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A few months ago, I chose between domestic and joint venture cars, and a few months later, I am even more convinced that my choice is correct. Before buying a car, the people around me always told me that domestic cars are not good, but in fact, they did not say bad reasons, the reason why joint venture cars are good is mainly because the brand is better, and after I personally tested several domestic and joint venture models, I chose domestic ones, proving that the current domestic cars are really not the same as before.

I ended up buying the Baojun RS-3, a small SUV that I thought was very suitable as my first car in my life. Comparing with the Baojun RS-3 is the Honda Fit, the two are similar in size, and the Fit’s Chaoyue MAX model crossover attribute makes its space guaranteed. Baojun RS-3 interstellar geometric front face design is full of recognition, split headlights look very trendy, black A-pillar design plus roof and the whole car body contrast, the side wide plastic surround looks more rugged, reflecting its visual effect as an SUV model, the rear of the car is also an element of split taillights, the overall design is dynamic, looks exquisite.

The Fit’s Chaoyue MAX is a crossover compact car with plastic surrounds on the side of the body. The overall appearance is much more rounded than the previous generation model, less of that fighting style, more homely, and the ordinary tide running series models are the same, without the spirit of the past. The Fit is really not on the same level as the RS-3 in terms of configuration, and the most entry-level model of the Fit does not even have an audio, which is a bit excessive, and the interior of the whole car does not have a central control screen, which looks really not grade.

And Baojun RS-3 not only from the entry model standard such interior design, but also the entry with the now more popular car networking function, in addition, I heard that the official is gradually OTA upgrade vehicle system, it is estimated that my car will soon be upgraded to the 2.0 car networking version, then with active care function, stronger voice recognition function, etc. will be more convenient to use. At present, voice control can turn on and off music, open and close air conditioning, etc., but also support mobile phone APP screen projection, listening to songs, navigation are very convenient, in addition, my high-end model also has active braking, 0-150km/h adaptive cruise and other auxiliary driving functions, occasionally running small long distances is very worry-free.

The space of the Fit is actually not small, and the availability value is very high, which is where the design of Japanese cars is very clever. Its rear seat cushions can be turned up, the flat floor and a good vertical height inside the car can get a space to fit in a bicycle-sized object, and its trunk space has not been affected, and it can continue to hold more things, which is practical.

Baojun RS-3 relies on it is an SUV model, the natural space is relatively more regular and larger, but the utilization rate is not as good as the Fit, which is also where our Chinese cars need to improve. In terms of riding comfort, the integrated sports seat in front of the Baojun RS-3 can give me a good package, the hip and shoulder support are relatively in place, and it would be more perfect if it could be equipped with a seat heating function. The rear conventional seat type, with a panoramic sunroof looking up, will not be too depressing, which is better than the Fit.

Finally, there is power, it must be admitted that Honda’s engine technology is world-class, the Fit’s 1.5L naturally aspirated engine has 131 horsepower, and my Baojun RS-3 with a 1.5T turbocharged engine is only 147 horsepower, and it is also obvious that the Fit has to fight a little. But personally, the power is enough, smooth enough, Baojun RS-3 can give me this feeling, not in a hurry, the steering is also light, the sound insulation in the car is also better than the Fit, and it is enough for daily use.

Therefore, I chose RS-3 because it has more comprehensive advantages, more cost-effective, technology configuration and comfort configuration are not too absent, much better than the Fit, in addition, the overall small SUV looks are also very exquisite, and the Fit is a lot on the street, a little flood feeling, I don’t want to follow the crowd, not to mention that domestic cars are a little better than the joint venture in terms of price and configuration, so why use more money to buy a joint venture model, right.