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Camera APP can be said to be dazzling, when using the eye-catching, today I will share with you 5 camera APP full of science and technology, powerful, practical and easy to use, let’s take a look.


Ocamera app is a professional round frame photography retouching tool that opens your circle composition world and records wonderful life moments!

The Chinese style filter can instantly turn your work into a work of art, plus your own seal, full of achievement.

If you love minimalist and classical beauty, don’t miss Ocamera

Spectre Camera

Spectre is a camera app that specializes in shooting long exposures.

Without the need for a stabilizer or other complicated operations, this software allows you to easily take long-exposure photos with your camera in hand, you can shoot night lights, waves and waterfalls, uninhabited streets, etc., Spectre uses artificial intelligence to help you take care of the photos.

Adobe Photoshop Camera (Psc)

This PS “derived” camera filter APP, its biggest feature is that it has the blessing of “super AI”, which can avoid the trouble of cutout, change the background of the photo with one click, or make various “five-haired special effects” of the photo.

The Adobe PS camera app has more than 80 built-in filters in a variety of styles: comic book style, starry sky style, and various mixed styles, etc., which allows people who do not know art and PS to create creative and aesthetic “magic modification” works with the help of filters.

In addition, Photoshop Camera can also help you automatically adjust the tone of the photo with the help of AI, so that the photos taken look better, of course, the basic functions of various picture adjustments, or some portrait light and dark adjustment, distortion removal and other intelligent repair functions, Photoshop Camera is also available.


FIMO is a retro film camera application, using a skeuomorphic design, from the camera’s frame, retro framing frame, film shape, roll changing method, timestamp, and even shutter sound, all faithfully restore the use of the film camera in every detail.

FIMO has an unparalleled film filter texture, from the color tone and grain, try to fit the imaging texture of the original film imitation film camera interface, and there are a variety of filter film switching, the color is very full and retro! Not only can you shoot directly, but you can also generate a film effect from existing pictures.


Picnic’s biggest and only feature is to change the sky with one click, specifically for “repairing the sky”.

There are dozens of sky models to change, and sky elements such as blue sky, clouds, rainbows, and stars can almost be chaotic. Switch to a beautiful sky effect without a trace.

Photos taken on cloudy days are no longer waste films, and the powerful “sky changing function” is simply the conscience of the industry.

The above is the content shared with you, each of them has its own characteristics, you can choose according to your needs.