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On September 10, local time, 18-year-old pop singer Billie Eilish shared a set of her fashion photos on social media and told her 66.4 million fans, “Relax.” This time, “Bi Li” really subverted the previous image, she wrapped her chic green hair in a scarf, and also wore a red mask with beaded tassels, which is very exotic, and at first glance looks like she is in the desert.

Wearing masks has become the basic common sense of extraordinary times, and actresses with full personalities are not willing to wear a medical mask like ordinary people, and many people have made articles on masks, “be yourself, but wear a mask”. Lady Gaga wore a mask inlaid with metal rivets, which was very cool and half-masked and a little more mysterious.

The tassel mask is not the only highlight, and the two Gucci scarves with different fabrics are even more eye-catching, giving the 18-year-old personality girl an instant feeling of a classical beauty.

Wrapping her hair in a silk scarf is one of Audrey Hepburn’s most memorable of her classic looks, highlighting her big deer-like eyes. Although many people have tried this look, there are not many that can be excellent, and the slap face is more beautiful. However, Bi Li is also clever, hanging down the gradient hair, modifying the face shape, the overall effect is still very good, and it also gives fans a refreshing feeling, and soon received more than 7 million praises.

Although Bi Li often has big names, she seems to be very obsessed with Gucci, and has appeared on the red carpet many times in a full Gucci, but she wears too neutral, oversized clothes to cover her good figure tightly, and she is somewhat short, but she really enjoys it, and repeatedly adopting this style has become her trademark.

Bi Li has also shown her outstanding figure on social media, although she is still a girl, but for the show of figure, she is very unimpressed, in addition to hoping that fans pay more attention to her music, she has also admitted that she is somewhat unconfident in her appearance, but in fact, it is not necessary, because in the eyes of many people, Bi Li is really very capital, maybe as she grows older, she will change.