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Autumn is coming, the clothes are not dry, and as soon as I get up in the morning and put on my clothes, I will stick to the meat cold. As the saying goes, when the weather gets cold, knees are the first to know.

As the most important and complex joint of the human body, the knee joint supports the weight of the entire body by a narrow contact surface. At the same time, it is also the most cold-resistant weight-bearing joint, once the rheumatic legs and old cold legs are not protected, it is uncomfortable.

Today, Health Jun will take you to see the most effective knee protection strategies to keep your knees warm for the winter.

3 moves to warm up your knees

1. Put on autumn pants

Adding clothes should be the most direct way to keep your knees warm. Of course, many people think that wearing autumn pants is to admit that they are old, and wearing autumn pants is somewhat inconvenient, do not like to wear autumn pants, rely on the thin flesh of the body to resist the cold, long-term so, may develop into rheumatic legs, old cold legs, knee pain and other diseases.

Generally speaking, the temperature is lower than 10 ° C should wear autumn pants, teach men a way to buy autumn pants, buy women’s large-size leggings, close warmth, much more comfortable and warm than gay men’s own thermal pants. (Big trees have to wear autumn pants, why don’t you wear them?) )

2. Learn to apply heat

When soaking your feet every day, you can take a hot water bottle to apply to your knees. Warm compresses help blood vessels to dilate, improve local blood circulation, promote local metabolism, relieve muscle spasms, relax nerves, and improve tendon flexibility.

Dry compress: apply the hot water bottle to the knee, 20~30 minutes each time, 1~3 times a day.

Wet compress: soak a towel in hot water, take it out and screw it to semi-dry, apply it to your knees, and cover it with a cotton pad to prevent heat loss. Change every 5 minutes, apply for 20~30 minutes, 1~3 times a day.

After applying heat, rub a large area around the knee joint for 2~5 minutes to promote blood circulation.

The temperature of the hot compress should not be overheated, and people suffering from acute inflammation, thrombophlebitis, peripheral vascular disease, and local skin trauma should not apply heat.

3. Add a knee pad

People with arthritis, the elderly, and office workers who sit indoors for a long time are more likely to get cold in their knees. Add a knee brace for better knee protection.

As we age, everyone’s joints will wear and tear, which is a problem of light and heavy, especially middle-aged and elderly friends. Knee problems are very common, but many people do not pay much attention to it, knee pain to rub and pat, finished and don’t care, if not paid attention to, will only aggravate the wear and tear of the knee. Choose a good middle-aged and elderly knee pad, which can drive away cold and keep warm, relieve pain, and have a very good protective effect on the knee.

This one

Wormwood knee pads

, the use of high-quality bamboo charcoal fiber material, heat preservation and warmth, strong thermal conductivity, the use of fine wormwood heating dot matrix, to achieve the role of moxibustion and warmth, refuse the problem of cold legs and joints.

As long as it is worn on the knee, it will continue to heat up,

It’s like carrying a little heater with you

, no matter how cold it is outside, the knees are hot, making the whole body comfortable;

“Famous Doctors” recorded: “Mugwort leaves, bitter taste, slightly warm, cooked heat, pure yang nature, rational qi and blood, chasing cold and dampness…”

Wormwood has been used since ancient times

An herb that activates blood stasis, disperses moisture and relieves pain

The three-year-old mugwort leaves are carefully ground and purified in 18 processes and then processed into mugwort pads.

After 6 years of scientific research and development,

This knee patch purifies the wormwood molecule to make a wormwood dot matrix

It is produced after contact with the skin

Slightly warm

。 Able to be better

Nourishment penetrates into the knees

。 Accelerates blood circulation in the knees and relaxes the meridians to reach the entire legs. The qi and blood of the meridians and muscles are smooth, and the pain and swelling are slowly relieved~

And studies have shown that

The weight of the knee is almost zero when lying flat, the weight bearing is 2 ~ 3 times when standing up and walking peacefully, 3~4 times when going up and down the slope or going up and down the stairs, running is about 4 times, and squatting and kneeling is about 8 times.

In other words, as soon as you stand up, your knees are wearing out. Therefore, whether old or young, wearing wormwood knee pads is a very good choice.

Young people who love fitness, or old people who love square dancing, knee pads are an essential movement.

I bought them in pairs, sent them to my parents, and kept them for myself.

My mother’s previous rheumatic legs were pasted with various plasters and used various home remedies without cure, so she used a pair of knee pads, which was greatly improved.

Seeing that the weather forecast is going to rain and cool down, I obediently took it out and put it on, and did not dare to be sloppy, after all, the pain of rheumatism is really uncomfortable.

Friends who usually have sore knees and joint pain must not miss this wormwood knee pad to give their family a warm winter.

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