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Editor’s note: two decades of time, whether it is a person’s life or the history of the industry, are heavy and can not be fragmented.

葛一暘与观点面对面:大发地产的夏天 | 博鳌20年

For the Chinese real estate is concerned, the past two decades is the golden age of rapid development; for the Boao Real Estate Forum, over the past two decades is all – since she founded it along with real estate all the way forward, a record of twenty in the grand history.

History has given us the best thing is that it has aroused enthusiasm. On the occasion of the “Boao 20 years,” the occasion, searching out new media point of view of real estate the past two decades China’s real estate business leaders legend and unique vision, and launched the “Boao 20 years” series of interviews with feature articles.

The future, we will continue to witness.

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The first day of the second half of 2020, clear.

One year later, we once again came to the headquarters building Daihatsu estate.

And a Ge Yang are old friends, unlike his ordinary day of business meetings, meet its own set of unique “etiquette” between old friends – I saw a Ge Yang Slim wearing a gray T-shirt with a loose dark pants, casual and natural.

After a simple greeting, a crowd gathers to the tea-table. Topics range from “epidemic” began, and most entrepreneurs, a Ge Yang said he deeply felt the market outlook below the epidemic uncertain.

“We have two weeks in February are online every day meeting is to discuss how to live, to consider the worst-case scenario out, prepare for the worst.”

Are able to “survive”, he became the first reaction of a Ge Yang’s peers and in the face of the epidemic.

葛一暘与观点面对面:大发地产的夏天 | 博鳌20年

Boiling water into the teapot, a surge of green tea fragrance along with dense steam out. Tim tea after all, a Ge Yang recalled that when the beginning of their own can not now so “leisurely.” Sudden epidemic, he made various ideas, think different results.

“We made a $ 200 million debt early, we have been actively developing a wide range of domestic and overseas financing channels, continuously optimize the financial structure, financing rates also have been reduced, and control financial risks, safeguard the Group’s healthy and stable development.” Ge Yang introduced a Say.

Not only that, the area adjustment is completed, the product system upgrades …… when others while also struggling to cope with the epidemic and restore vitality, Daihatsu estate has completed a series of strategic adjustments in the first half.

Data show that as of June 30th 2020, Daihatsu estate sales of approximately 11.208 billion yuan, representing an increase of 57.61 percent over the same period last year, 24 billion annual sales target to complete nearly half.

From the expression of view, Ge Yang for the performance of a large real estate development in the first half was quite satisfactory. Addition to these substantive gains is removed, in this epidemic was shrouded summer, frequent moves Daihatsu estate also has some new thinking.

Epidemic: Innovative Marketing to maintain business growth

And a year ago, a love of outdoor sports Ge Yang more of a dark skin, also appear to be more spiritual head enough, the same is calm and experienced time share deal.

“We do a variety of plans for the whole year sales target to do a different deployment of different options.” For their own care, a Ge Yang is not too much to hide. After confirming the company’s cash flow is sufficient to cope with the worst case, a Ge Yang quickly adjust the focus, the attention on how to sell the house more than up.

When a person has already done to prepare the face of the lowest valley, every good thing to change will bring confidence and a surprise.

With the gradual epidemic has been effectively controlled, some cities began re-opened, Daihatsu estate sales also will show significant improvement.

From the data, Daihatsu estate 1– June total contracted sales achieved 11.208 billion yuan, an increase of 58% compared with the first half of 2019 year on year.

“We had a meeting inside, the first task is to establish confidence that the epidemic will last; followed by that good anticipation arrangement, ready to restart sales.”

In a Ge Yang seems, Daihatsu was able to resume sales of real estate as quickly as possible, in addition to the reasons for the market rebound, a combination of online and offline marketing model with no small credit.

“Big Hair do online real estate marketing done earlier, started a few years ago. So this epidemic where we have long carried out online sales, including arrangements online live like.”

According to him, big time real estate with innovative marketing, through the application of “big hair on” “YUE +” “Money Tree”, “electronic opening” and other online marketing tools, the case of field intelligence systems and electronic opening system, innovative self-canal construction to strengthen the pre-marketing action, to achieve a breakthrough in the first half sales performance.

“Our customers capture terminal, has been largely concentrated to the line. Online channels cover most of the customer visits, including visits naturally, our own channels as well as external intermediary channels.”

If just two years ago, the layout of the line followed by one case among Internet trends “rainy day”, then this sudden outbreak also let Yang Ge a necessity for online marketers have a more profound understanding.

“We believe in the future of sales channels inside, online marketing will be one of the main force.” Ge Yang a clear realize that online marketing does not have to complete the transaction online, some of the time, more online as a ” the role of customer perception channel “.

In April this year, Daihatsu estate With online platform hosted a global brand conference to announce the “8 big Yue scenario system” upgrade to “four major Liberte system.” The first attempt of this model, but also to a Ge Yang saw more possibilities online marketing.

He pointed out that with a positive tone, Daihatsu real estate this year will make an effort in this regard, in order to supplement traditional offline marketing extension off through the online channel to drive through the wisdom of marketing, marketing innovation performance growth.

Proof of the pudding, in the epidemic period, Daihatsu estate celebrates its “Accumulate.” In excitedly, Ge Yang seems to have seen a new hope.

“May sales reached a new high in June performance also maintained the growth momentum. In this case, we think the industry could come to a new point, in fact, let’s see next year Daihatsu estate may stand to what kind of Location.”

A Ge Yang believes that this performance is a manifestation of the real estate Daihatsu overall operational capacity, as reflected in the case of the market permitted, whether the company has a monthly 40-5000000000 team marketing capabilities.

Speaking here, his tone a hint of excitement: “This fact, this is verifying whether Daihatsu estate has tens of billions a year to do fifty-six operational capability if every month break 4 billion, it is quite. to stand on the platform 50 billion. “

“This year could be a benchmark, if we compound growth rate of 30%, it may be the next two to three years will be to maintain this level, if the year is 50%, will have an incentive to keep on this growth.”

Epidemic pot of cold water poured down to the industry, and Ge Yang has seen a greater possibility in this cooling down.

Harvest: get dislocation profit considerations underground

Whenever we talk about the market and industry topics, Ge Yang a good short-term problem into a long historical period going to think that rational rather impatient attitude always easy to forget that he actually was a “80 after.”

“The current economic downturn is certainly there will be smooth, but look at the whole economic cycle is normal, it is not always going up. We look back ten years, you will find that the trend was upward curve.” Ge Yang bluntly a for real estate this year, the situation remains optimistic.

However, a Ge Yang added that, as developers, of course, want to own market is very good, but when the market changes, still need to be careful.

Have to say, big fat reason why real estate has maintained a steady growth rhythm, must be affected by a Ge Yang cautious style.

“The market is a bad time to have a relatively optimistic attitude, when the market was overheated it’s important to remain vigilant, when the rich should pay special attention to the mentality, to hold live, you can not mess around a money to buy land, in when will take, in fact, still have to pay attention to bands investment. “

Ge Yang represent a big fat profit margins estate will be controlled at the time to get to.

According to the characteristics Daihatsu real estate, Ge Yang a company set up to play “misplaced take land”. Specifically, the first is to control under the premise of profit margins, can pick up this year to ensure delivery of the project; secondly, deep plowing in certain areas, Daihatsu estate can take a number of other developers have found it difficult to supply this year project.

A Ge Yang explained that, after some regions so thoroughly, and operating speed of the project will improve a lot, which is the big time real estate “dislocation get to the” opportunity lies.

The big operating system is the key to big time real estate high-quality balanced development behind: “We are through 6611 projects operational management and control system to the project as the core, runs through the whole life cycle, focused business objectives and ensure process management, enterprise fast and efficient operation . “

“Some people can not project for the end of the goods, but we do through the (area) can, which is to rely on operators.”

And housing prices compared to other large real estate development such as “dislocation” strategy undoubtedly give themselves more opportunities to get to.

It can be seen, Daihatsu estate roots far more than the city of Wenzhou. Deep plowing the Yangtze River Delta, the layout of the national urban agglomeration of gold, strategic layout Daihatsu real estate. 2020 January to June, Daihatsu new property value over 26 billion yuan, six regions has over 80 projects.

During the talk, “profit” is a Ge Yang mouth high frequency of occurrence of a word. However, as more and more exchanges, we found a Ge Yang of the focus index far more than “profit.”

Daihatsu estate prudent financial policies, a Ge Yang believes that the long-term development, the need to focus on the ability to repay short-term debt issues and cash flow.

“Must have adequate coverage multiples. In a bad economy, when you want to consider is about 1.5 times, we basically maintained at about 1.4 to 1.5 times the net asset-liability ratio control between 70% -80%.” .

For a business manager, in the development of a clear understanding of what he wants it is quite important, and a Ge Yang has apparently figured out the problem.

A Ge Yang said: “You do want to tell you a match, we committed 16 billion sales last year, so 21 billion; 24 billion this year, do not know how much can be completed by the end, it may be much higher, it may only be a little higher but the task will be completed. “

Adjustment: Let the region have more decision-making power

“Enterprise development can not rely on one person to push, it must be common knowledge throughout the organization.”

In fact, although Ge is the founder of Daihatsu estate, but in the company’s development process, Ge Yang has rarely aired a personal will. Instead, he prefers to emphasize the power of “team”.

In this regard, he explained that: “A person just point-like breakthrough, the whole organization is to promote a comprehensive breakthrough.”

And he’s such a “decentralization” concept, is reflected most vividly in the real estate Daihatsu regional adjustment.

In June, Daihatsu estate began the reform of regional structure and original Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other eight regional companies, merged into Central Shanghai, central China, south of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and six regional companies.

“Our aim is to further strengthen the region, authorized area, increase the flexibility of the region, to improve the combat capability of the region, enhance regional Corps combat capability.”

A Ge Yang said, in fact Daihatsu estate early as six months began to plan matters related to the adjustment of the region. He said that the principle is fine regional headquarters, strong area.

With Daihatsu estate management team completed structures themselves are constantly empower people. Today, a Ge Yang is responsible for the content of the work is mainly investment, capital management, strategy development, team management and other core items, all by the rest of the team to be responsible.

Professional people to do is to professional, a Ge Yang apparently understand this.

After completion of the adjustment area, a large real estate development in central region to cover the Zhengzhou, Hefei as the center. According to the strategic layout of the Yangtze River Delta is still the headquarters of a large real estate development, covering Jiangsu, Central Shanghai, north of Zhejiang, southern Zhejiang and other regional companies, and these places, it is also made big real estate “elite troops will be” the most concentrated area.

In the past year, Daihatsu New real estate Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Nanchang, Taicang, Tai’an, Jiangmen, Tongxiang, Xining and other cities. In the first half of this year, Daihatsu has Lazi estate in Wenzhou, Suzhou, Changzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi and other Yangtze River Delta core cities.

“Area of ​​the company’s most important is to be able to win the war, under the Group’s strategy for the region to have its own little strategy, so we need to give it energized and authorization.”

In his words, the business is like mountain climbing, they should stand behind the team, doing supply work; at the same time, look at the way forward is not it, to see if anyone is left behind, but also look at the back of need something.

“After the adjustment, the regions are motivated enough.”

A Ge Yang said Daihatsu estate began to pay more calmly went to meet the requirements of the second half, he began to lay the foundation for next year. In addition, including reserve funds, bonds and other overseas territory, it has also started preparing for next year.

“From the trend of the financing point of view I was quite satisfied, the interest rate has been declining, the following may also go down. In two or three years time, when another company to scale, our rates have to go down laid down. “Daihatsu estate continue to optimize the financing structure, and explore diversified financing channels, the debt structure is more reasonable.

From the take, and then to adjust the organizational structure and financing, real estate Daihatsu current development momentum is continued to improve.

If living in the summer in full swing, big hair for real estate, the most critical stage it is leading to a growing before the fall harvest.

A Ge Yang, said he had gone in to how large real estate development after 15 years of watching the road.

. “Big hair every three years as a stage property, in fact, all adjustments are now at 10 years, 20 years of development in preparation for” a Ge Yang smiled and said: “By that time, there may be a more powerful the team appeared, pushing the company’s vision and dream to move forward, just like the previous wave after wave, it is a tradition. “

The following is an interview with Record new media point of view of real estate on a Ge Yang, Chairman Mr. Daihatsu Real Estate Group:

New media point of view of real estate: In order to meet the challenges of 2020, Daihatsu estate’ve made?

A Ge Yang:

In fact, not only is the real estate industry, it should be said that the whole environment, we still mild panic, because this sudden epidemic hit, the prospects are not clear, I do not know what the future is, I feel darkness.

We have two weeks in February, which is a online meeting. It is how to live, considering the worst case, and do the worst plan.

The whole of February is busy, one is the immunity, and the other is busy company to operate, we have rushed different cash flow programs, and row in different sales targets throughout the year.

葛一暘与观点面对面:大发地产的夏天 | 博鳌20年

On the eve of the Spring Festival, $ 200 million in debt, we have been actively expanding diversified domestic and foreign financing channels, implementing robust financial policies, continuously optimizing financing structure, financing interest rates have also decreased.

During the epidemic, we did repeated sales forecast, encourage everyone to have more contacts to find a way to sell the house, we also have to carry out online sales, including some online broadcast.

It is also made up of big-fashioned real estate to do linear, and it starts a few years ago.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: How is the effect?

Ge Yizhen:

We have our own “big bus” “Yue +” “Fortune Tree” “Electronic Opening” equipping marketing tool, smart case system and electronic opening system, innovating self-organized construction, strengthening marketing actions, achieving the first half of the year Breakthrough in sales performance.

Our customer acquisition end has basically concentrated on the line. Online channels covers most of the customer visits, including natural visits, our own channels, and external intermediary channels.

This is already a very good closed loop. In the past two years, it is actually played after the epidemic.

After the epidemic, for so-called online marketing, we believe that in the future sales channel, it will be one of the main force. It is not to be able to pay online, but can be used as an important customer cognitive channel.

This is also what we can get from the channel this year, as a more important channel power, to supplement the traditional online marketing Trew.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, the government’s emergency measures should be the best in the world, which makes our business confidence come out again.

Therefore, we have opened a meeting within, the first is to build confidence, the epidemic will definitely control, and we look at the band of the chart, when it is increasingly, it must be restarted sales.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: Do a good judgment.

Yes, at that time, we pretended to prepare early, as some cities slowly solved, sales in March began to improve significantly.

It should be achieved in late March, and April is a small climax. May is a new high in May, and in May, we also broke our single month sales record.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: That is very good.

We have confidence in this quote because of the new high month, this means that it has already been.

Second, after the epidemic, the economy may get a new round of stimulation in the future.

Third, we can see what kind of location may we stand next year, if you can break 4 billion every month, you will stand up to 50 billion platforms.

If a single moon is dried to 4 billion, when the organization is organized at a certain time, the ability to organize the organization, so that the big hair is also tested in May. With a team of 40 to 5 billion months.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: It is said that the current economy will decline.

This is normal in the entire economic cycle, and it is impossible to go up. We look for ten years later, in fact, curve or will go up. Just like someone, run too fast, always tired.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: So you still be more optimistic?

I think this is normal, the same as the company, the land, the development is too much, it takes a period of time to digest.

This year, the land market is still hot in the same period last year. I think it is two reasons. The first point is that the sales of real estate companies in 2019 can be, so that the cash flow is still good. The second is that the national regulation of the entire property is relatively mild, because of the city, there is no knife.

When the market is overheat, we must have a sword to happen, and you must be cautious. When the market is not good, there must be relatively optimistic mentality. When the market is good, it must be highly alert. When you have money, the mentality must pay special attention to it. If you want HOLD, you can’t live a lot of money. When is it, it is actually a wave of investment.

We have also taken a lot of places a few days ago, but it must be the range of controlling profit margins, and we laid a better annual development basis for us in 3-5 months.

The big operating system is the key behind the high quality and balanced development of Dafa. We pass the 6611 project operation control system, with project as the core, run through the full life cycle, focus on business objectives, to ensure process management to achieve fast and efficient operation of enterprises.

We have to fight, how is it wrong? The first one is to be able to supply the project to do, but to control a good profit, the second is that many companies are not fully smashed in the area, and we think that the year can be supplied.

Many companies can’t supply goods at the end of the year, we can supply, because the operation speed follows foreign companies, may increase one to two months, two to three months, this is operated.

So in June, our harvest is still relatively high, and the profit margin of the land should be high, which is also available to make money, so it is very confident about this year’s sales task.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: Is it a task in the whole year?

It should be no problem. We have completed half a year.

Last year was 21 billion, raising 15% on the basis of last year, almost 24 billion, as of 630, should be completed almost half. In the second half of the year, the sales of 13 billion will be completed.

Our supply is very sufficient in the second half of the year, and now the value of the hand is 5-6 times, of course, some have not yet been brought, there is nearly 2 times, so it will definitely be completed.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: How is the profit of Dafa Real Estate this year?

OK this year, the profit of real estate is very important, but from the long line, as long as you walk in this industry, the profit is definitely, it is more important to see this.

I think our current finance is robust. In the long run, you need to pay attention to short debts and cash flows.

When the economic environment is not good, we must consider it around 1.5 times, we are basically around 1.4 to 1.5 times. The net asset liability rate is controlled between 70% and 80%.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: You don’t worry that the capital market feels too cautious, will this be very slow?

No, our speed is actually not slow, the annual compound growth rate is about 100%.

Of course, the previous scale is high, the composite growth rate can be high, so the challenge for us is this year, next year, after year, it will maintain a composite growth rate.

This year is a wind direction. If the composite growth rate is 30% this year, we will maintain this level in the next two or three years, and if it is 50% this year, there will be power to keep it on this growth.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: Area Adjustment does not encounter a big obstacle?

no. It is necessary to fully communicate, strategic goals should be fully reached, and everyone’s values ​​are unified, and there is no personal interest.

Our regional adjustment, seems to be recent, in fact, it has been started, and it is planning early in half an hour.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: This part you personally grab?

Our team. I think that the development of enterprises can not be pushed by one person. It must be a joint understanding of an organization. This is especially important. This cognitive efficiency is much higher than yours. A person is just a bit of breakthrough, the whole Organization is a comprehensive breakthrough.

We have pushed quickly, organized integration, and organizational mergers. This year, the headquarters, strong area, and the purpose must also make excellent operation and efficient operation to a higher step. In such a macro environment, we can make our anti-risk ability and always emphasize risk awareness.

After adjusting, the western region has 6 projects in Chengdu, and the long triangle is a big camp, including the Jiangsu region, the ring from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Zizhen, East China and other large regions; Huazhong covered into Zhengzhou, with Hefei.

葛一暘与观点面对面:大发地产的夏天 | 博鳌20年

Doing companies is not just profits, like a five-cooked, to make a lot of things well, once this thing is open, the tension will be a particularly elastic enterprise.

Profit is an indicator, the debt rate is an indicator, the operational efficiency is also an indicator, organizational development ability, elastic is an indicator, several indicators make up your business can go far, single relying on profits, a project sell 3 years 5 years, The absolute profit of the project is high, but it is not enough from the company’s development.

Because this company’s strategy can’t be changed, everything surrounded by the company’s strategy, there are tactics, battles, in the group’s big strategy, regional small strategy, have their own tactics, the most important thing is to win The battle, so you give it an en functioning, authorize, first of all, to help it, it is a front charge trap.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: Be fully authorized.

Yes, our regional reform purposes are to further strengthen regional, authorized areas, improve regional flexibility, improve regional combat capabilities, and improve the combat capacity of regional arms, rather than single combat capabilities.

The current region has begun to pay attention to the combat capacity of the group, from the previous several set up groups, and make up the teacher.

Now become six major regions, the six major arms, these six major arms to implement the different strategies and deployments of the Group headquarters. If each of the corps can do 15 billion, 20 billion …

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: Easy to achieve three-year goals?

In fact, we are now in these goals, three years of planning, just doing very fine, just don’t talk about, how to do, what resources need, from capital perspectives, resource perspections, organizational development angles, operation speed, how to invest, How to reserve the value, these three years of strategic planning is very fine.

Including the plan, the newly added value, this year’s conservative task has been completed 70%, there is still 6 months, give us a very abundant, which has laid a good foundation for the development of next year.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: Do you want to do more solid?

Yes, I don’t worry for two years, because I have seen the next 10 years, how to go 20 years. This two years is actually not important, just a process, I can see this company for 10 years and 20 years later.

At that time, there would be a stronger team, pushing the vision and dream of this company, so the waves before the waves are the truth, this is the inheritance.

When a company is a height, when you have a certain platform, you will consider how to go up.

Therefore, after the two years of the team build, I will continue to authorize.

In the present, I am basically the management of management, capital, strategy, core team management, core business monitoring, thinking, and other all teams are doing. We have designed a precision mechanism, how to control risks, which is also the most important, others left to people in a certain field, let them do.

So my philosophy is very simple, you need everyone around you in this point, in this function, in this professional, he is stronger than me, he is walking with us, this organization can be strong.

When these teams climbed, they had to take them, and they went up with the team. As my duty, I should be in the back, I have to look at them right, no one is falling, the state is good, what is missing, what we do is replenishment. If I have been run in front, I can’t see it, I don’t know if I fall.

Food must have enough bullets. Now we have a lot of goods in all regional hands, often in the land, every area is very powerful.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: Is it satisfied with the interest rate of the debt?

Satisfying from trends, it has been declining.

From the first debt to the present, the financing interest rate has been declining, and it is a year and a half.

Weighted costs, after two or three years, when the company is another scale platform, our financing interest rate will go down. We continue to optimize financing structures, explore diversified financing channels, making debt structures more reasonable.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: What will the development of Dafa Real Estate in the next 15 years?

I think the company has to develop long-term, first of all, it is still necessary to make the company structure. First, the structure of organizing development, the second is the structure of the business, and one is the profit structure caused by the business structure.

If it is a pure product company, from financial indicators, there must be a net profit rate in the project level, the return rate, and ultimately the income of the shareholders, this is a stage.

After the future industry is diversified, it may be surrounded by real estate, in addition to watching shareholders, it is important to see NPV. The core indicators of these finances are very important.

The second is the structure of the organization, the third is the debt structure, it is very important.

Viewpoint Real Estate New Media: What do you think of working on financial work for real estate?

In fact, it is complementary, doing business, everyone is profitable, is a pot of porridge, who is to see who is the reason.

Therefore, in the future, our corporate platform must have financial platforms, industrial platforms, and there will be a service platform. These three platforms are integrated, and this company will not fall.

I think it is still this sentence, and I have to match it. We have been listed in this year, and what is the same, what is the same, the return, the return, is more higher than the promise.

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