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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

How did 👂 you feel on the first day of the week? Think of staying up this week with the Mid-Autumn Festival, followed by the National Day!! Are you in a better mood!

emmm…… Let go of the rest of the day.

September has just begun, but how does it feel like it’s coming to an end? In an area like the north, where there is almost no autumn, you can almost prepare for winter when you come back on National Day… Is there anything for the short autumn season?

After reading this week’s editor’s recommendation, let’s also tell us what you think!

Something and you will buy it – Editor-in-Chief Teresa

# Jaeger-LeCoultre flip #

Buy your own watch and live as your favorite.

Have an inspirational one today!

When I was a child, I looked at the photos of European and American stars, and at that time I liked such a rectangular, black crocodile strap watch, and I felt that the woman wearing such a watch was elegant, generous, and did things.

This year, I finally bought myself a piece of Jaeger-LeCoultre Flip, which is the most basic and entry-level model, but it meets all that little me expected from my first watch (or even better).

When traveling on business, wear a white shirt, jeans, wear it. I became the editor-in-chief of the media that I watched when I was a student, and I lived a life of thinking “If only I could do this”.

Remembering a sentence in “Farewell My Concubine”, people have to complete themselves.

Sometimes things are not all bad, the key depends on what you have fulfilled yourself.

Strange – Senior Fashion Editor Xiaoyue

# Montblanc Quest Traveler Perfume#

The perfumes used some time ago were all floral notes, and with Beijing’s exceptionally long rainy season this year, it had a sweet and greasy summer. Recently, the editor changed a bottle of a more “neat and crisp” one, ready to greet autumn handsomely.

Have you ever bought men’s clothing occasionally? Its design cut should be more classic and simple, which is very suitable for girls who want to be unrestrained. The editor has a lot of shirts that are men’s models, and it doesn’t matter if they are longer or wider, so they wear them loosely and are very comfortable.

Perfume is the same, femininity is too prominent for a long time will be greasy, male fragrance is actually not so “strong”.

For example, the most prominent thing about this Montblanc Quest Traveler perfume that I plan to use for autumn and winter is that although it is a male fragrance, the front, middle and back notes are handled very modestly and measured. After smelling it, I didn’t immediately feel that there was a hint of “Alpha Male” (which many men have), to put it bluntly, it was very neutral.

We all know that Montblanc’s leather goods are well done, this detail is also reflected in the design of the perfume bottle, the bottle body is wrapped with a layer of crossgrain leather, when I pick it up and spray, I always feel very delicate and considerate, and it is the one that can accompany me gently into the autumn~

The first place in planting grass – beauty editor Keer

# Snow sponge bean paste#

In addition to cakes and mooncakes, check out our rugged desserts in the Great Tohoku! (Is there a small partner in the northeast to recognize, is this a characteristic of the northeast?) I ate it at a Tohoku restaurant! It’s delicious! It’s so delicious that I want to go to Tohoku! )

A bit of Chinese soufflé, the outside is egg white + cream wrapped in fluffy cake texture, in the middle is red bean paste. The combination of the two is not sweet, but dipped in cottony sugar, this taste! This tastes! Absolute!!

# YSL 613#

An almost empty color! The #613 of the YSL Glossy Lip Glossy series is really super beautiful and white, and it does not pick skin tones or seasons, so it can be used all year round.

A book that loves to name food describes this color as “candied plum juice”. It’s not so appropriate, it’s actually a more purple berry color, purple > red.

If you don’t want a strong sense of shine, take a tissue and peel off a little bit and apply it back and forth twice. You can also get the foggy effect!

There’s another plus: great staying power! Today, after going to work to shoot the color trial, the paper towel was wiped off, and the result was that the print of this color on the company’s elevator was still there. The slight lip dyeing effect is the degree to which the mask lipstick is still removed.

But honestly, it also has drawbacks: it is not easy to coat!

Highly beauty addict – beauty director Jingjing

# Paul Frank two-tone lip gloss#

Let’s talk about a recent “surprise” product – Paul Frank’s makeup line. It is estimated that many people, like me, first knew this brand because of the clothing “Big Mouth Monkey”, who wore a Big Mouth Monkey hoodie or Tee when they went to school, it was really fashionable.

Recently started noticing that it is starting to have its own beauty line? And it’s still hot? Take the recent popular lip gloss, it is not at all obvious that it is a “half-way” brand. The cold metal mirror gives the lip gloss a sense of weight, and the cool attributes carried in the genes cannot be hidden. And it is a double-ended design, one velvet matte, the other mirror light, can be used alone or mixed to create your own special feeling. Not only is the color beautiful, but the ingredients contain a lot of plant extracts, and after application, the mouth will not be dry, peeling or tight. There is a lip care effect like lip gloss, strength!

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Editor: Keer

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