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The hotter the weather, the more it means that the dress must create a higher cooling index, so that you can wear comfortably. Here hand-in-hand teach you how to choose, the use of these styles of design is not complicated, the appearance to form a very simple piece, to create a refreshing, clean, generous, fashionable summer wear, only by wearing the right clothing, the appearance can compete to a new high.

Clothing for summer applications will not maintain too complex a design, especially to fit the coolness of the character, the simpler the look of the piece and the more exposed the cut is most suitable. Straps are less complicated or effortless to wear, and you can use them to create the freshest and cleanest looks.

This one

Small white suspenders

, other seasons can become an intro, and in the summer can be directly seen, more generous. Paired with a suit pants, the design of the same color enhances the simplicity of the look.

The design of the vest is varied, the form of the suspender shows a sexy style is more sufficient, the basic width of the shoulder strap splicing, in order to make it have a more casual feeling, and will be different differences in the entire property because of the color change.

Black vest

It is very well matched, and it is not difficult to use, and the same use of black suit pants to match it, it presents a different visual effect from the white vest, looking deeper and calmer.

The design of the vest is multi-faceted and diverse, it can be some types with a large degree of exposure, or it can be directly adopted a sleeveless style, and its style is more conservative.

This basic style

Sleeveless vest

, can be used to match skirts, or add a few strands of elegance. The layers of the pleats have a sense of rhythm, extending the leg line, lengthening the entire body shape, and looking very thin.

When the weather is hot, many people will use items with refreshing colors, which will not absorb heat and will not strengthen the sense of heaviness in the vision.

White T-shirt

In fact, the popularity in the summer is very high, it can be used to match jeans of various widths, especially with light blue denim trousers, break the monotony, wear a fresh atmosphere, and the length of the pants and the design of the entire width are also inclusive of the leg shape, thin and tall is so simple.

A combination of a white T-shirt and blue jeans

, can also present a variety of faces, the key is the design of the T-shirt is loose or tight, the choice of pants loose or slim.

Like this one


The style is slightly slimmer, of course, it has higher requirements for the condition of the legs, if your legs are good-looking, you can also put on this pants, showing off the well-proportioned straight lines.

Everyone’s dressing habits and color matching methods are different, so the same item can show a variety of faces and styles in different hands, and the same is true for white T-shirts. There are no restrictions on its collocation, allowing women to create a variety of styles.

This white T-shirt goes with it

Strap-style wide-leg pants

, but this pants presents a tight top and bottom width effect, which emphasizes the grace of the waist, and has a fairly obvious covering effect on the legs and the entire leg shape. The trouser tube hangs down, natural atmosphere, color base, very attractive.

For girls with good legs, they have countless ways to dress, you can put aside the proportions or the modification effect on the leg shape, and choose their favorite pants. To maintain a refreshing feeling, you can use shorts.

Black shorts

, because it will wrap the entire thigh contour, in fact, it is easy to appear fat, naturally it is a single item for slender girls. If you are not confident in your leg shape, or you have various shortcomings in terms of legs, you can use black straight-leg pants or wide-leg pants.

When choosing a T-shirt, there is not only white, you can also take a combination of black and white, which is the commonly used striped T-shirt.

Striped T-shirt

In fact, the main focus is a more obvious casual style, and it will create various styles and pictures because of the loose and tight arrangement between the stripes, and the lightness and darkness of the use of color. This simple striped shirt, combined with khaki slacks, is actually as versatile as black.

If you don’t like to waste too much thought on choosing a style, you can directly use T-shirts of various colors to keep your daily clothes fresh. And you can also combine it with different pieces to create a wide variety of looks.

Yellow T-shirt

Compared to black, the age-reducing effect is much more prominent. With the basic white skirt, due to this versatile color base, there will naturally be no big mistakes in color matching.

The hotter the weather, the more you need to wear it, and it’s not only about using refreshing colors to reduce the feeling of stuffiness, but also for enhancing the bloom of advantages during this flesh-bare season.

If you don’t feel that your figure stands out, you can adopt a white T-shirt and a white knee-length skirt, which I believe anyone can learn. However, the combination may maintain a clear monotony, remember to wear it with a variety of designer necklaces or obvious printed scarves around the neck.

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This one

This one

This one