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With the advent of winter, warmth has become more and more the most important thing, but many women in the pursuit of warmth while also paying attention to fashion, then “tweed jacket” should get your love, this is warm fashionable and age-reducing items, today I will bring you 4 practical styles, not only beautiful, but also very temperamental, let’s take a look together.

Style 1: cute tweed jacket

This cute tweed jacket should be loved by many young women, it is warm apricot color, belongs to the category of warm colors, so it is very suitable for choosing in winter, will visually give people a feeling of warming, and is not picky about skin tone, is a yellow and black leather can safely choose the color.

The woolen texture has many advantages, it is not only thick in texture, but also very good to the touch, so it is very suitable for women who are looking for warmth, and choosing it when you travel daily allows you to easily interpret the high-end without effort, even if it is only a short model, it is very warm.

This tweed jacket has a retro Chinese feel, it incorporates a twisted rope button design at the chest, and also incorporates a V-neck cut, so it shows fashion without forgetting to modify the face shape, which is really worth learning from, it will artificially create a swan neck, which is very suitable for sisters with short necks.

If you don’t know what kind of underwear to match, you can try the doll-collar dress chosen by the blogger, after all, the matching method of coat + dress has become more and more the heart of mature lady, the skirt is fluttering, gentle and lovely, and its neckline will turn out from the neckline of the coat to create a rich layer.

The shape of this small coat is relatively short, so when paired with a dress, it will give people a sense of “short outside and long inside”, and the long skirt will flutter with the wind, thus bringing flowing beauty, but it will expose the ankles and part of the calf skin, if you are afraid of cold, you can use the bare leg artifact to keep warm.

Style 2: Tweed blazer

For you fashion OLs who often wander the workplace, suits are definitely a must in the wardrobe, now that it has cooled down, why don’t you buy a tweed blazer? Specifically, we can take a look at the blogger’s look, this suit is beige, a little more temperature, will not be pale and cold, but very white, worthy of everyone’s reference.

She chose a dark brown turtleneck sweater as the underwear, and also layered a vest of the same color as the suit on the outside of the sweater, which can instantly create the temperament of a strong woman, full of layers, mature and stable and imposing.

In order to light up the dullness, the blogger paired with a green checked skirt, which can inject a bit of British temperament, it also incorporates a deliberately worn design to create an uninhibited wildness, and the sisters who are afraid of cold can match a pair of brown tall boots to reduce leg white space to keep warm.

Style 3: Ladylike mid-length tweed coat

For all mature women, you must not miss this light green lady-style mid-length tweed coat, light green itself is a relatively fresh color, it will give people a very refreshing and soft feeling, not only light, but also look at people feel very comfortable, very friendly to yellow and black skin eyebrows.

The length of the mid-length model is just up to the knee, which can cover the hip line well, which is very friendly for slightly chubby cuties, since it has covered most of the curves of the body, there is no need to worry about wearing the feeling of tiger back bear waist, and it will also modify the waist-hip ratio well.

The blogger matched a white dress and a pair of white high boots, the two colors echoed and undertaken, which played a good role in harmonizing the visual effect, and effectively reduced the white space of the legs, although the skin of the knees was still exposed, but the sense of fashion was doubled.

Starting from the style and color, you can quickly locate the style, especially like pink is very representative, sweet and gentle, romantic and elegant ladylike style, winter can also use such colors to help us all show their sweet and playful side.

Lotus pink, cherry blossom powder is relatively not so picky skin color, it is easier to control, the blogger’s cherry blossom powder woolen coat is quite sweet and gentle, white and gentle not to mention, the whole person looks a lot lighter and more agile.

When matching, also try to match with white items, temperament will be more gentle and romantic, the blogger chose a soft white knitted dress to match, simple and gentle, warm and comfortable, the length is slightly longer than the coat, full of layers, looks more gentle and noble.

The overall shape is simple and generous, but it gives people a particularly sweet and gentle feeling, to be honest, I am cute every winter this sweet lady’s dressing style, but unfortunately this summer has too much tanning, and living in Yunnan, where ultraviolet rays are strong, until now it has not come back in white, such pink is really not suitable for wearing on the body.

Style 4: Small fragrant short tweed coat

Xiaoxiangfeng is becoming more and more popular with women, because it is characterized by noble and gorgeous, and the texture of tweed is also very warm, so it is very suitable for the current season, and the blogger chooses a short cut tweed jacket, which can play a role in lifting the waist line and making you look taller.

The short little scented coat is perfect for combining with long dresses, which is the way fashionistas will choose, and if you are afraid of the cold, you can wear a plush bare-legged artifact.

The above 4 models shared for you are all the content introduced to you today, I wonder if any of them can get your like? To learn is to earn, and if you are excited in front of the screen, then hurry up and act!

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