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Kitchen storage has always been a concern for many consumers, and it is now popular

Multifunctional storage shelves for home kitchens

This problem is solved. But there are many types of multi-functional storage shelves in the kitchen on the market, how to choose? Let’s find out with the editor!

Double spice rack

Seasonings are essential when cooking, and a variety of seasonings will fill the entire kitchen countertop, and this double-layer spice rack can not only store the spice bottle at home, but also take up no space and easily organize the kitchen countertop.

Stainless steel wall mount

The wall of the kitchen is a place to use, and this stainless steel wall mount is installed on the wall, which instantly turns the square second into a cube, which can store all kinds of kitchen utensils in the kitchen.

Make good use of wall space to make the cluttered kitchen neat and orderly. And don’t worry about daily cleaning, everyone knows that kitchen fumes are easy to accumulate stains and dirt, and daily cleaning can be quickly cleaned after disassembly, which is very convenient. There are too many bottles and cans in the kitchen, accidents are inevitable, and this shelf prevents small items from falling on three sides.

Wrought-iron shelf

The multi-functional mobile shelf is suitable for every corner of the home, and the multi-layer storage space can place large appliances in the kitchen, making efficient use of every inch of space.

Multifunctional storage shelf

The combination of high-quality wood board and iron frame makes this storage shelf integrate appearance and quality, and the bottom is designed with mesh to keep the shelf breathable and do not worry about the rotting of stored fruits.

Well, the above is the knowledge of kitchen multi-functional shelves introduced by Xiaobian, I hope it will help you! If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to Foshan!