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In house decoration, the owner matches the color tone of the whole house according to personal preferences, and generally presents three results. The first is that it is very harmoniously matched, and different tones create different spatial styles. The second is for the sake of safety, the matching is decent, unremarkable, but does not affect the beauty. The third is the phenomenon of overturning, which is difficult to appreciate if you see it yourself, let alone let friends come to visit. The third situation, I don’t know if my friends have encountered it, anyway, I saw it with my own eyes. When I was decorating next door, the wall paint overturned, and I lent them a ladder and a small shovel, and watched them sigh and wave the small blade to shovel the whole wall of the house.

There is no doubt that the use of color is very important in house decoration. No matter how luxurious the hard decoration of your home and how exquisite the soft decoration, if the color matching is not coordinated, it will not only affect the effect of the whole house, but also seriously affect the mood of the occupants. Before that, I also specially introduced the skills of color matching when decorating the house, and interested friends can read it. It can be seen that the matching of tones should pay attention to skill.

Therefore, today we focus on appreciating the matching of house tones, and in another way to appreciate a set of simple European style home decoration cases. The owner of this house is a mother with a girl’s heart, she is very bold in the color scheme of the house, and gives different spaces a style through different colors, let’s enjoy it together!

Living and dining room

When you enter the living room, you can feel the European classical charm. The dark green leather solid wood sofa exudes a strong classical atmosphere, making people feel the unique texture and heaviness of European style. If you choose the traditional European style, the space will become slightly heavier, and the complex lines will also add a lot of difficulty to cleaning the space. Therefore, the heroine chose the simple European style, in the living room space we can see this light and breezy decoration technique, apricot wall paint, white plaster lines, plus gray and green curtains and diagonally paved floor tiles, which not only reflects the characteristics of European style, but also makes the space appear much lighter.

The dining room continues the hard decoration style of the living room, and the thick wooden dining table and chairs appear too stable and a little dull, which does not conform to the lively personality of the heroine. Therefore, the abstract modern paintings and flowers on the sideboard become the finishing touch of the space, giving the space a sense of vitality and movement.

Master bedroom

This space is dominated by pink, and who can believe that this room is actually the master bedroom and the parents’ room if it is not specifically stated? Who says that being a mother doesn’t have a girly heart anymore? Who says moms can’t have romantic spaces? The whole space is hard and simple, the color matching gives people a particularly comfortable visual experience, leather pink background wall, pink bedding, wood bedside table, gray-pink curtains, white storage cabinets, everywhere is full of romantic style, everywhere is a significant girly feeling! The cameraman told me that the man at the shooting scene had a smiling face, looked at the hostess with affection and said, as long as she likes it. Inadvertently sprinkled a body of dog food!

Second bedroom

The heroine loves romance, and her favorite color is not only pink but also purple, so she uses a light purple on the decoration of the second bedroom to distinguish it from the daughter’s room. Several light and luxurious hexagonal decorative paintings on the lilac bedside background wall enrich the layering of the wall and give the space a romantic atmosphere. The warm and romantic orange headboard, high-grade gray bedding and purple feather curtains make the space very lively and flexible.

Daughter’s room

Purple symbolizes nobility and mystery, dreamy and moving, and is one of the favorite colors of many little princesses. Like her mother, her daughter especially likes purple. Therefore, in the morning of the daughter’s room, the heroine created a dreamy and charming space for her daughter. The purple bedside background wall, the comfortable princess bed supplemented by elegant bedding, the white storage cabinet, small broken flowers and light blue splicing curtains, white gauze curtains, and classical lighting all give the space a dreamy and charming color, making the space full of elegant temperament and exuding a romantic atmosphere.


The study space takes blue and white as the main color of the space, showing multi-functional characteristics, counting carefully, integrating storage + guest room + study + leisure and other functions. The walls are painted in blue latex and all furniture is white. The tatami + storage cabinet is created by the window position, which has a great storage capacity, and even under the tatami mat is a storage space for items that are not usually used. On the left side of the study is a combination of desk + bookcase, above the right wall, the storage cabinet on the top of the tatami extends over, and below is the reserved piano area. The whole space is arranged to maximize the utilization of space, while paying attention to the style of the space, the colors are contrasting, but there is a fresh atmosphere.


The open-air balcony area has basically remained in its original state, the only change is that the male protagonist has added anti-corrosion wooden flooring to the original floor tiles, placed a small table, a wrought iron chair, and covered with blankets, which has become a romantic place again.


The kitchen space is well laid out with clear moving lines, and the extensive use of light marble tiles and countertops makes the kitchen look particularly bright and tidy. For the heroine with a girl’s heart, such a kitchen is easier to manage, cooking in such an environment, and can also give full play to her romantic bourgeoisie.


The bathroom area is oversized, and the separation of dry and wet does not seem crowded. The whole space is decorated with a large number of marble materials, revealing a strong texture and luxury, which is very in line with the requirements of the heroine. The oversized mirror cabinet enriches the storage needs of the space and reflects a modern feel.

Concluding remarks

We have finished appreciating this set of simple European style home improvement cases. From the perspective of the whole house effect, the heroine is very assertive, abandoning the cumbersome design of the traditional European style, presenting the luxury and strong texture of the European style in a simple way, on the basis of satisfying her girlish feelings, the color matching of the whole house is very distinctive, and in any space, there will be a different sense of experience.

This simple European style perfectly interprets the importance of color matching when decorating the house, and different tones have different missions and will create different spatial styles. As long as you are good at grasping the color tone, you may wish to be bold when decorating and give the space more possibilities!

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