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Just recently, the Honor brand launched its flagship mobile phone, the Honor 50 Pro, which has excellent performance in terms of appearance, photo performance, and performance experience. In particular, the 100 million pixel lens equipped with the mobile phone breaks the photo configuration of the previous flagship mobile phone of the Honor brand. At the same time, excellent vlog recording performance makes this phone popular with young users. I believe that many users have already started to experience it. When the new machine arrives, it is naturally inseparable from careful and thorough protection. Whether it is the screen, body or lens, it is extremely easy to scratch due to bumps. The slightest scratch can be distressing, and if you fall unexpectedly, the consequences are even more unimaginable.

In this case, a mobile phone case with all-round protection for the love machine as a whole can bring a more secure protection experience. And what I want to share with you today is the Honor 50 Pro mobile phone case that I recently started, whether it is in appearance, protection ability or feel, it is satisfactory. Adhering to the concept that good things are not exclusive, let’s share this product with you, if you are still struggling to choose a drop-proof and stylish phone case, I believe it will be your good choice.

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Decisive color defense Huawei Honor 50Pro mobile phone case anti-drop protective case all-inclusive border protection transparent soft and hard shell Shield series aurora



Master design, stylish look

Today’s young people are individualistic and maverick. In the process of choosing a mobile phone case, we pursue not only appearance, but also texture and performance. As a stylish and trendy phone case, this Honor 50 Pro phone case created by the brand has been designed by masters. The aurora hue, which has been tempered by 116 processes with selected alloy materials as raw materials, is full of texture and trendy cool attributes, which is ideal for young people, and under its modification, mobile phones can become more high-end. At the same time, the fashionable dazzling color tone, both boys and girls can easily control, go out to carry such a mobile phone case foil, will definitely make you the focus of the crowd.

Anti-fall technology, not afraid of bumping

In daily life, I am a relatively frizzy person, and the mobile phone will inadvertently fall to the ground at every turn. So when choosing a phone case, I am still very concerned about its protective effect. The decisive color brand has a very professional performance in anti-fall, it has 15 years of industry experience focusing on anti-fall, by applying the inspiration of the car’s anti-collision system to the field of mobile phone cases, it can bring us a full sense of security in the process of use.

This phone case is equipped with a newly upgraded fourth-generation multi-AP anti-fall system, on the basis of the car collision prevention principle, but also upgraded with high elastic airbags and four-corner soft rubber, combined with metal frame reinforcement, so that it can improve protection from all aspects, and the absorption of impulse is greatly improved. After the actual test of the brand, even if it is dropped from a height and repeatedly tested at different angles, it can still ensure that the fuselage is intact.

Not only that, the back of the phone case is made of high-quality PC material, and the high-definition and high-transparency body fully shows the transparent texture of the Honor 50 Pro mobile phone. At the same time, the special process is created, and it also has a good anti-fingerprint hand sweat effect, even if it is held and played for a long time, it will still not cause fingerprint hand sweat residue, so as to maintain a refreshing and comfortable experience at all times. At the same time, the shell body treated by special technology will not turn yellow and discolored after long-term use, so as to maintain its brand new side at all times.

Humane design, intimate protection

The ordinary mobile phone case has an empty appearance, and in the process of use, it is found that there are many shortcomings, but every detail of this anti-fall small color shell is designed very carefully, especially the design of the stereo sound hole, which can make the external playback more three-dimensional focus, whether it is playing games or watching movies, you can have a better sound experience. In addition, it is also 1.4mm higher than the camera, so that the mobile phone screen and camera can be better wrapped and protected.

Conclusion: The size control and design of the color anti-fall small color shell is almost 100% consistent with the mobile phone, the design of the full hem but will not reduce the sensitivity of the mobile phone buttons, in order to meet the convenience of use, aesthetics while really practical, if you like it, quickly arrange one! Form a natural barrier for your phone and make your use of your phone more secure.