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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Series 1: 158, weight 130, thicker thighs and arms, longer upper body, I want to ask, how to match so as not to appear fat


Your figure is very petite, you can choose a mid-length jacket, and the lower skirt is the most able to modify your shortcomings, in autumn and winter you can choose a long-sleeved pullover sweater with a short skirt with a half-body umbrella, which can cover the thick thighs and butt well, and with a pair of thick heeled boots, the smaller cute gives people a visual boost in height, highlighting the petite girl’s smallness.

Down bread jacket match

At a glance, I was captured by this short jacket, warm and stylish cotton clothing, making people feel warm and concave shape, slightly short front and back length, in as far as possible to lengthen the leg curve, showing one meter eight long legs, fluffy soft texture shrunken cuff design, so that the clothes are not only warm a degree Oh, the clothes are pure color system, so in the matching is very simple and clear, leggings casual pants jeans are easy to live yo ~ m, l you can oh ~


In winter, warm knitting guarantees the temperature of the body. The bell-sleeved knit is the best alternative to the regular model, flowing and feminine, and makes it easy to say goodbye to the flesh of your arm. I love this knitwear that is perfect from the tailoring to the design, and the sexiness expressed by the high neck is still reverie. The design of the bell sleeves and the element of slit have been popular for a long time, and the line of the slightly exposed arms is the true meaning of thinness. You can try the M size one.

Red and black plaid A-line skirt

The A-line skirt is the best item to thin the thighs, in winter, the white of the sound with a red plaid contrast short skirt, do you feel a little more warmth? The ingenious ring element gives you a more rebellious girl’s temperament, and the A-line short skirt can cover the thicker thighs well, and the waist also plays a role in tummy. Wear a size L skirt and chic it in winter.

Vintage Martin boots

What shoes are best to wear in cold autumn and winter? The answer, of course, is light booties! Compared with bulky boots, light and beautiful boots not only help you easily hold the cold of winter, but also lengthen the leg line, slim the body and show the thin legs, which is very elegant and attractive! And the combination of this short group + booties can also make you easily show off your long legs~ There are many models in the store, go and find your size.