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Looking at this year’s fashion trends, suits and cardigans can no longer satisfy girls

Cool out of the street

of demand,


is the trend of the times!


The leader of the fashion industry

, leather clothing has always been the one that shines ✨ among many pieces, and many stars personally demonstrate it.


Liu Yaowen

Tang Yan

Even the eighties and nineties

Hong Kong style outfit

It is also common to see the figure of leather clothing.

Faye Wong’s outfit

Very edgy

, put it now is not outdated, motorcycle vest + gray sleeve + chain accessories, a whole sniped!

Leather clothing is both beautiful and versatile

A coat is a must-wear on a spring day

, will not match it is simply yes

Exposing celestial objects

! Let’s teach you a few tricks!

1. Style selection

When it comes to leather clothing, do you only think of 10,000 years in your mind

Motorcycle leather jacket

This is the most basic style.

Classics don’t easily become obsolete

, versatile enough to make you doubt life, feel that you can wear until you are old.

Elements like studs, cuff zippers, metal slip pockets and more

Cold and defiant

On the one side, it seems that you are almost a car 雷️ ~

But in fact, in addition to motorcycle leather clothing, suit leather clothing, shirt leather clothing, lapel leather clothing, tunic leather clothing, etc. have their own


of charm.

2. Leather selection

The material of the leather jacket itself

Tough and sharp

, some treasures are worried about wearing them

Dirty and exaggerated

。 If you want to be low-key and natural, then preferred

Black matte leather

The less lustrous the material, the more suitable it is to wear, and even a whole suit will not look ostentatious. And the leather material comes with it

Clean and tidy

, so nice.

A piece of leather on the upper or lower body can be created

Chic modern cool atmosphere

to add a new touch to spring wear.

3. Color selection

The most common leather coat is black,

Classic and versatile

, the upper body has a sense of déjà vu of “don’t get close to people”.

If you want to be more eye-catching, you can choose

Colorful leather jacket

, it is more able to get rid of the cold feeling of the traditional leather clothing itself and add a touch of elegance.

Like this red leather coat

Super invincible white

, the tone gives a playful feel, knocking on the energetic der.

Brownish yellow and matcha green will be more fresh and atmospheric, which is very suitable

Daily commute


But remember to avoid it

Colored patent leather


High saturation

The leather clothing piece is too difficult to hold, and the upper body is a whole

“Disaster + Defense”


How to match leather clothing?

What you wear underwear decides

Overall styling

of fashion.

Black + White = Classic Match!

A simple white T under a leather jacket is very easy chic, and it is comfortable and attractive to wear it in a street sports way.

Pair it with a strip on the lower body

Straight-leg jeans

, can well modify the leg shape, visually lengthen the lower body, appropriate

Early spring outfit

If you want to be more fashionable, wear some necklaces, earrings, ink 镜️ and other accessories to add more details

bright spot

And if you wear it inside, it is a little more than an ordinary round neck

Irregular, high skin exposure

The inner layer will be more divided!

There are also some sweatshirts

Wild attribute

On the body!

Wear it over a leather jacket and easily get neutral and handsome

Stylish and high-class

, a set of going out and turning back rate is simply bursting!

Cropped leather jackets can be said to be

Showing high weapons

Well, it’s not as tough and rough as the classic model, it will be more refined,

Small MM

The first choice ~

And the cropped leather jacket must be matched

High-waisted pants

, a whole pull up ratio, legs grow to no friends!

Blue + Black

The contrast is just right, not very exaggerated, plus wide-leg pants

Casual and capable

, and leather clothing, commuting casually.

Sisters with a bit thick legs can choose loose ones

Straight-leg pants

Or flared pants, the flesh covering effect is average!

Big ass


False crotch width

The treasure must be picked

Leather clothing that reaches the hips

, slightly oversized and worn open, so that the sides of the garment can be effectively covered.

If you want to be more handsome, try black straight-leg jeans with a pair of boots, gee, full figure!

Leather jacket + sweatpants

It is also a pair of old CPs, the very popular sports hip-hop style, if you like Baozi, you may wish to try it.

There are also white and red pants, mixed and matched with leather clothes but unexpectedly harmonious, smart and neat


Now this day, leather clothes are too suitable and


Let’s go together! One tough, one feminine, simply a match made in heaven!


Floral dress

, Worn alone will be a bit old-fashioned, but when the two are combined, the flowing skirt is just enough to neutralize the leather jacket


characteristics, it becomes less picky.


Satin dress

= Fairy Combo! The unique luster of the satin dress can create a sense of elegance and elegance, and it is easy to wear casual and romantic

French style

Choose this directly

Black dress + black leather jacket


All black

The matching method is really spicy, and it can be directly included in the dressing textbook!

In addition to the cool and minimalist leather clothes,

Leather skirts, leather pants

It’s also a great dress up for concave looks!

Knitwear and leather pants, bring your own

Sissy temperament

, there is no lack of handsomeness in sexiness.

And the hard leather of the leather skirt can also cover the fat on the lower abdomen well, which is easy to relax

Appears tall and thin

Okay, today

That’s it for Amway~

In fact, leather clothes are not difficult to match, for the figure


Also hin high, I hope that after reading this article you can get more ways to wear leather clothes and be the most beautiful boy!