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Mr. Wang from Hangzhou reported that in early November, he bought a leather jacket, and the merchant sent it by courier, but the courier lost it, and now even the courier is gone.

Mr. Wang said that on November 3, he and his colleagues went to Haining to buy leather clothes. He took a fancy to a brown leather coat and a pair of gloves, which cost more than two thousand yuan.

Mr. Wang

“This dress in the store, there is a little flaw in the armpit, the merchant promised me to go to other stores,

Bring me a piece (courier).

At that time, since I was going on a business trip, I left this address and phone number of my colleague. ”

Mr. Wang said that he usually lives alone in Hangzhou, and his business trip takes several days, and he is worried that it will be inconvenient, so he asks his colleagues to help him collect it. Deppon logistics information shows that on November 3, the express was sent from Zhengzhou, and on November 6, the courier Master Xu delivered the goods, and at five o’clock in the afternoon, it showed that it had been signed, and the type of receipt was me.

“My colleague received a signed text message, but she did not receive the courier to call her, nor did she receive the package, on November 7th she took the initiative to contact the courier,

The delivery man said he was in the wrong place

, he is looking for, in the community, cast which building and which number in the community, he does not know. ”

Mr. Wang provided a WeChat chat record with Master Xu, during the conversation, the other party said that there were more express deliveries and was not impressed, and he planned to knock on the door one by one and ask to see.


No one could be reached on November 10th

, WeChat is not returned, WeChat calls are not answered, mobile phones are not answered, text messages are not returned. ”

Mr. Wang contacted his colleague by phone, who said that she did not receive a call from the courier and saw that the express had been signed.

Mr. Wang’s colleague

: “Generally placed in express supermarkets, Deppon Express is delivered to my home, the phone has not been received, and the express delivery is not available. ”

Mr. Wang called Master Xu’s phone again.

Master Xu’s phone number

: “(

: Are you Master Xu) Well, where (

:Are you Master Xu) Where are you (

: I am the owner of this package, I haven’t contacted you many times, are you a courier brother in Deppon Express in November)

Now there is a change over there

, my surname is Wang. ”

Where did Master Xu go, and what should I do with Mr. Wang’s lost leather clothes? The reporter and Mr. Wang found the operation branch of Deppon Express Hangzhou Xizi Intelligent Industrial Park. The deputy station chief said that Master Xu had resigned.

Deputy Station Manager of Deppon Express Hangzhou Xizi Intelligent Industrial Park Operation Branch

“What I can see for the time being now is,

The claim group has confirmed the amount

, the claim amount is 2200 (

:is to pay me 300) (


: Can you see the contents of this list of insurance) At that time, the insurance price was 300, and the courier had left (

:When did you leave your job) November 10th (

: Can you get in touch at the moment) For the time being, we can’t get in touch here. ”

The deputy station manager said that according to the company’s regulations, only the insured amount of 300 yuan can be paid. The reporter checked the claim rules on the Deppon Express shipping page. The terms of service of the electronic waybill state that if you have chosen to insured the value, when the actual value is greater than or equal to the declared value, the company will compensate for all the damage or loss of the consignment according to the declared value of the insured value.

Mr. Wang said that he planned to negotiate the matter with the merchant who sent the mail.

Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang