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According to archaeological records, the world’s first lipstick was found in your, and as early as 5,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians would use black, orange, and purple pigments as lipsticks.

During the French period, Guerlain introduced tubular lipstick to the United States and sold it to the aristocracy.

In 1920, American movies were popular, and the lipstick craze was brought in.

In recent years, driven by film and television dramas, some lipstick shades have become the hottest colors overnight.

3CE 402, Barbie pink

In 2012, the Korean drama “Miss You” was a hit, the heroine’s lipstick number was dug up by sharp-eyed fans, and young girls took this lipstick into their pockets, so that the 402 color was out of stock several times, and 3CE also made a lot of money.

After that, small workshops in China began to copycat the 402 color, and girls with Barbie pink lipstick on the road can be seen everywhere.

YSL Square Tube No. 52, fuchsia pink

In 2013, Jun Ji-hyun played the role of Cheon Song-yi in “You from the Star”, because of his delicate appearance and tall figure, YSL 52 color was also brought to fire, and was called “Star You Color” by everyone.

Palace tape was also very popular with young girls during that period, and many girls would put tape on lipstick tubes.

Laneige two-tone lipstick, No. 11, coral red + yellow

In 2016, the Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” starring Song Hye Kyo was a hit, and Laneige two-tone lipstick appeared many times in the play, which not only brought the lipstick number on fire, but also made lip biting makeup popular.

MAC lipstick chili

In 2017, Xiuzhi shot a set of posters for a magazine, attracting everyone in addition to Xiuzhi’s beauty and lipstick number.

Chili is also known as the “little pepper” color, brownish red with a touch of orange, very white, plain can be thinly applied.

Dream makeup No. 16, bean paste color

The lipstick horn that was brought by Park Shin Hye is very gentle bean paste color, and the paste is dry.

This lipstick pen of Dream Makeup has similarities with Nars, because it is very cost-effective, and it was quite popular with student parties at that time.

DIOR lipstick No. 999, red

The color that is still hot today, Queen Red, with a little orange in red, is a must-have color for the elite of the workplace.

At that time, netizens described DIOR 999 in one sentence: “As long as the palace does not die, Er Yongyun is a concubine.” ”

After the fire, DIOR 999 launched moisturizing, metal, and sandwich models.

YSL Round Tube No. 12, pink-orange, also known as “chopping male color”

It looks pink and tender in color, but it is fluorescent after application.

Because the paste is relatively soft, it causes uneven coloring, and it is slightly cheaper to apply to the lips.

Labiotte lip dye

This lip dye became a real hit in the Korean drama “Cheese Trap”, and after the series started, it once sold hot.

The advantage of lip dye is that it is not easy to remove makeup, does not dry out the lips, and the disadvantage is that it is not easy to remove.