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I started tidying up the bedding after 3 years because these bedding carried the memories of my youth! Many of them are wedding quilts and dowries at the time of marriage, and they are really reluctant to throw them away like this.

As usual, I took all the quilts, sheets, and mattresses out of the closet and sorted them into categories. Countless quilts, sheets, quilt covers, and unopened four-piece sets, three-piece sets, summer cool quilts, summer thin sheets, small mattresses, small quilts and so on.

First take out the ones that you are sure you will never need again to find them a place to go.

2 broken quilts, 1 very old sheet, 2 dirty and unclean quilts – directly put in the old clothes recycling bin and give to those in need;

2 sets of older quilt covers + quilts + sheets – my husband and I both need the unit to work the night shift, each duty is to make do with clothes and sleep, make the already hard work more uncomfortable, I clean them into a large plastic bag and put them in the unit, spread them on duty, and instantly feel that the sense of happiness increases.

2 unopened four-piece sets that I don’t like and can’t use + 2 new summer quilts – I hung them on the idle fish and waited for someone to be destined for, and one of the good quality summer cools was given by me to a friend who helped me a lot.

2 big red quilts that were big and thick when I got married – I renovated them and processed them to the size of a bed, which we call the kang quilt here, which is a large mattress spread on the mattress, covered with sheets, the original mattress was used for too long and sent directly to the recycling station for donation.

One son used an old mattress – I also sent it to the recycling station, changed the relatively new quilt that I didn’t like a few times into two small mattresses, and rotated the bunk.

3 very new quilts – because they were not used, they were put in the pillowcase and the old poor quality filling in the pillowcase was thrown away. Now I feel much more comfortable leaning on it, at least mentally I don’t feel that those fillers may be bad for my body.

I took out the rules that I would use for a while in the future and took them out to be exposed to the sun to disinfect. Left us as a family of three, each with a thick quilt, a thin quilt, three beds and 6 sheets.

The rest of the quilt covers that make me entangled in good quality and temporarily unused, at first I put them all on the idle fish, marked the same city for self-pickup, the idea at that time was that someone really needed me to sell again, why say so, the main thing is that so far, many outsiders have left me messages to buy these quilts, and it is very urgent, and regardless of the size and color, even if it is not free shipping, it is many people, not two, which makes me feel very confused, I am worried that they are bought back as new quilts to sell to others, So I haven’t agreed to sell it, let’s see, I may also use them instead of the old quilt of the unit. After all, I want to live a minimalist life, but I don’t want to waste too much for minimalism.

The above is the current state, which will change with different ideas in the future, and will not throw away anything in order to deliberately maintain a quantity.