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“Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” has now finished broadcasting the Sangong stage, and the sisters are becoming more and more comfortable with the life of the “girl group”.

But to be honest, as a fashion editor, 30 female celebrities got together, and just their outfits were enough for me to study for a while. Today’s “Pick 100”, I decided to start with shoes and see what “combat boots” my sisters wear to ride the wind and waves.

Why start with shoes? After all, Sister Lang’s entire show may have started with “a pair of shoes”. That’s right, when I first appeared, I didn’t see his people, but he saw his shoes first. And I found that the shoes they chose matched their personalities.

“I also have to introduce myself, I have been working for nothing for decades”, “I have always been a front-line” domineering tranquility, and my first appearance is a pair of Balenciaga pointed heels that are difficult to control, with clean lines ~

Also white, Kinsha chose a pair of sweeter Mary Jane shoes, as gentle as she was, from Stuart Weitzman.

Stuart Weitzman is indeed one of the favorite shoes worn by female celebrities, like Wang Likun, who also chose a pair of their classic NuNakedStraight black strap sandals.

Reference price: 3950 yuan

In addition, in the program poster, Wu Xin and Zhang Hanyun are also worn, attending the event is basically versatile, good to wear is not easy to make mistakes, according to their own needs, there are a variety of different heel heights to choose.

“To pick actors” Mengzi Zhang Meng, as soon as she appeared, she was a female boss, a pure white suit, and a pair of blue velvet heels, from the niche brand Alexandre Birman, the price basically starts at 3,000.

The more stable and conservative Ding Dang chose a pair of simple black boots.

As a “senior girl group strength player”, Wang Feifei stepped on a pair of Guidi red flat boots and came, and she could feel her calm confidence.

In the sister group, there are also part-time “host” Wu Xin and Shen Mengchen, respectively picked Prada black platform shoes and Alexander McQueen small white shoes, both of which are fashionable and easy to go.

If everyone still has female star posture in the first appearance, then in the next show, there are more shots of them practicing singing and dancing in the training room.

Seriously, I found it really difficult to take stock of this part of the shoes, many times the camera is swept by, plus in this process, the sisters are still singing and dancing…

However, I still found a lot of pairs in the official micro + screenshot, according to the brand, do a division. Because it takes a long time to practice dance, most shoes are mainly comfortable, of course, the sisters have not given up fashion, which is worth referring to girls’ daily exercise.

Needless to say, “Coconut Shoes” Yezzy is one of the most popular shoes in the shoe circle and the most worn by her sisters.

One of the most popular is the Yeezy Boost 350 V2, which is worn in classic colors with yellow age and white ice.

Wang Zhi chose a pair of Yeezy Boost 500 with a more hardcore and handsome shape, which is quite a contrast to her well-behaved appearance.

Wu Xin’s pair of Yeezy Boost 380 color matching is very special, yellow + electric blue, you can see that she is working her shoes.

In addition to Yeezy, other daily models of the Adidas brand are also picked up by many sisters.

The most eye-catching color is Zheng Xiyi’s pair of Adidas Nite Jogger, glory pink + light yellow color matching, very vibrant, shoes also made a lot of leather, PVC splicing, like ice cream, suitable for summer.

Jinsha chose a pair of purple Ultra Boost 20 running shoes, a small number of color embellishments, and the overall look is quite matched.

Hailu and Lan Yingying both chose white, looking closely at the different models, respectively from the NMD_R1 and ClimaCool series, most of the training clothes are white T-shirts, you can’t go wrong with the same color white shoes.

It is worth mentioning that Lan Yingying is also very “fighting” in the selection of shoes, and in several issues also specially found a pair of French brand Sansha, which specializes in dancing shoes, soft and light, and only more than 200 pieces.

Of course, the Nike party is not less, and the handsome Li Stanni loves to wear its various joint sneakers. For example, this pair of black and red Nike air Jordan 11 Retro GS is equally handsome regardless of boy and girl.

The equally eye-catching Nike x Off-White Dunk Low White, orange-green color scheme, is so refreshing and suitable for summer.

Last year, a limited edition of 10,000 pairs, 0.06 seconds to grab the explosive Nike x Peaceminusone cooperation series of small daisy shoes should also be arranged, with red and black plaid pants, very retro.

If you feel that the above pairs are expensive and difficult to buy, then you can take a look at Jinsha’s pair of summer running shoes this year, the same style for men and women, the original price is 699 yuan, and the official website is on sale.

Yi Nengjing’s pair of fluorescent orange color Nike Revolution 5 echoes the lip color, priced at 499 yuan.

In addition, I found that many sisters, when practicing dance, are not afraid of the height of sneakers.

The strength singer Ding Dang, the high voice soared, the shoes were not low, picked a pair of Puma, brown-orange blue color matching, very retro.

Zhang Yuqi’s pair is a joint model of Converse X J.W. Anderson Run Star Hike, featuring a zigzag sole design of different colors on the front and back, with a height of 5 cm in height, which elongates the entire proportion of the person at once.

In addition, Zhang Yuqi also wore another pair of Converse Run Star Hike, although it is not a limited edition, the pink shoes are also very cute, priced at 739 yuan.

On the soles of the shoes is also Serenity, she picked a pair of S by Stella high-top shoes, white with a little glacier blue color, the visual cooling effect is first-class.

In addition, daddy shoes have also been a pandemic in the past two years. I think the advantages of daddy shoes are also quite obvious, first of all, the sole is thicker, and the large volume can make the ankle more slender.

The tall Jin Chen, these white daddy shoes are from Acne Studios.

Puma, a very popular brand in recent years, also has daddy shoes, and Yuen Yonglin’s pair of silver is quite futuristic.

Wan Qian’s pair of Fila, with a mesh design on it, is breathable and rich in details up close.

I also like GEOX’s PHONICA series, and in the latest Tanabata capsule series, this pair of PHONICA T02 black models is planted.

There is also the Reebok brand, the big logo shoes Interval 2k20 is a strong retro style, the DMX Ttrail series emphasizes the sense of functional outdoors, and the sisters are also good choices for dancing and wearing.

Interval 2k20

DMX Ttrail series

Of course, there are also those who wear luxury brand sneakers.

Zhang Meng is wearing Louis Vuitton Stellar sneakers, which Monogram can recognize at a glance, and the official website costs 7500 yuan.

I found big-name sneakers, and this year there are a lot of beautiful ones.

For example, Valentino Garavani and Onitsuka Tiger joint model, the iconic “V” logo is painted on the outside of the shoe by hand, the color is classic white, there are also bright fluorescent colors, the price is 4700 yuan.

Gucci Tennis 1977 canvas shoes, very vintage, also make full use of a variety of recycled and sustainably sourced organic bio-based materials for 5000+.