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In today’s office automation, computers, printers and other equipment play an indispensable role in daily office, directly affecting the efficiency of work. The first step in the use of office equipment is the correct installation, and daily maintenance can extend the service life of office equipment and save costs. So how should office equipment be installed? How to maintain office equipment? The following introduces the installation and maintenance knowledge of various office equipment.

Installation method

Computer assembly steps

Install the CPU processor: push the metal lever, press down and lift it again; Put the corresponding CPU notch part straight up and down, and then press the lever down and buckle it well.

Install the heat sink: Before installing the heat dissipation, we must first evenly apply a layer of thermal grease on the surface of the CPU. Then align the four corners of the heatsink to the corresponding position of the motherboard, and then press down the four corner fasteners firmly.

Install the memory module: As long as the memory is pressed firmly along the foolproof interface, the snap will automatically jam the memory from both sides. Remember to be sure to install on two memory slots of the same color.

Install the motherboard: After the CPU, CPU fan, and memory are installed on the motherboard, then the entire motherboard can be installed into the chassis. Open the side cover of the chassis, install the golden copper screws to the corresponding position in the chassis, and tighten it; Find the motherboard block, install the bezel to the corresponding position behind the chassis, align it and press it firmly.

Install the power supply: put the power supply into the power supply compartment, the host fan is facing the host power supply air outlet, and fix the power screw. Install the hard drive: Simply place the drive into the hard drive carrier of the chassis and tighten the screws to secure it.

Installing the Optical Drive: Remove the bezel on the front panel of the chassis to mount the optical drive, and then install the optical drive backwards from the front panel of the chassis into the 5.25-inch slot of the chassis. Verify that the front panel of the optical drive is aligned with the chassis, preliminarily secure with two screws on each side of the optical drive, and then tighten it.

Install the graphics card: The side of the computer motherboard on the chassis is grounded flat, gently insert the graphics card into the motherboard by hand, and fix the graphics card to the computer case with a screwdriver. Connect various cables: insert the motherboard power supply line, CPU power supply line, hard disk power supply line, and discrete graphics card power supply line in turn.

Office equipment installation

Printer installation: After booting, connect the printer and computer with a data cable, put the random delivery CD into the optical drive, and enter the page installation. Then open the “Devices and Printers” option under the control panel, click “Add Printer”, select the port type of the printer, and install it according to the prompts.

Scanner installation: use USB data cable to connect the scanner to the USB interface of the computer; Unlock the scanner and power on the scanner and computer; Then follow the installation prompts on the computer screen to complete the installation of the scanner driver and configuration software.

Fax Machine Installation: Indicates that ink toner is installed and the printer cartridge is inserted into the fax machine, the paper tray is loaded with paper, inserted into the back of the machine, and plugged in to one telephone jack and the other end into the telephone line.

Cleaning and maintenance

Computer maintenance method

Desktop computer maintenance: avoid the intrusion of dust, put dust cover on the monitor and chassis; Proper use of air conditioners to avoid excessive temperature and humidity; Keep the power supply stable.

Laptop maintenance: regularly use the notebook cleaning kit to clean; Sweeping dust should follow one direction, not back and forth; Use air blowing and cleaning soft rubber appropriately. All-in-one computer maintenance: do not squeeze the touch area, the touch screen should be cleaned once a year, and the glass surface can be wiped with glass cleaner or alcohol sprayed on the towel.

Tablet maintenance: do not touch the surface of the screen with sharp objects, avoid heavy pressure, do not wipe the screen with chemical cleaners, and wipe with a special wipe cloth for LCD screen.

Office equipment maintenance

Printer maintenance: Do not expose the ink cartridge to the air for a long time, do not use ink filling as much as possible, and take out the ink cartridge and place it into the packaging box of the ink cartridge when not in use.

Scanner maintenance: can not be disassembled at will, when transporting the scanner, be sure to lock the back of the safety lock, to avoid vibration or tilt of the scanner as much as possible.

Fax machine maintenance: It is forbidden to open the plywood capsule cover during use, and often use a soft dry cloth to clean the fax machine to avoid direct sunlight and heat radiation. Time attendance machine maintenance: To be installed in a cool, ventilated, dry area, please ensure the cleanliness of your fingers before use, do not put your fingers on the fingerprint collection window all the time.

Manage maintenance

Office equipment management

Classification of office equipment

Dedicated equipment

It refers to equipment or furniture equipped according to the workplace, such as: desks and chairs, computers, lockers, etc.

Share the device

It refers to the equipment or furniture required by the work and shared within the department, such as: printers, fax machines, scanners, etc.

Special Batch Equipment

It refers to equipment strictly controlled by the company and subject to special approval, such as video cameras, copiers, cameras, etc.

Equipping principles

Equipped according to the post, to ensure special equipment; Meet needs and control shared devices; Determine the necessary and strictly control the special batch of equipment.

Acquisition principles

Apply and approve in strict accordance with regulations; Unified procurement in strict accordance with regulations.

Equipment repair 

If the office equipment fails, it must be reported to the comprehensive office for repair in time; The integrated office shall regularly inspect the common office equipment it is responsible for managing and maintain it in a timely manner; For improper use or man-made damage, the responsible party shall compensate at a discount at its discretion.

Corporate network maintenance essentials

1. Unify the enterprise computer operating system, install a strong firewall, patch in time, and regularly scan and patch vulnerabilities.

2. Enterprises shall standardize online behavior and formulate strict network management systems.

3. Do a good job in intranet behavior management and traffic analysis, and strengthen the monitoring of switches, routers, computers and other hardware equipment.

4. Focus on data backup.