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#Ideal Spring Outfit#

#Spring in My Eyes#

Zhang Liangying is full of personality, whether it is singing or dressing, she is very attractive. Sweatshirts are a very common item, but they are items that can show their personality; Gauze skirt is also a very popular item for women, gauze skirt is gentle and atmospheric, but also very versatile, the sweatshirt and gauze skirt together is very temperamental, many people do not know what is the charm of the gauze skirt and sweatshirt together, see how Zhang Liangying wears personality. Zhang Liangying has meat but will wear it, fake two sweatshirts hip-hop trendy, sheer skirt with lace pants sexy atmosphere

Zhang Liangying does not belong to a lean body, the body is “meat” sense, and such a girl if she masters the dressing skills will be very temperamental, become very fashionable, very delicate, Zhang Liangying’s outfit to the slightly fat girl made a good demonstration, her body shows personality, trend charm, but also a good cover up the defects in the figure, so that the temperament is greatly improved

Zhang Liangying wears a fake two sweatshirt, the color matching and style of this sweatshirt show a strong trend atmosphere, the inside of this sweatshirt is fluorescent, fluorescent sleeves and neckline show a personality atmosphere, fluorescent brightness is relatively high, the attraction is very strong, this color is more dazzling, if you wear a fluorescent sweatshirt alone, the visual impact will be particularly strong, although fashionable but easy to look tacky, so fluorescent color is often used as a decorative element, so that it shows a trendy atmosphere, and it does not look very exaggerated

The outside of the sweatshirt is black, the black sweatshirt has a silver print, black is deep and low-key, with versatile characteristics, and fluorescent and silver are comfortable together, and silver is also a brighter color, silver and silver light style is similar, but also has the effect of promotion, enhance the attractiveness. The fake two sweatshirts show the characteristics of hip-hop style, and the loose style can hide the flesh on the body well, and the wearing is not fat, not to mention, but also can improve the temperament a lot

Zhang Liangying matched the sheer tulle under the sweatshirt, and the black sheer tulle also enhanced the personality and greatly enhanced the sense of trend. Tulle is still a relatively light fabric, single-layer tulle appears gentle and delicate, but also can increase the sexy atmosphere, so that the skirt shows a hazy beauty, although it is worn with bare legs, but it will not be too direct, it looks tactful and obscure, sexy and dignified

Zhang Liangying mixed and matched fashion, sweatshirt with sheer skirt, lace leggings exposed but more feminine, Zhang Liangying’s outfit mixed and matched fashion, but also looks very bold, Zhang Liangying also wears a pair of similar leggings, when Zhang Liangying leans over, the edge of lace leggings is revealed, not only does not feel inappropriate, but increases the femininity on Zhang Liangying’s body, so that the charm of the tulle skirt is amplified, and the dress is fashionable and stylish

Zhang Liangying’s fashion wear a lot, she also wears a sheer print skirt, the printed skirt shows a gentle femininity, the print pattern is elegant and atmospheric, increasing the sense of fashion of wearing, this skirt is not only a sheer style, the lower body split can also show the legs, the personality of the dress is more prominent, the way is more diverse

Zhang Liangying also wore a deep V sequin dress, this sequin dress shows a delicate and elegant atmosphere, the sequin dress looks atmospheric and stylish, and the sense of maturity and intellectual charm are all displayed. This dress style is relatively short, so Zhang Liangying’s legs are exposed, which looks a little flesh, and fortunately there is a belt to match, which makes the outfit more temperamental and improves the leg length

Zhang Liangying also used a suit with a mini skirt, this outfit formed the style of missing underwear, Zhang Liangying with silver boots, full of tide, eye-catching, but Zhang Liangying’s legs are thicker, look temperamental, not as good looking as gauze skirts

The combination of gauze skirt and sweatshirt is full of personality, and the gauze skirt can increase the haze and make the look more attractive, everyone can wear it in spring, and the new trend of styling will not pick people.