can see the performance mode switch button, which allows us to quickly adjust the performance status of the device in different game scenarios, and currently provides three performance modes to choose from, namely: energy saving mode, balanced mode, and beast mode.

If we still want to make further adjustments to the performance status of the device after quickly switching performance modes, then we can click on the GPU settings located in the rescuer assistant to further set it in detail to meet our different requirements for picture quality, battery life and maximum frame rate.

In the Rescuer Assistant, after turning on “Presence Vibration”, playing scenes such as killing, driving, collision, and grenade explosion in “Peace Elite” is more immersive; At the same time, “QQ Speed” and “Honor of Kings” have also adapted to this function.

In addition, this new bypass charging is also very friendly for friends who play for a long time, after turning on, we can play while charging, which is not only more friendly to battery health, but also can control the heating and charging of the mobile phone.

Game mobile phone photography only with scanning code? Savior Y90 said no

Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming mobile phone rear 64 million pixels main camera + 13 million pixels 120° ultra-wide angle lens, front 16 million pixels front lens. Although the rescuer Y90 locates the gaming mobile phone, the gameplay of mobile phone shooting is really not shabby at all, such as AI photography, HDR, HDR10+ video recording, ultra-clear mode, portrait photography.

Among them, HDR 10+ video recording is still quite luxurious on this mobile phone, and many flagship phones currently do not have HDR10+ video recording, so simply look at the photo performance.

Performance after 4 in 1 in the day sample remains fine, with fast focus and imaging speeds, almost in one go.

Day Sample:

Night Sample:

It can be seen from the sample that the overall exposure and clarity of the Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming mobile phone in the low-light scene are just right, while retaining the details of each part, and at the same time not reducing the quality level due to noise, the pure effect of the picture is still very pleasantly surprising.

Battery life & fast charging

Battery life test We choose [Battery Dog APP], which is a software for mobile phone battery life test, and the test items include continuous web browsing, video playback, processor running at full load and so on. Before testing, we charged the phone to 100%.

Through the battery dog APP test results, 6 hours and 33 minutes of total power consumption 80%, such results for the processor performance to the extreme gaming mobile phone is okay, after all, in addition to the screen, processor and other consumption, when running high-load programs, the power consumption of the active cooling fan is also very considerable, the author believes that Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming mobile phone still has room for optimization, so that the battery life can be improved in the later OTA.

In terms of fast charging, the rescuer Y90 is randomly equipped with 68W GaN gallium nitride fast charging, it takes only 35 minutes to fill the 5600mAh battery, and the strategy of basically running 68W in the first 20 minutes, and it can be fully charged 50% in 13 minutes, which is very fast. In addition, GaN power supply can also charge the tablet and PC around you, which is very convenient.

Brief summary:

The first element of Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming mobile phone is to bring users a better gaming experience, other configurations are for this goal, and even hesitate to change the layout and structural design of traditional mobile phones, so it looks like a mobile phone, more like your palm handle. From this point of view, the Savior Y90 brings an extremely powerful performance release while retaining the product form. Your next handheld, the Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming phone is up to the task.

From the outside, the Lenovo Savior Y90 gaming phone tells us that this is not a common smartphone, and this impression is mainly due to the design of its back.