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(Multi-picture display, learn watercolor pick tools, this one is enough)

Beginner watercolor, many people do not know how to choose the entry tool, nor do they know the role of each tool, so that a lot of detours, waste a lot of time and money, today, I compiled a list of watercolor tools, which details how novices choose watercolor tools, I hope this dry goods can help you, so that you who like watercolor less detours.

Watercolor tools:

1. Watercolor paper (this is the biggest impact on the picture)

2. Watercolor paint

3. Pen

4. Auxiliary tools: masking tape, white ink, mechanical pencil + eraser, white glue,

1. Watercolor paper

Watercolor paper: two main categories

Wood pulp paper: dries quickly, has large water marks, and is relatively cheap and affordable

Cotton pulp paper: strong water absorption, good color rendering, relatively expensive,

Watercolor paper is divided into: fine grain, medium coarse, coarse grain,

Brand: Kangsong Barbizon, Kangsong 1557, Ashi, Fabiano, Yuduofu, domestic Baohong

Purchase Recommendations:

Bowbow cotton pulp 300g32 open medium coarse grain

Baohong (brand name)

Cotton pulp paper (properties of paper)

300g (paper thickness)

32 open (the size of the paper, you can also buy a larger one, beginners just start practicing usually in small format) medium coarse grain (the grain of paper, medium coarse grain is the most commonly used one)

Watercolor paper has a great impact on the effect of watercolor painting, so don’t save money to buy paper!

Second, watercolor paint

Common brands of watercolor pigments on the market:

Low-grade grade pigments

The first gear is a cheap entry-level, with prices ranging from a few tens of yuan to 150 yuan, and the main brands are domestic horsepower, Japan’s Terrence cherry blossoms, Taiwan’s lions and domestic Windsor Newton.

Mid-range grade pigments

There are more pigments of this level, such as Van Gogh and Rembrandt in the Netherlands, Windsor Newton College Song in the UK, domestic Rubens, White Night in Russia, Metrojet in South Korea, Nixia in Japan, etc., the price is below 150 to 400, most of them are around two or three hundred

(It is recommended that beginners choose among the pigments in this file)

High-grade pigments

From more than 400 yuan to thousands of dollars, the mainstream ones are Germany’s Smink, Japan’s Holbein, the United States’ Daniel Smith and MG, France’s Shennellier, and Italy’s beautiful blue hummingbird.

Here are a few used watercolors~

Windsor Newton painters series 24 colors:

It is the lowest grade in this brand, a single 10 ml 2 pieces, this set is only about 30 yuan, advantages: is cheap, how to brush a large area is not distressed, disadvantages: after drying, the picture is gray, the grain is very large, and the mixed color is easy to get dirty.

Japanese Wuzhu Yancai 24 colors:

Yancai belongs to the Japanese painting pigment and can be used as a watercolor. This is about 140 yuan. The color is relatively fresh and elegant, suitable for painting flowers or antique figures. Advantages: strong coverage, good painting of still life, cost-effective, disadvantages: rendering diffusion is general,

Japanese cherry blossom solid 48 colors:

The advantage is that the color is really rich, the color is relatively complete, the price is moderate, and it is suitable for the stage when the color will not be graded in the small white period. Disadvantages: The particles are relatively coarse

Windsor Newton College Series 24 colors:

The student-level is also called Windsor Newton Song, of course, much better than the previous Windsor painter series, the tubular single branch costs 10 yuan, the price of buying 24 colors is about 240, and the official standard for 24 colors solid is about 330 yuan.

Van Gogh 24 color solid watercolor:

Advantages: bright and rich, solid is convenient to carry out, disadvantages: purple needs to be mixed by yourself, a treasure search price of about 250RMB,

Smink College Level 24 Colors:

Many people recommend this pigment, the college-level price is 400, the artist-level price is higher, advantages: the color is very clear, no graininess, easy to get, any style can hold the system, disadvantages: expensive

Holbein Artist-Grade Solid Watercolor:

The biggest feature of Holbein is that the color is particularly clear and bright, and after drawing the color card, the water in the pen holder is still clear. Suitable for small fresh illustrations. 24-color solid blue lotus about 650 yuan


The Windsor Newton Academy Series (aka Windsor Songs) and Van Gogh 24 Solid Colors

Price: Windsor Gewen about 240 (the price of the tube can be purchased will be cheaper than the solid, but the use effect is similar to the solid), Van Gogh 24 color solid 250 yuan solid watercolor, easy to carry, one price you get what you pay for.

Beginners do not buy too expensive, cost performance is very important, at the beginning or learning-based, and then replace the good pigment when their own technique matures in the later stage, if you really don’t know what pigment to buy in the early stage, it is recommended to enter the package, so that you can find the pigment that suits you and then enter the formal suit.


Watercolor brushes

Nylon brushes and animal hair brushes, it is recommended that everyone buy animal hair. Gouache and oil paints are relatively dry, do not need too much water, and a more structured nylon pen can help color better. However, watercolor painting requires a lot of water, and animal hair has better water absorption, and at the same time is more tough, and the brush edge is relatively smooth and regular. In these respects, nylon pens are inferior to natural hair.

The animals are divided into sheep hao and wolf hao

Sheep milli

: Relatively soft, it is recommended that beginners can use this first,

Wolf milli

: The brush is relatively hard. The F brush of horsehair is less common and relatively hard, and the hook brush can choose the wolf brush,

Pens made of mink or squirrel hair: These two types of hair absorb water very well and are very soft. Red fat 00 is a squirrel pen, large water storage, but also eat paint, red fat people generally use it in the background, and not much at other times. The price is about 140 a piece, beginners are recommended not to buy. Of course, the local tyrants buy it directly~

Autumn Hongzhai’s Ruoyin, Xiuyi, pine branch, dandelion, prices are 68, 23, 18, 13 respectively. Qiu Hongzhai’s pen is cheap and inexpensive, high-value and easy to use, pine branches and dandelions are used for hooking lines, in fact, you can choose one of the two. (Beginners can buy)

Nylon watercolor pen set, Marley’s nylon watercolor pen has good elasticity, but the water storage is average, but this is easier to master for novices who are not good at water control.

Chinese brushes are also very easy to use, generally three to four can be,

Tap pen, this pen can be filled with water, easy to carry out, with solid watercolor is very good, suitable for drawing handbooks, sketches and the like.

Board brush, wet painting method brush water, large area color can also be used,

Silicone pen: It is used when applying white liquid. Basically, I don’t think it’s necessary, just use a pen that is not very distressed to apply the white liquid,

Automatic pencil: generally used to draw line drawings

Water-soluble colored pencil: when exposed to water, it will melt and be used to draw line drawings,

Autumn Hongzhai’s showiness and dyeing

Hua Hong No. 2 large plate brush is used to brush water

Or buy two Chinese brushes (one for color and one for details) with a large plate brush

Mechanical pencils or water-soluble colored pencils (don’t forget the refill) are used to draw line drawings

Four: the rest of the auxiliary tools

Color palette

: It is recommended to buy porcelain, not plastic, because the pigment will dye the plastic for a long time. (You can use a plate at home instead)

Leave white liquid or white glue

: Actually, it’s the same thing, you need it when you need white space to paint watercolor. Close to the pungent taste, tighten it after use, first dip a little soap with the pen when using, so that there is less damage to the pen, and those who have suffered losses know that it will stick to the pen, stick to the basic pen times and waste

Wu Zhu Gao Guangbai

: It is needed to scatter stars and draw highlights.

Pen wash cup

: The pen holder is used for shabu brushes, and the wet drawing method is very convenient for filling water (you can use the water cup at home instead)

watering can

: Sometimes you need to use a watering can when the picture needs to be wet (you can use a spray can with cosmetics at home instead).

Masking tape

: While fixing the drawing paper, it can also be molded on all sides to make the picture neat and clean.

Pigments are packed in boxes

: Tubular pigment can be squeezed inside, suitable for carrying out. Try to buy moisturizing ones so that the pigments don’t dry out too quickly.


: Used to suck up excess water from pen paper or brushes (can be replaced with paper towels at home)

Sea salt

: Used to create special effects. (You can use salt at home instead).

Eraser : Normal eraser, pen-like eraser (erasing details).

Five: Frequently Asked Questions

One. How long and wide is the masking tape to buy?

A: For beginners, we recommend buying 32K paper (the size of a postcard), so buy masking glue with the smallest length and width size

2, solid watercolor or tubular is better

A: Solid is easy to carry, suitable for sketching out, tubular need to buy a sealed pigment box squeezed in, easy to agglomerate, personally feel that the solid is more convenient

3. What watercolor book is good for beginners?

A: The next post we mainly talk about watercolor books, if you are also a novice want to get started with watercolor, don’t miss Oh, follow us, more tools, materials, paintings, American text sharing.

Purchase Recommendations:

Purchase Recommendations: