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Throughout the entertainment industry, there has always been no shortage of female stars who can afford the three words of “prosperous beauty”, some are noble and cold, some are gentle and sweet, some are intellectually elegant, and some are cool and hot… Female celebrities of all styles, or show their confidence on the red carpet, or delicately line up in stunning photos produced in the studio.

But you know what? Red carpet photos and photos are more or less stereotyped, and now it is more and more popular to share daily life, there is a texture called “street night blockbuster”, under the black screen they seem to be beautiful with their own light.

The ultimate destination for appreciating beauty should be practice, come, the street night scene blockbuster of Kangkang female stars, can give our night out to fry gai life, what fashion inspiration to provide ~

For a long time, Ouyang Nana has not had to pick whether it is her level of dress or fashion expression in the circle, and the blockbuster of the night atmosphere of the flyover shared some time ago is quite outstanding. A black tight slip skirt with black suit shoulders, a pair of long legs exposed, and then arranged cool sunglasses, long straight black hair casually draped, hands leaning on the overpass railing concave tilted head to look elsewhere in the shape, light mature Nabi good “shark” me!

It’s still a sweet hot girl over there, followed by the sporty Genki Nabi online. When the weather turns cooler, you can choose some coats with high color recognition, Ouyang Nana uses a red and white patchwork baseball uniform with jeans, and wears simple little white shoes at will, which is a vibrant vitality girl.

If you don’t know how to concave because you wear a mask, you can learn from Nabi’s face killing + wink, which is more energetic and cute.

Like Ouyang Nana, Yu Shuxin, who often shows her sweet and cute style, successfully harnessed the sweet and cool handsome style in her “Knight Night Tour Blockbuster”. A cape-style knightly top with a short green pleated skirt and a pair of black boots are full of fashion.

Yu Shuxin’s gai look is actually quite unique, the knight suit and long Martin boots should be handsome, but she cleverly uses air bangs and low ball heads to create a gentle and sweet feeling.

Under such a shape, if you don’t know how to shoot a night scene blockbuster, you can find a mottled old tree like her, pick a complete maple leaf, gently block your face and seem to not completely block your face.

Watching the female celebrities sharing night scene texture blockbusters on social media, I believe that many beautiful girls are like me, on the one hand, they envy their clothing taste, and on the other hand, they are amazed that they can still shoot like this at night?

On the other hand, the moment when he let the male ticket freeze in the beautiful night scene, it was pasty and ugly, and there was no beauty at all, it was simply a “large-scale pen fairy haunted” scene, and the picture was too beautiful for anyone to dare to see.

However, in fact, have you ever thought that such a night scene rollover photo, it is likely not to blame the technology of the male ticket, but because of the problem of the equipment, the photosensitive function is too poor to effectively capture the beautiful moment.

In order to achieve the “per capita female star night scene blockbuster” and successfully shoot a beautiful portrait in the dark light environment at night, it is time to sacrifice the OPPO Reno7 series mobile phone that has just gone on sale today, in the eyes of many Jimei who got it in advance, it is the most worthy night photo artifact nowadays. There is a picture and the truth, first enjoy and appreciate the “night looking back atmosphere blockbuster” shot by PLMM↓

The burgundy dress, sweet smile, and slightly curly hair are pulled to the fullest through the image.

Sure enough, the Reno7 series is really a good hand in the field of night photography.

No, on the front super photosensitive cat eye lens of the Reno7 series, it is equipped with the world’s first OPPO and Sony’s deeply customized flagship sensor IMX709, which realizes the blessing of the top photosensitive element and increases the amount of light by 60%.

At the same time, Green Factory has developed its own RGBW image algorithm, and for the first time in the industry, the algorithm is written into the sensor, so that the lens, chip, and APP can achieve perfect integration, and the photosensitivity ability has been greatly improved, making all kinds of night scene atmosphere blockbusters natural.

Behind is the city at night, the street lamps cast a little light, the first snow that has just fallen on the head, the skin is delicate and blown, and there is no false white, even the lying silkworm and dimples are visible to the naked eye.

Perhaps, the visual effect of such outstanding portrait details should be attributed to the “master portrait tuning” function of the Reno7 series, which can automatically call the moonlight night scene algorithm in a low-light environment to optimize the brightness, color and purity of the image to present a brighter and purer picture.

Or perhaps, the visual effect of tear moles at the corners of the little sister’s eyes is visible to the naked eye, thanks to the “AI Radiance 2.0” technology of the Reno7 series, which can intelligently identify human facial features, successfully remove small imperfections such as acne marks and freckles, and then effectively retain its own iconic features such as lying silkworm dimples and pear vortexes, and achieve thousands of people.

Even if it is beautiful, it can maintain its own super high recognition, and the night scene blockbuster of the Reno7 series is the rhythm of crazy harvesting praise as soon as it is posted in the circle of friends.

If you want your own night scene blockbusters like Ouyang Nana and Yu Shuxin style, you must be as exquisite and online as them, after all, the blockbusters we shoot must leave their most beautiful side.

With the AI beauty function of the Reno7 series, it can deeply lock the portrait, realize automatic makeup touch-up, and provide a variety of optional makeup, which is really salt and sweet, but the royal sister can be loli, you can change if you want, completely say goodbye to the trouble that the makeup is not delicate enough when shooting night scene atmosphere blockbusters.

The sharp-eyed Jimei should also have found that whether it is a star or an amateur, their night scene blockbusters have one thing in common – the background is good-looking.

Yes, a good photographic work does not stop at the level of the good looks of the characters, after the beauty of the person is improved, the background should also pay attention to the texture.

On the Reno7 series, the characteristic function of “Radiant Spot Portrait” is still continued, which is based on the previous generation of Spot Video Portrait, which optimizes and upgrades the portrait, which can not only create a dreamy atmosphere with the brilliant light spot after blurring, but also superimpose the beauty effect to effectively capture unforgettable moments in the night.

You may not believe it, the Reno7 series can not only use light spots to make images shine, but even its mobile phone itself has a romantic light that cannot be ignored.

A main color called “Star Rain Wish”, the strength interprets the appearance value “peerless”, the double-layer double plating process allows this mobile phone to present both warm and cold tones at the same time, and the color and texture of the fuselage change in light and shadow.

Coupled with OPPO’s first space-grade starlight lithography process in the industry, the glass back panel of the Reno7 series “Starlight Wish” has been carved with 1.2 million meteor-like traces, presenting a romantic starlight map.

Holding it and posing for it, as if holding the meteor shower in the sky, the film production rate is simply not too high.

Who would have thought that when going out at night to fry gai fashionably, in the absence of posing props around, the Reno7 series can also act as a fashion item because of its high appearance and become a posing prop to help the output of night scene texture blockbusters~

However, when it comes to posing props for night scene blockbusters, the fairy stick will definitely be in the first place, and no one will refuse the brilliance of the fairy stick, and female stars are no exception.

In the selfie posted by Qiao Xin on the last day of November, wearing a blue down jacket, she put a plaid shirt of the same color inside, and then wrapped in a thick scarf, which has both warmth and fashionable value, and who doesn’t love the sweet Qiao Mei who smiles at the camera?

Also wearing a thick down jacket, which is completely different from Qiao Xin’s sweet style, the new fashion blogger Zhou Yutong walked out of another street sports route.

Layering a green down jacket with light gray wide-leg pants, there is a taste of athleisure, the hat on the head and the shoes on the feet are dark green, forming a just right finishing echo, and then riding a bicycle, the night scene is both grounded and a little handsome.

Looking at the night scene texture blockbusters of female stars, the editor knocked on the blackboard to summarize –

1. Dressing is the first priority: don’t pile up too many elements all over the body, it is easier to have a high-grade texture in simple collocation;

2. Delicate makeup: either make up yourself, or turn to the digital makeup artist in the mobile phone, exquisite online can be photogenic free;

3. Props to arrange: fallen leaves, burning fairy sticks, mobile phones with meteor showers, etc. can be used as posing props.

Jimei, have you got the fashion inspiration for these night scene texture blockbusters?