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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

This issue is really a fur vest with noble temperament “little sister style”, a limited fur vest brought to you by the editor is also the model’s sister’s self-reserved model, the quality is super good, the editor wants to buy one. Let’s let the “camera camera” “show” everyone.

This fur vest is a fur integrated material, and I personally like the fox fur on the pocket to block the color, and the gradient color matching is particularly beautiful. The overall tone is the most temperamental taupe tone in winter.

This fur vest is custom-made from imported wool on the fabric, the suede fiber is full and delicate, the fur is fluffy and flexible, delicate and soft, soft and smooth to the touch, with the original pure beauty.

The pocket is decorated with real fox fur, full of luxury. The inner composite suede is thick and wind-resistant and easy to care for. The simple round neck shape is elegant and easy to match, and the door placket is designed with a hidden button, which is beautified. The overall structure is a large fox fur pocket, full and fluffy, practical and high-grade.

As shown in the photo, the underwear can be a bottom, and the lower body is paired with casual pants; Long skirts are good choices. The editor suggests choosing a coffee color or black, which will be very temperamental; A combination of white or light colors will look elegant.

In terms of shoes, the editor recommends leather shoes or booties, small white shoes, sneakers will be more temperamental, not recommended. This issue is here, see you in the comment area of your thoughts, your ideas are the theme of my next issue.